Snow Moon, lunar eclipse & New Year Comet Energy Update 10.2.17

The ripples have started friends. They will become waves as we get closer to the cosmic trinity of snow moon, lunar eclipse and the New Year comet. We will experience the ebb and flow for the next few days. 

Zone into the frequencies. Find quiet space to tune your system. If you feel ready, ask, with the protection of your guides and higher self, for appropriate upgrades afforded by this trinity. Ask consciously in your head. Share gratitude and love.

Then kick-in some self care. Create space to let your system transition, your DNA come online. Cellular recalibration is a powerful process to be treated with respect and care. This means treating yourself with respect and compassion. 

Allow mystery and magic into your existence. See the walls of reality bend and fluctuate. Feel the inconsistency of time. Hear your guides and understand their messages. Drop your avatar guard and open your mind, heart and soul to cosmic evolution. 

We have an opportunity to ride the comet’s propulsion, quantum leap through opening stargates and portals. The veils are already thinning between the worlds. Sensitive people will be aware of movements on their peripheral vision, sounds that are unfamiliar, lights, flashes, popping ears, heavy limbs and sudden headaches. Animals and birds behaving strangely. Some people seem to not see you, look straight through you, bump into you and still not register your presence. 

We are transitioning in frequency at different rates. We see and hear what is on our frequency. We are recalibrating, moving and shifting on the frequency spectrum.  

Each wave offers us the chance to fire up a few more DNA strands, expand our minds, strengthen and align our chakra system. Releasing karma lightens our system, helping us tune into higher frequencies. Our bodies are changing. We are becoming more flexible, fluid, lighter beings. 

Detoxing from the density of the third dimension is a holistic process. Each chakra opens, unblocks, releases and expands. The effect on our mind body soul system is profound. The current waves of higher frequency energy are activating our throat and heart chakras. To maintain balance during this process focus on strengthening your solar plexus to stay centred and grounded.

Slow down. Let the waves roll over you and through you. Be still. Embrace a higher way of being, an expansive universe of promise and potential. See beyond the walls of the matrix. Let the release come from your root and sacral chakras. They will heal as they clear and balance. Breathe long and deep. 

The multi verse is sooooo lovely and fascinating. There are oceans and mountains and forests of learning, lifetimes of exploration. Dipping our toe in the waters of the multi verse, our third eye opens. It all begins to make sense. 

Love is the universal frequency, the energetic thread that connects all things. To be connected, part of this bigger multi faceted picture, is to know there is more. To be awake. To be aware of the power of our thoughts and feelings. We create our reality. We manifest our inner world. By tuning into and creating peace and love in our hearts we can change our world. 

Mantra: I am an earth warrior, I connect to universal love frequencies, I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid. 


3 thoughts on “Snow Moon, lunar eclipse & New Year Comet Energy Update 10.2.17”

  1. I was hoping you could shed some light on something for me. I have for the last few weeks been having the feeling of frantically trying and drawn to everything aimed to try to “wake me up”. But this week it went away. I had no desire. I don’t get it. How can I go from I can’t get enough info to I could care less, like overnight? I do though, today, am starting to feel tingling of wanting to return to were I stopped my awakening journey, but it’s faint. Is this normal? Thank you for any insight!


    1. Hi Michelle thankyou for sharing. You are experiencing recalibration. Check out my article on 10 Signs you areexperiencing a Recalibration, you can find it here or listen to it on YouTube channel Higher Self. It should help with symptoms and why we have them. There are peaks and troughs, ebb and flow to the awakening process. When our frequencies rise we feel connected and floaty then they dip and we can feel what I call very third dimensiony (!). This is natural. Our systems need time to integrate and process the upgrades. We also attached grounded when


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