A holistic approach to our wellbeing means just that…taking care of our mind, body and soul. This trinity of care is underpinned by frequencies. Matrix toxins, fear, hate and greed, fed to us through mainstream media, religion, education and economics poison our minds, programming us with dense, low frequencies. 

Consuming fake, synthetic, gm, over processed foods and drinks, lower our vibrations, they cannot be broken down organically. They leave residue, toxic waste that rots inside us, literally weighing us down. 

Cutting off connectivity to our soul prevents us from seeing and being part of the bigger picture, the multi dimensional universe. Our cellular vibration is capped, limited to lower, heavier frequencies.

Consciousness expansion, clean living, committing to living through love not fear, through our hearts,  raises our vibrations. Cosmic events propel recalibration. We have a unique opportunity to release karma, evolve as individuals and as a people to higher dimensions. 

Take this rare chance, unplug and tune into universal love. Practise self care, rate yourself as worthy of love, compassion and expansion of consciousness. Welcome love into your life. 

Mantra: I am awake, I am calm, I am love.


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