Quantum Surfing 

Incoming energy wave. Get balanced. Practise selfcare. Be heartled. Stay centred. Breathe out the negative. Inhale the love. Higher frequencies alert. Ear popping, nausea, heaviness of limbs, spacy, low blood pressure, stay hydrated. Think Da Vinci’s geometric man, we are maths. We are cosmic energetic beings. We are sown into the fabric of time, space continuum. 

Quantum surfing is like being in hamster ball in a tidal wave. We are surfing in 5d, up, down, front, back and all around. We find balance in our core centre. We retain balance by endeavouring to align our chakra system. Maintaining a fluid, free flow of energy through our mind body soul system. 

Listen to your body, if it tells you to do stuff, do stuff, if it says rest, cut back your to do list and slow down. 

Our intuition is the mouthpiece of our energetic system, reading and responding to the energies around it. Avoid drama. Other people can embroil us in a hotbed of low vibration emotion, blocking our ability to ride higher waves of cosmic frequencies. 

This is the spin cycle friends. The shakedown. The heat is going to rise, the stains, the shadows, the dirt coming out in the wash. Stay calm. Find and go with the flow. Remember we have been here before with solar eclipses, super moons, comets, solar flares and all that jazz. Meditate, reflect, tune into guides. Keep soul tribe close. Enjoy solitude.

Cyber chatter is hitting a Resistance high. Silicon Valley are rumoured to be obsessed with cracking the matrix. A scientist has translated England’s crop circles (a new crop circle appeared early April). There are several new heat sources being detected in the great pyramid of Giza. 

Alternative news bubbles with ufo and military activity at Antarctica. NASA has announced its going to put people on the moon to live there. We have new planetary, new solar systems and even new universes being discovered. Closer to home we must be close to saturation with war and global corporate politics. The planet is crying out for some tender loving care.   

The cracks are beginning to show. Frayed edges revealing truth on a planetary and individual scale. Throat chakra activation, upgrades propelling us to greater understanding of what it is to be quantum. To be more than 3d. 

Get the love frequency in your heart chakra. Feel the warmth. Feel the protection, compassion and optimism of heart wavelength. Connect to gratitude. Embrace humility. Seek grace in energetic flow. We are riding quantum evolution. Draw your energy into your solar plexus, your core. Strengthen, balance and clear in meditation and exercise. Keep the flow of energy going with selfcare and self love. Safe surfing beautiful people _/\_.

Mantra: I am calm, I am protected, I am love. I am a balanced, fluid being. I draw universal love light into my solar plexus, strengthening, balancing and clearing. Namaste.

#shieldup #heartactivated #protection #zenup #quantumsurfing #karma #throatactivation #energywave #corestrength #chakrabalance #cosmicsurfer


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