April full moon #cosmicsurfer

Full moons affect us in ways we can’t fathom. We are mostly made of water. This planet is mostly water (whoever came up with Planet Earth was having a laugh). The moons energetic waves push and pull the water round this planet. We are inherently part of this process. We are moved at a cellular level by the frequencies of the moon. Her influence on our mind body soul beings is deep and dynamic. 

She has been worshipped as a goddess. She may be an integral part of this holographic reality. Or she may be intricately linked to our evolution in magical, mysterious ways. Quantum mechanics ways. Multi dimensional ways. 

Gaia is ascending to higher planes of existence and we have the chance to ride waves of awakening and recalibrate to these higher frequencies. The cycle of the moon and stars takes on greater more profound significance during this celestial time of transition and transformation. 

The push and pull, ebb and flow of the moon creates tidal waves of energy moving through us. Realignment and recalibration of our carbon based systems to crystalline structure is taking place aided by these cosmic moon waves. 

Clumsiness, shaky limbs, nausea and dizziness can be experienced. Our physical bodies are changing, we are affected in a gravitational sense. The very fabric of our world is being recalibrated, transformed into something else, something lighter, where energies pulse with love, light, peace and abundance. 

Releasing little (and big) orbs of karma with every ripple; flashbacks, time fluctuations, dimensional slippage can occur. We may find adhering to the strict limits of this linear matrix increasingly challenging, yearning for a more free and fluid existence. 

This is the 5th dimension calling. A recognition that the 9-5 working ethos is not conducive to humanity’s evolution. It has stunted it. Blocked it. On the other side of things many millions fight simply to survive another day. 

We are shedding this low vibration, this boxed in, blocked and battered frequency, like a goddess released from her chains. 

The constellations, the configuration of the stars on our little galaxy, illuminate and guide us through karmic evolution. April’s full moon in Libra, moving to Scorpio, lights the dark path of cosmic transition. 

Full moons offer a chance to begin again. To break old habits, to step our of our matrix avatar a little bit more. To walk through doors of change and see where they take us. 

Moving to Scorpio highlights those darker elements of human nature. The mysterious, magical elements of ourselves the matrix doesn’t allow us to express. The esoteric, the erotic, the eclectic and the creative facets of our humanity. To become more rounded beings, less 2d labelled stepford people. 

Welcome the quirkiness of your nature, the artist, the thinker, the daydream believer. Loosen the ties of convention and expectation and look inside yourself. 

What do you really want to do, be? Who, what do you love, feel passionate about? What gets you excited about life? Who or what gives you that buzz in your gut, the solar plexus charge up of light energy. Boom. This is where you want to be. This is who you want to be. 

Meditate on past memories that pop up over these few days of beautiful full moon magic. Muse and meander in your mind through old passageways and find new doors, halls, corridors and rooms to wander through. 

We can’t welcome the new until we clear the clutter, the things that hold us back. Block our actions, undermine our judgement, muffle our senses, our true instincts. 

Create space for the new. Take some time for reflection. Walk, swim, enjoy nature, sit and think. The thoughts we have are not so random as we are led to believe. They are lights leading us down paths of karmic release, of tears, fears, fun and future possibility. 

We can all learn to surf waves of cosmic light upgrades, balanced, centred, our heads held high. Strengthen your chakras in meditation, yoga and energetic exercise like Xi gong to help restore and retain core strength. 

Ritualise the full moon’s power to reboot, with smudging, crystals, candles incantation and gratitude. Capitalise on the full moon tidal waves of higher frequencies, integrate, recalibrate and consolidate with self care. These are amazing times to be alive, enjoy full moon surfing friends. 

Mantra: I am a fluid being, bathing in the light of the moon goddess, in gratitude, grace and humility. Namaste.

By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook wordpress and youtube.


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