Energy update – discord, retrograde, quantum spincycle

The energy is dense, heavy, sticky and tricky. The retrograde, the discord, the pull back of the elastic chasm of polarity, is releasing some really deep karma on planet earth. Daily life may feel like wading through mud. Upgrades use up lots of energy, we are being encouraged to slow down. We are being shown cosmic flow. 

Unplugging from the matrix means in part releasing linear existence. Money, time, numbers dividing up our lives chunking our days into little bits of stress and pressure. Release anxiety. We do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. 

Avoid forcing yourself beyond your energetic fuel gauge. Each chakra is being upgraded. Root to crown and everything in between. We are all at different stages in this quantum mulit universe of complex infinite choice and lifetimes. We are all unplugging from the matrix. 

This is a deep process of recalibration. Upgrades at a DNA level are bringing our mind body spirit system online to higher frequencies. Relinquishing the dense, linear, boxed in algorithms of the matrix reality. This process is being done outside of us in the stratosphere round the planet, the macrocosm. And internally in our own cellular construction, the microcosm. 

Be gentle with yourself. Triggers are occurring, people are leaving this world at an accelerated rate as the frequencies get cranked up. Grief, guilt, sadness and anger may be brought up to the surface for clearing. 

Emotional places we thought were excavated open again to reveal hidden depths. Behaviour patterns, habits, thought processes embedded in the fear frequency of the matrix requiring release.

Recognising we are transitioning from carbon base to crystalline beings of higher vibrations, helps put much of what we are currently experiencing into perspective. Fluctuations in time, speeding up, slowing down can make us feel a little lightheaded, even nauseous. Drink water and rest.

Memory triggers flood us with unexpected emotions, this can cause dimensional slippage as we remember vividly these past experiences. Some may be experiencing past life memories in dream state as more root karma is dug up. 

Throat chakra upgrades require all lower chakras to be activated and brought online. To step into our power, embrace and express our authentic selves is throat chakra algorithm. It is the pulse of awakening. The tipping point of quantum transformation. Breathe into your throat, stretch, release and strengthen. In love and light. 

Mantra: I know myself, I own myself, I love my self.

By Morag at awakening5dhealing on Facebook wordpress and youtube.


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