February 2017 Moon Magic

Portals and stargates open, guided by the tides of the moon, creating cosmic waves, time fluctuations, dimensional magic. If we tune out our ego and tune up our chakras we can hear and feel the waves ebb and flow. Like a tide they move higher frequency energy back and forth through us and Gaia. 

2016 saw three tsunamis of mass awakening, recalibration and upgrades. As we progress through this month’s Aquarius moon we are experiencing an awakening of our authentic selves. Activated by the solar eclipse new moon our throat chakras open, thoughts challenge us, trigger us, move us forward. 

This karmic release is no less profound for being activated by gentler swells and waves, and requires self care. Proplusion of karmic release comes from the big waves, accelerating dna upgrades. We then reflect, recalibrate, integrate and consolidate. 

Meditate and listen to the frequencies around you, connect to the multi verse and know we are not alone. Seek comfort, guidance and healing from guides and higher self.  

This month’s cosmic combination of new moon and solar eclipse on 26th will herald a new way of thinking, a new perspective on a global and individual scale. Micro to macro cosm. We are riding these waves to higher consciousness friends, discovering our truths and creating our future. Namaste.

Mantra: I see my truth, I own my truth, I am my truth.


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