I am a quantum being

Waves of recalibration are powerful.and profound as we make our way deeper into 2017. Many of us are feeling tired, restless, upset, anxious and unsettled. Headaches are common as we integrate higher frequencies. This can be interspersed with rushes of cosmic love, quantum connection to the multi verse, vivid dreams, increased synchronicity, premonitions and heightened sensitivity to other people’s energy fields.

Triggers may be spinning us out making us question what we thought we knew or pushing us to hard places of fear, grief, negative thoughts and behavior patterns. Memories flashing through our minds and hearts. Good and bad memories, random images, sounds and smells taking us back to emotional places we maybe thought we had made peace with. 

There is always more shadow work to be done, each wave penetrates deeper levels of our karma, like an onion, we release karma, layer by layer. We can get stuck on one layer, become scared or obstinate, refuse to experience, own, understand and let go. Some triggers can knock us off balance, shift our thinking, cause us to inhabit darker spaces. 

Make room for karmic release, try and not fight it. Practise mindfulness to bring you back into the now, the present. Use your breath to reconnect your spirit to your body, breathe in throat, chest, stomach and exhale. Remind your soul that we are here for a reason, to reconnect, recalibrate, realign whilst remaining grounded. Knowing we belong here, on Gaia, an integral part of this rare, cosmic, celestial awakening of a planet and her people. 

The waves are deep and powerful, each of us experiencing them in our own way. Align our chakras to balance our Mind-Body-Soul system through meditation, spiritual yoga, exercise and rest. To become lighter beings, we must let go of present, ancestral and past life karma. 

Be kind to yourself. Listen to your gut, your solar plexus, your higher self. Reassure your ego, don’t let it dominate or control your feelings or actions. Our guides and higher self are there to help us, use them. Start a dialogue with them in your head, in meditation. Listen and look for their replies in synchronicity, number sequences, dreams and your intuition. Know you are not alone.  

We are all riding these waves friends, discovering our wings, our truths. We can do this. We can surf the higher frequencies together. We can rise above polarity of existence. We can be compassionate, grateful and humble in our lives. We can regain our balance and grow with each wave. 

We are lightworkers, earth warriors, teachers, healers, creators of our own world. Manifest love even from the darkest places of your soul. Draw your energies into your heart chakra. Love is the language of the universe. Take your rightful place and be heard. Much love and light beautiful people. Namaste.


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