Riding the Cosmic Rollercoaster of Recalibration

Bouncing up and down the frequency spectrum means reacting to and manifesting our daily lives whilst on a crazy, cosmic rollercoaster. 

One day we can be flying on higher, lighter wavelengths of being. Seeing with our third eye, connected and at one with the world. The next we are crashing down through tidal waves of mayhem and madness. Matrix eyes wide open, everything in plain sight. 

Throughout this accelerated upgrade we go to work, do the school run, walk the dog, interact with people, live our lives. 

For some the highs of 5th dimensional being can be too much, too scary, they seek the security of grounded routines, clear and concise thinking. For others the 5th dimension is where they want to be softening the raw edges of planet earth 2017. Daily routines, linear living, can be a struggle. 

It’s all a ride, a fast tracked path of evolution. Accelerated reboot of humanity. We’re part of it. Riding it. Some days may feel way too 3d, others way too 5d. 

Strip it all back. Embrace solitude for reflection, guidance, meditation and growth. Embrace who you are when no one is looking. Sad, happy, raw, enraged, bewildered, besotted, whoever and whatever we are at that given moment is the real-ist thing we can be. 

Pull back layers of matrix programming. Meet, embrace, forgive, accept and seek peace with your self. Ride this crazy cosmic rollercoaster on love frequency.

Mantra: I forgive myself, I accept myself, I love my self. Namaste.

#gaiahealing #recalibration #peace #portals #PeaceuptherEvolution #cosmicsurfer #selfcare 

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