Full Moon Shake Down

A trusted soul mate said the other day ‘I feel discombobulated’. We talked of feelings of disconnection, mood swings that were unsettling and a recurrence of karmic issues we both thought we had lanced, released and laid to rest. 

When the cosmic waves soar and everything gets cocooned in a protective layer of higher frequencies, filtering harsh reality is easier. Losing yourself in the peace of meditation can be challenging when there are constant demands and pressures. When we are bombarded with cruelty every day. 

I live in East London, a thriving dynamic community around me. Hidden in plain sight I see sick, elderly and addicted people sleeping on the streets. I see cultural clashes, police activity and lost souls. I see the beauty and grace in people whose lives are too harsh, too challenging. 

And I see the march of property developers devouring everything cultural, caring and compassionate in our community for profit. Our local mosque, our Caribbean square of culture, a local garden cafe, ringletted in fairy lights, all fighting to survive the property developers never ending greed. More flats, more rent, more money. 

Charities that were already plugging a sinking ship closed down without a second thought for the people who relied on their support. 

I wrote an article last week on deconstructing the paedophilia agenda in advertising, Hollywood and msm. I haven’t published it because I don’t want to be responsible for waking people up to this horrific and prolific agenda. Everywhere I look I see it, all the harsh truths hidden in plain sight. 

I try to eat well and feed my family clean food but inevitably the pace of life, my own lack of confidence and knowledge of cooking leads to shop-bought-God-only-knows -what’s-in-it meals. I send my kids to school everyday knowing they are sausage meat factories for matrix programming. But they have friends and they fit in. So I do it. I conform. 

Every day I try to use meditation, yoga, reading, nature, gratitude and mindfulness to quell the anger, panic, fear and anxiety being here on planet earth fills me with. 

The true nature of people remains a mystery to me. People reveal themselves as violent sociopaths. We push on. The other day I helped an older Jamaican man get off the road in his wheelchair. He cried. He asked if I could heal him. I held him. I gave him a crystal. I asked his guides and angels to speak louder so he could hear them. What else could I do? What kind of world is this? 

5dhealing is where I show my true self. My authentic self with all the kooky, crazy concepts that buzz in my head all day, every day. I thank you for listening. For sharing. If it wasn’t for this forum and the lovely people who visit me here I wonder if maybe I would have imploded by now. 

Some days I could crawl out my own skin with anger and shock at what goes on everyday for millions of people. I sign petitions. I meditate love frequency. I keep trusted people close. 

Thankyou for coming to my page here and on Facebook, and liking what you see. This is where I heal my hurt, this is where I pray, this is where I feel human empathy and love. My mantra for this evening: I receive love, I share love, I am grateful. Namaste.


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