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5 ways to unplug from the matrix 

The world is waking up fast. The veils being lifted. People can no longer hide from what they are seeing. How do we wake up, unplug ourselves and not crash, as Neo did? How do we see the world as it is and not hit overload? How do we manage seeing our own identity with clarity and not crawl into a cave of shame? How do we reconcile life in the matrix with sovereign morality?

Recognising we have been manipulated, bullied and oppressed is very hard. Accepting past behaviours born from dark places will be hard to digest as we integrate our activated heart chakras. 

The matrix is the pleasure dome and many have lost their moral compass here. Recalibration offers us the chance to release bad karma, lighten our vibrations and move into the universal love frequency. 

There are ways to ease our unplugging, things we can do to cushion ourselves from the impact.

5 Ways to unplug from the matrix.

1. Research everything. Use the internet as a vast library. Validate sources. Double check. Follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole and see where it leads you. Ask the question. What is the matrix?

2. Begin to identify triggers, distractions, cover ups and manipulation. Open your eyes to the programming in religion, advertising, mainstream media.

3. Become aware of your behaviours in daily life. Your stress points, your dilemmas, your pressure and decision points. What affects you? Try to see a flow, a groove of being, this helps you be aware.

4. Begin to change your behaviours. What you eat, watch, read, say, do. It will all come under scrutiny as you wake up and relearn who you really are, unplugging the matrix avatar of you.

5. Get spiritual. Wake up your third eye. Unplug your chakras through meditation, exercise, nature and clean living.

We understand more than we realise. Cognitive dissonance can last a long time. Survival dictates we employ a filter system to hear only what we can process. Waking up is hard to do. We can only take on so much at a time. This subconscious censoring is vital to surviving unplugging.

Overload is to be avoided. It may seem like you are crashing but the shadow work that goes hand in hand with waking up is excavating old dense stuck karma, it will feel very dark at times. Push through, it will pass. Practise mindfulness. Meditate.

The offset to the crash (Neo overload) as the veils lift and we see the layers of horror employed by the kabal to maintain their position of power, is raising our vibration. If we don’t balance the awakening with energetic healing and realignment we may crash altogether.

Don’t give into despair, fear or anger, let love come into your life. Begin to see the beauty in the seasons, feel present and connected to your life and Gaia. Use healing therapies as support through the process.

As we strip back the conditioning you gain so much sovereignty, connectedness, self knowledge and belief. These rewards are beautiful. We are part of a vast interconnected intergalactic multi verse. This is not to be feared, this is to be embraced. 

We are not alone. We are about to take our rightful place on the real world stage, to hear and be heard. These are exciting times friends. Ride the waves safely, get help when you need it, embrace being alone. The time is coming when our collective consciousness will manifest the new earth, let’s make it magical. Love and light beautiful people, namaste.


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