Libra Full Moon

April’s libra full moon is pushing us to find our centre, our balance. Can we weather stormy seas of quantum transformation? Can we remain grounded yet elevated? Can we keep our vibrations high whilst all around us seem to be losing their perspective? 

Destruction of people and places rage around us. Tragedy and horror confront us, where has humanity’s humanity gone? The crazier global politics, pollution and poverty get the more we are challenged to stay calm. To connect to that part of ourselves we can’t see. To trust our instincts and unplug from corrosive programming. 

Full moons create surges in upgrades. We can feel shaky, physically and emotionally. Improve balance with yoga, Xi gong, tai chi, energetic exercises, teaching us the principles of mind body soul alignment. Meditation restores inner peace and equilibrium.

If tears come let them flow. Karmic release is triggered, we may not know why we feel upset. We don’t always have to know, release and let go. 

Decisions can be challenging as we concentrate on not losing our energetic balance. We can feel foggy, floaty or fearful. Relationships can become pressurised, unpredictable and emotional. Reach out to guides and higher self in meditation for help and support. 

Full moon waves can lift us to higher dimensions, open our minds to possibilities beyond what we see as the physical world. We can block this lightness of being with denser energies, anxiety, stress, fear, sadness and anger. 

Capitalise on full moon light energy by being open to the transition, embracing it, consciously releasing negative emotions. We can ritualise karmic release and aid manifestation using smudging, candles, crystals, mantras and focused intention. Safe full moon surfing beautiful people _/\_.

Full moon mantra: I embrace transition, I release blockages that are holding me back, I ask that xxxx be drawn into my life. I do this in gratitude, with grace and humility.

By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook wordpress and youtube.


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