The waves rise high, building towards multi dimensional heights. We ride the waves, releasing toxins, trauma and tears. We feel our consciousness, our hearts, our core expand. Integrating cosmic upgrades to our mind body soul systems. Realigning our chakras, our bodies becoming more flexible, our hearts lighter and our ego’s pacified. 

As the waves soar we rise to the flow of energetic light love frequency. And then we crash. The wave rises, soars, surges and finally dips. The third dimension crashes in on us. Heartache, fear, worry and stress can overwhelm us. We can go under. We can flounder. We can panic and lose our balance, our equilibrium, our core strength, gasping for air. 

This experience of the waves crashing back into the ocean is organic and necessary. To ride the heights of the wave forever would be to lose our centre, our feet, our grounding. 

Crashing back into the depths of the ocean is an organic part of these powerful energetic upgrades. We can feel lethargy in our limbs, our minds can feel spacey and blurry, our hearts heavy and wrung out. Yet this too evens out. 

The seas eventually calm, we rise back to the surface, breathe in the sunlight. We can float, relax and rest, allowing the energetic upgrades to take root, synthesise, fuse, integrate and consolidate. 

Like ping pong balls bouncing up and down the frequency spectrum, we get pulled up as the waves build in momentum, the power raising our vibrations, triggering release of karmic load, then we come back down to the matrix reality. 

Riding these waves of awakening and ascension is challenging, exhilerating, frightening and ultimately empowering. Seek balance and alignment in our chakras during and following each cosmic wave, through nature, soul tribe and meditation. Go for walks, have baths, relax and recuperate. 

Recalibration is a deeply intense, powerful and mysterious process. Allow time to process, integrate and consolidate realignment. Breathe and releeeeaaaase. Meditate, connect, channel the universal love frequency.

Mantra: I strengthen my core, I open my heart, I step into my power. Namaste.


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