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Be the glitch in the matrix

We can all be light warriors in our own quiet ways. Smiling at strangers, being patient with our kids, taking time to look after ourselves. Slowing our lives down to take in the present, relax and just be. It’s not always about big actions of resistance, defiance, growth and expression, the smaller instances of kindness and compassion are also glitches in the matrix. Not being drones or sheeple by thinking for ourselves and taking better care of our environment goes against the programming of the matrix. 

Human spirit, human connection, human decency this is what makes us special, better than the elite want us to be. Hug yourself, hug a friend, hug a pet, hug a stranger. The baddies always underestimate the strength of the human spirit to create, survive and flourish. They are underestimating us right now. Sending love and light beautiful people.


2 thoughts on “Be the glitch in the matrix”

  1. Do you have any social media? I’ve been following your posts for a while now. Just checking in time to time when I feel my guides tell me to.
    Thank you (:


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