Pink Full Moon April 2017

Five days till our April pink full moon, a chance for fresh starts, new beginnings. The proximity of Jupiter heralds luck and positive potential. Quick manifestation keeps us on our toes. Great global changes are occurring behind the scandalous scenes of global politics. 

The matrix is being decommissioned, layer by layer. Our insight and understanding will clear and sharpen as these shifts in the energetic cloak around planet earth take hold.

Capitalise on the energy of full moon cosmic wavelengths. Meditate love frequency. Connect, breathe, tune up your third eye for guidance. Power up heart, throat and solar plexus chakras for compassion, confidence and core strength. 

We are entering a period of intense recalibration, this will last several months. Prepare by learning to listen to your body, what does it need, want, to be healthy? Connect to it, see it as an integral part of you, use kind language when speaking of or to your body. 

Avoid criticising or flooding our systems with self hatred. The matrix thrives on our insecurities, our self loathing and inferiority complexes. The matrix creates vulnerability and exploits it ruthlessly. Break this programming apart. Rebuild the links and connectedness between our minds, bodies and souls. Reignite this magical trinity of alignment by being kind and loving to our whole selves. 

We are experiencing profound changes, our carbon based systems shedding heavy karma, matrix toxins and denser vibrations, transforming us to a crystalline structure for higher planes of existence. Connecting with love for ourselves is a key part of this transition, embrace who you are. Celebrate yourself. Be kind to yourself. 

Mantra: I love my mind, I love my body, I love my soul. In gratitude, I am a sovereign being connected to a magical world of wonder. Namaste.

#moonbathing #transition #newbeginning #gaiahealing #cosmicwaves #cosmicsurfer 


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