Pisces Equinox 2017

The transition from February’s rare celestial activity to this month’s calmer, deep waters has been one of integration and consolidation. Our mind body soul system has been working hard to become more fluid, ready for the deeper levels of recalibration coming our way. 

We have been influenced by the sign Pisces. This Pisces equinox, we are delving deeper into ourselves, excavating, clearing and expanding our consciousness. 

Pisces is the sign of mystery, of secrets, hidden depths and big thinking. Those of us not used to reflection, meditation, soul searching will have been pulled along by this Piscean wave of energy. 

To different degrees we have all enjoyed the opportunity to get to know and understand ourselves better. We begin to see relationships, behaviours, habits and belief systems fluctuate, change and transform.

Equinoxes signify transition, change, revelation, release of the old and embrace of the new. We can feel restless and agitated as we get closer to the equinox. The flow is where we want to be, to connect with and experience growth and dimensional shifts. 

We can feel anxious to let go of the old, comfortable places we have been and desperately excited to embrace and get to grips with the new. This can be confusing. This can make us feel a bit lost. It’s a natural process, like winter transforming to spring. 

The process of shedding, of letting go, can be uncomfortable and liberating simultabeously. The less fear we inhabit the more we will enjoy the process of change, of transition.

Be like the Piscean, open your third eye and explore other worlds. View the world with humble eyes, outside our little matrix box, stretch your consciousness towards new horizons. 

Rest your body, nourish your soul, expand your mind. Shed old skin, release old baggage, move on, step into your true self, grow and develop as a quantum being.

Equinox Transition Ceremony – all you need is a candle, some sage (or similar), paper and pen, circle of crystals is always good. 

On the day or night of the equinox, light your candle, clean your space (burn sage). Open your ceremony by sharing love with your guides, your people, yourself. Ask your guides for protection. 

Write three things you want to release, get rid of, shake off, change, let go of, on separate bits of paper. Breathe deep. Take each piece of paper and gently burn it in the flame of the candle. As you do think, feel, visualise all you can, to do with this release, why, who, what, when… Do this for each. 

Ask the universe to help you make these changes, create space for the things you want in your life. 

Take a moment, close your eyes and connect to who, what you want from the future. Take as long or as little time as you need here. 

When you are finished, thank your guides, share love with Gaia, blow out your candle and Namaste.

Equinox mantra: I let go of the old, embrace the new, seeking alignment with my true self.

By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook wordpress and youtube.


1 thought on “Pisces Equinox 2017”

  1. Would of been great to continue reading until I got to apart that said “Come to the light or leave” I don’t like that and I certainly would never speak to anyone like that. There are sensitive people in the world. Plus I only love Nice people. That’s what I need in my life but thank you. Have an amazing day.


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