Full Snow Moon, Lunar Eclipse & New Year Comet February 2017

February’s full moon marks a major event in our current cosmological growth spurt, a full Snow Moon, lunar eclipse and the return of the New Year Comet. 

Full moons bring rays of higher frequency energy. They cleanse us, power us up and offer us the chance to manifest our dreams at an accelerated rate. Connect to gratitude under the rays of Saturdays Snow full moon.

If these are the End Times then they are also the Beginning Times. The lunar eclipse creates space for darker energies to transmute and dissipate. Lightening our karmic loads, raising our vibrations and opening our third eye and crown chakra to the mysteries and magic of the moon’s cosmic rays of love and light.

The New Year comet flew past 2016’s new year full moon, leaving trails of blue green gases and dust in its wake, kickstarting realignment. Blue and green are the colours of the heart and throat chakras. The comet’s cosmic propulsion catapults us through gateways to higher frequencies and dimensions. Activating further quantum upgrades and expansion of ours, and Gaia’s, heart and throat chakras. 

Some of us lived it, some of us felt it, some of us knew it was there but couldn’t name it, some rejected it, others channelled it. Triggering accelerated cellular recalibration, spiritual awakening, unplugging from the matrix. Shadow work, meditation, soul tribe and nature charge-ups aided us in this profound evolutionary process. 

Becoming quantum beings is the process we are in, ascending to higher frequencies with Gaia. Shedding hate, fear, greed, paranoia, narcissism and deep rooted insecurities along the way. Aligning our chakras for maximum balance, harmony and equilibrium.

The trinity of snow full moon, lunar eclipse and New Year comet heralds the opening of doors or portals for humanity. Portals to other dimensions. The gateway is our heart chakra. To live in love is to be love. It is to create love. The key is our throat chakra, learning to shed our matrix avatar and step into our true authentic selves. The new year comet’s energetic propulsion powers us up for these stargates and portals.

Lightworkers be proud of your work. The stand you have made to be your authentic selves. The learning, the growth, the release, the highs and lows and the sharing of light has helped guide and heal many awakening people. Our ascended beings are deeply moved by the comittment and love shown to humanity. 

We are all on our own journey, our own path of awakening and ascension. We help each other. Step out of competition, division and synthetic programming. Unplug in love and peace. Humanity’s time is now. We are here to awaken, grow, evolve and step into our true power as free people. 

Find space this weekend for quiet reflection, meditation, self care and expression. Set focused intentions. Light a candle, breathe deep, connect and manifest love. Love in your life and love on Gaia. Exciting times lie ahead friends. Bring on the new energies, the stargates and portals! Embrace, integrate, upgrade, illuminate and manifest light on Gaia. Namaste.


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