Stargates and portals are opening, the return of the divine feminine spreading her wings, activating upgrades in our heart, solar plexus and throat chakras. Creating the desired energetic space for quantum realignment. January’s new moon brings energy and focus, clarity and spiritual sight. More of us coming online with Gaia’s transition to higher frequencies. 

People are waking up everywhere, everyday. At an accelerating rate. The internet, a big player in this evolution of consciousness, restores a village, tribal culture to a disparate, captive and lost civilisation. Like minded people can find each other, resources can be exchanged fairly. We can communicate without a middle man. A greedy man. A deceptive man. 

Common courtesy, dignity and respect can be restored. The fifth dimension on Gaia will be tribal space age. It will be cleaning our seas, restoring our land, redesigning our cities. Bringing the mind body spirit system back online, new and improved.

The surge in awakening energy emanating from people is fusing with the cosmic waves of awakening from the universe. Combined with Gaia’s own transition to higher frequencies, we are surfing some truly stormy seas! 

Our guides and higher selves, the Intergalactic community, are watching us closely. No nuclear weapons can be detonated, direct intervention has been cleared for some decades on that one. The rest however is up to us. How we steer our own little ships in the greater global seas of change will determine our own and the planet’s future. 

A rich and glorious planet like this, fertile, abundant and beautiful is rarer than we think. There is more than enough for everyone.

Greed is the core enemy of this planet and her people. Erase greed and we erase poverty. We erase environmental destruction, we learn to live in tandem with Gaia. We produce the right food in the right places. We work with the seasons, the land, the seas to achieve equilibrium with our environment. 

It has taken 70 years to accelerate destruction in the guise of capitalist economic profiteering. We can begin to restore her grace in less time with careful planning, coordination  and commitment. Using Gaia’s gifts to heal us, nourish us and grow us.

Trump is a catalyst, a necessary evil. To have Clinton would be to still exist in the matrix illusion. No change for the elite, business as usual. Trump literally is the trump card, the wild card, the joker in the pack. 

Already uniting millions against the corrupt, fascist, capitalist system he represents with all its inherent evils. He doesn’t play the game, their game, anyone’s game. A catalyst for change needs to be disruptive. 

We watch agog as the Trumpocalypse wave rolls on. But we mobilise as well. Waking up needs a trigger. Unplugging requires a radical stimulus. Unplug from mainstream media. Open our eyes and see truth. Meditate! Wake up our chakras, take care of ourselves.These tumultuous energies are ultimately going to pull us into alignment. Chakra clearing, strengthening and balancing. 

Trump is one catalyst on the world stage but there will be Trump moments in our own lives, catalysts for change. Wake up triggers. Boom. You start to see. Clarity. Awakening. And then the real work begins. Sleep is easy. Awake is where the real fun lies. The challenges, the highs, the lows, the thrills and the bliss of love frequency. Together we can manifest growth, grace and gratitude in our own lives and on Gaia. 

Mantra: I am a loving, fluid, beautiful being. Namaste.


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  1. That is beautiful. Love gives us energy to grow, to learn, to awaken. And I hope that it will enable us to see the wisdom, to salvage our world before the necessary evil does too much damage.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom knowledge.

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