Get to know your chi.

We all have chi, we all move and manipulate it every day, we just don’t realise it. Take responsiblity for your energy field, your mind body spirit being. 

Take care of yourself as a multi dimensional being not as a 2d cardboard cut out. We have depths, excavate them, clear the clutter and fill the spaces with love. 

It’s all about energy, good energy and bad energy. Move energy round and through our system with fluid motions. Breathe, release and realign. Bring each chakra online starting with root chakra. Breathe deep. Ground through our feet. 

Draw lighter crystalline energy up into each chakra, clearing, strengthening and balancing. Connect to the light energy, feel it clear and power you up. 

Be calm and measured, ignore mansplaining and other people’s drama. It’s about their fragile egos not you, let them rumble on or move away. 

We can all do this, we can all unplug and come online with higher frequencies, dimensions of peace and compassion. We stay focused and connected. We meditate love frequency sending our light out into the world. Namaste.

Mantra: I am calm, I am balanced, I am love.


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