Nature lifts our spirits. Nature balances our chakra system. Nature clears and strengthens our energy field. In nature we can plug ourselves into the vibration of Gaia, of universal love frequency. 

During times of turmoil and tragedy nature can soothe our souls, calm our minds and fill our hearts. 

Even in the big cities we can always find nuggets of nature to enjoy. Parks, beaches, woodland, hills and mountains, fields and forests, all are gifts from Gaia. 

We connect and are reminded, we too come from nature, we are part of the intricate fabric of this natural world, we belong. Let the fresh air wash over you, listen, relax and breathe. We are reset, rebooted, realigned in nature, seek her out and share some love. 

Mantra: I am one with Gaia, I flow with universal love energy, I receive love, I share love, I am love. Namaste.

#gaiahealing #librafullmoon #awakening #bemindful #rainbowwarriors #loveenergy


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