Energy update Make friends with your shadow self

Make friends with your shadow self. When we oppress or push negative feelings down into ourselves we are storing them. The emotion is energy that can harden if not released. Dense, dark energies make us ill. 

The cosmic waves are intense at the moment. Be kind to yourself. Trigger release with films, music, memories and personal mementoes. Turn to loved ones for support. Find love in yourself. Forgive yourself. We are all flawed beings, learning by trial and error. We make mistakes, it’s ok. 

Some of us are experiencing crunch times in our lives, something that has dominated our lives in a negative way. We may feel in limbo waiting for something to finally be resolved. We are being given the opportunity to face our fears, take a stand and push back on what it is that has been holding us back. Redefining our sovereignty through boundaries of self respect.

Recognising our vulnerabilities, accepting our weaknesses, owning  our actions and changing big stuff in our lives is ultimately liberating. Endings are always beginnings. Letting go of harmful energy from people or places in our lives makes space for more authentic, nourishing people and places. 

These quantum upgrades require energy, trigger release and promote growth. We have the oppotunity to find our faith. Our faith in ourselves. Our faith in a deeper, mystical and magical world. Our faith that everything will come out in the wash. All the dirt, grime, grit and sticky energies will be cleansed and cleared from our mind body soul systems.

Focus on chakra balance through clean living, rest, creativity, nature and meditation. Don’t run away from the dark stuff. Find the balance between release and being in the present. Know that when we come from a place of love all things will manifest as they should in our lives. 

Upgrades of our heart and throat chakras continue. To create free flow of energy through our chakras, blockages need to be released. The energies must loosen and shift. Cosmic waves of awakening are triggering this process. 

Our heart is blocked by fear, guilt, shame, anger and bitterness. Our throat chakras are blocked by insecurity, self doubt, anxiety, ancestral fears and matrix labelling. Not being able to express our true selves causes the throat chakra to harden, stiffen with heavy energy. This blocks the flow preventing balance and openness. 

Moving to a place of love in our lives opens our chakras and helps us clear each one. All is manageable from love. Breathing long, deep and slow raises our vibrations, loosening dense pockets of negative emotional energy. 

Don’t be afraid to cry. Don’t be afraid to feel sad. Do know when it’s time to get up, have a cuppa, phone a friend, walk the dog, hug a loved one, cook a meal. Knowing when to stop is as important as understanding when to release. Seek guidance in meditation from higher self and guides.

Gently does it friends. These are stormy energetic seas we sail on. Stay calm. Connect to your higher self and guides. Stay centred and grounded beautiful people. Whilst the waves are high and powerful like they are now make self care a priority. Get spiritual and we will rise above these dark, dense energies, release them and fly higher as lighter, more evolved beings. Namaste.


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