Pisces Equinox Update Recalibration of our Chakra System

Energy levels are low due to the Pisces equinox. A benchmark of recalibration for many of us, as our carbon based systems transform to a crystalline base. 

‘Junk’ dna is being activated and our cellular frequencies rise. We are being brought online with higher frequency dimensions. As each strand of dna is activated, codes set many moons ago are triggered, our systems are being rebooted. 

Locked down by the matrix we have operated in a fraction of the universe that is out there. Like mice in a maze we have been limited in our outlook, our perspective, our understanding of life, the world, the universe and our place in it. 

The matrix narrative that we are alone in the universe, apart from a mostly patriarchal domineering god figure, has prevented us from evolving organically. This is changing. After thousands of years of oppression the planet’s population is being given the opportunity to upgrade, to be brought online with quantum existence.

What this actually means for us down here at ground zero, is a whole bunch of symptoms as we recalibrate our mind-body-soul system. Click here for ’10 Signs you are experiencing a recalibration of your mind-body-soul system  this will shed light on what this process entails.

We are finding a flow, a groove with universal love frequency. Our ego, relentlessly programmed by the matrix, will badger, nag, bully and undermine our natural instincts. Our instincts are the flow, the groove. They are the connection to our guides, higher self, the universal flow of energy. This is what the matrix does not want us to connect to. 

Being plugged in, asleep, means we believe fulfilment will come from things. In a divided world where survival is paramount for some and others spend their days taking selfies, this chasm of inequality creates a negative maelstrom of energy. Recalibration asks us to switch off the fear frequency and fully integrate love frequency whichever circumstances we are in. 

The matrix disconnects us from our chakra system. It is this system that is being switched on with each upgrade of our dna. From root to crown, our 7 main chakras activate karmic release and realignment to quantum lightness of being. Our whole being, all chakra points of energy, are being triggered, switched on. How we respond to this determines our journey of ascension.

This is a tough process, we are being asked to raise our frequencies and transition within the matrix. This is challenging particularly since we are all upgrading at different rates. 

We may feel anxious that loved ones are still asleep, that they may miss a window of recalibration. We may feel frustrated that we are not transitioning as quickly as others seem to be. This pressure to compete, to compare ourselves is matrix programming. Release it. Trust the process and understand we cannot rush ours or other people’s awakening.

Fear, panic, stress, a need to always be doing or a catatonic state of procrastination will all hold us back. Listening to our bodies, trusting the moment, learning to calm our ego, our inner child, and listen to our gut and our heart is key to surviving this process.

Quietening our systems, stepping away from internal and external drama, aids the process. Tuning up our cellular frequency through healing therapies, helps us release negative energy and integrate fully these upgrades.

Breathe into this Equinox Transition. Listen to your inner voice, not the rabbiting ego, the quieter softer voice of love, reason and peace. We are reaching a crossroads, a timeline shift. Be calm and mindful. Be prepared for more changes in your relationships, job, even home. Meditate. Create. 

Channel the Piscean, swim like a fish through these cosmic waves of transition. Go with the flow. Trust your instincts. Much love beautiful people. Namaste.

Mantra: I am one with universal love light flow, healing, guiding and protecting me.


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