Everything is Energy #readenergynotavatars

There are many rumours, channellings, theories and questions buzzing round at the moment. For some this cosmic quantum leap of Gaia is a stretch too far, they feel safer with the status quo. For others the rumours, ancient myths and legends, offer hope of a better future. 

Once we transition to energy as our main source of information about people and places a whole new world opens up. It’s the same world but we interpret it differently. 

A homeless person becomes an aura, an energy field of colours and resonance, just as a banker stops being a suit. We see through the matrix camouflage to truth. 

This is third eye activation, heart led thinking and throat chakra opening. We can encourage this transition by tuning into our hidden senses, reading energy not appearance. 

People often say they ‘had a bad feeling about a person, event or place’. This is intuition. This is third eye sight. Trust these hunches, they are more reliable than anything our eyes tell us. 

Through meditation we can expand our consciousness, open doors of perception to encourage flow of energy throughout our whole mind body spirit beings. We will create synaptic grooves in our brains, new ways to interpret and understand the world around us. 

We can actively deprogramme from matrix algorithms by avoiding mainstream media with its fear mongering and capitalist corporate agenda. Finding the courage to reveal who we truly are and to view our world as energy changes us at a dna level. Strands activated, triggered and brought online. 

We are in a pressure cooker on Gaia with cosmic events cranking up the frequencies around us day by day. We can transform, we can raise our frequencies to match the incoming waves of quantum enlightenment. 

Use the internet as source of verifiable information. Trust your instincts about the people you meet here. This is where the ordinairy folk hang out. Not the elite with their dark agendas. Like anywgere else, being streetwise in the cyber world is advised. We wouldn’t choose to walk down a dark alley, late at night in this world so don’t do it in cyber land. 

Trust the energy that vibrates from people, from information and sources. Look for what resonates. Follow your sixth sense down the rabbit hole of discovery. The answers aren’t in the established narrative, they are in the stories, the feelings, the experiences of ordinairy people, the internet is where we can share. 

We are riding profound waves of awakening. Tune into your secret being, the energy that runs through everything. Trust instincts, gut feelings and whispers in your heart. This is you as an energetic being, responding and interacting with the energy fields around you. This is quantum existence. This is the future. In love and light beautiful people.

Mantra: I breathe in light, positive energy, I release dark, heavier energy, I embrace myself as an energetic being.

By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook wordpress and youtube.


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