Meditate Love Frequency

In meditation send healing to Syria and all places on Gaia torn apart by war. We send healing love light energy into the heart of darkness, to bathe traumatised men, women and children in our love. We magnify this healing energy by multiplying our numbers, by coming online, anchoring our light to Gaia’s grid, one soul at a time. 

The horrors being carried out on planet earth destroy human life, dignity and Gaia. We will not let them destroy love. We are online, we are unplugged, we are awake and we are powerful. We connect and open our heart chakras, we gather this emerald energy of universal heart led love and we send it to Syria, to those in need. Like a hug in the night, we send wave after wave of higher vibrational protection and healing. 

We search the stars for answers, for help, for reassurance and for survival. We are reaching point of critical mass, the tipping point between 3rd and 5th dimensional existence. 

The time is now to haul our vibrations up, breathe and connect to love light frequency and anchor this light to Gaia’s grid. 

Mantra: I am one with love light, I send this healing love energy to Syria and all those affected by war. I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid. Namaste.

By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook wordpress and youtube.


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