The Ebb and Flow of Cosmic Evolution 

The universe is spiral, it’s quantum, it’s multi dimensional and possibly infinite. We are knitted into the fabric of this time space continuum. Everything is in constant fluctuation, vibrating at different frequencies, existing in different dimensions. Our karmic load, the energy we carry, can determine our frequency, where we vibrate on the grand spectrum of life, the universe and everything.

Shadow work is the name of this cosmic evolution game. Shadow work is karmic release. Shadow work is hard, challenging us to our very core. Like an onion we have layers, the deeper we go the more we clear, the lighter our mind body spirit being becomes.

Waves of higher frequencies of energy wash over us and Gaia, triggering chakra activations. Each chakra holds our hurts, traumas and truths. Kundilini light is switched on, woken up, sparked into life. As it rises through our chakra system we clear blockages, remove hard layers of emotional energy. The higher it gets towards our crown chakra the more we evolve as crystalline beings, shedding our carbon based system.

Places, music, film, smells, people can all trigger little bubbles of stuck karma to rise to the surface. How much we’re prepared to face, to feel, allow, own and release is up to us. Some layers can and will leave us in foetal position on the kitchen floor, shaking, sobbing, letting go. 

We may think we have excavated all we can from a relationship or a situation yet back we go again reliving, crying, learning, clearing and releasing. This is an ongoing process of organic evolution. 

As each wave of higher frequencies ebb and flow around and through us, we are drawn to where, who, what, we need to release. We are shown the emotional places to go to. 

Bringing our chakra system into alignment, strengthening our bodies and opening our hearts and minds is the path of growth as quantum beings. Balance reflection, meditation and karmic excavation rooted in grounding, matrix routines helps retain our equilibrium.

Allow yourself to bob on the tide of change, to float, tread water, surf, swim and sail as each wave requires. Going with the flow of energetic transition, helps us find balance in a topsy-turvy world. Breathe and release. Ebb and flow. Peace and love. Sending love and light beautiful people.

Manra: I am calm, I am safe, I am love, I move with ease through my life. Namaste.

By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook wordpress and youtube.


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