Energy Update 1.2.17

Waves of higher frequencies are flowing all around and through us. Realignment of our heart and throat chakras is occurring daily. Time slippage, erratic sleep patterns, persistent coughs, heart palpitations and headaches can be experienced during these waves of recalibration. 

Reduce matrix toxins in or around your system. Avoid fake foods, florescent lighting, chemical cleaners, doing too much or doing too little. Plant your feet firmly on the ground, move through your daily life one step at a time. Manage your ego, anxiety and stress with exercise, meditation, nature, love and laughter. 

Our throat chakras are being upgraded. We are finding our voice, as a people, and as individuals. Open your chakra by raising your chin, breathing into throat chest stomach and releeeeaaaase on the exhale. Let the chakra breathe, balance and strengthen. 

Like a baby learning to walk, the evolution of our throat chakras is a big leap. A quantum leap. Our voice is our identity. We are shedding our matrix avatar and finding our true selves. On our own spiritual path of growth. 

Meditating love light into our solar plexus, as we ride soaring cosmic waves, helps to steady our system and centre us. Strengthening our legs and feet helps to ground us. Nature grounds us brilliantly. Engages our senses, keeping us mindful, present and grounded.

Our third eye and crown chakras are expanding. We are coming closer to our guides, higher self and ascended beings. The intergalactic community, in all its quantum existence, is with us. As our consciousness expands, we require more self care. We rearrange the furniture in our lives making space for soul growth through meditation, creating and tribal love.

Channelling the universal frequency of love, through meditation, is like a spa for the mind body soul system. A deep cleanse, release of toxins, balanced, refreshed and powered up.

We are growing metaphorical wings, becoming lighter, more fluid beings. If we let the force in, it will lift us to higher frequencies, dimensions of peace and compassion. Strengthen our voices, stand our ground, breathe into core, and create space for this quantum recalibration. We’re learning to fly friends, discovering our wings, embrace this transition in peace and love. Namaste.


2 thoughts on “Energy Update 1.2.17”

  1. Your insights andickson and revelations are always on point.
    I follow you on facebook but i am away for a season. Taking these moments to do exactly what yoo wrote. It is so divine knowing i am not alone.
    Thanks again for these beautiful writings.
    Have you ever considered sharing these articles with
    I also follow their site and your writings are just as powerful.


    1. Hi Carlene lovely to hear from you. Thankyou for sharing. You are not alone. This is a movement, the return of the divine feminine. It’s an amazing time to be alive on planet earth, if a bit challenging at times! I’m a guest Writer for in5d and Wake up World. You will also find some of my work on YouTube at Higher Self channel. It makes me happy to know my words are helping people. Ride these cosmic waves this weekend in peace and love sister. X Morag


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