3 Methods to aid Manifestation

Fluctuations in our frequencies create dimensional slippage. We can feel floaty and peaceful, secure in our understanding that we are connected to a multi verse of love vibrations. We can also feel intensely 3d, we can understand the incredulity of those not awakened to quantum spirituality.

This spectrum of frequencies is determined by our inner vibration, the cosmic waves around us, and our sensitivity to other people’s energy qfields. Triggers to release karma through activations of our chakra system. Higher dimensional experiences like premonitions, synchronicity, number sequences and magical interactions with nature occur as we raise our vibrations.

Riding waves of awakening can be disconcerting, making us feel unstable or overly sensitive to our environment. Managing fluctuations in our system, interacting with friends, family, colleagues and other people, we have many challenges to face to keep ourselves aligned and balanced. 

Ultimately the process aims to raise our vibrations high enough that we can stabilise in the fifth, or higher, dimension. We can step into the magic of manifestation.

We shed layers of karma, lightening our energetic load, creating lighter mind body soul systems for integrating higher frequencies. This release of karma can push many people to a point where ‘checking out’, whether consciously or subconsciously, seems the only answer. 

Watching people close to us wake up too quickly or refuse to wake up can be frustrating and upsetting. We can feel anxious they will ‘miss the boat’, get stuck on third dimension Gaia. Practising non attachment, accepting we are all on our own path, helps to stabilise our own needs and wants, we grow spiritually as sovereign beings.

We can neither make nor persuade anyone to meditate and find their frequency. We cannot make someone who has woken up too quickly to ground themselves back into Gaia. We cannot make anyone to reconnect, realign and recalibrate their chakra system if they are not ready. It’s a wholly personal experience.

We can practise self care. We can treat our bodies respectfully. We can open our minds and we can connect to our soul. There are three simple ways we can regain energetic equilibrium and begin to integrate manifestation as quantum recalibration. 

1. Using daily focused intentions can have a powerful impact on stabilising our day to day experiences.

2. Opening communication with our guides and higher self through meditation and direct dialogue. 

3. Learning to take care of our chakra system through exercise, meditation and yoga strengthening the foundations of our trinity being. 

We have been shown or given tools to help us manage this raising of our frequencies, it’s up to us to find and use them. 

Dimensional slippage can be scary or exciting, frightening or fun. Our perspective, our contextual perception of reality determines how we respond and the experiences we have. We choose to come from a place of fear or love. It really is that simple. Fear or love. Choose love and love will choose you. Manifest wisely friends. Much love and light beautiful people.


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