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Seek Stillness Amid Matrix Static

How’s the cosmic surfing going for everyone? Phew! We fly, flow and flounder around the frequency spectrum. Realigning to universal flow of love energy. In the core of our being an instinct, a pull, a gentle tug, this way… Intuition stepping up as third eye activation brings us online with guides and higher self. Synchronicities nod their head. Number sequences bob around us as we float, swim and surf. 

Tune up your fifth dimension antennae with meditation, nature and selfcare. Don’t fret when the days seem long, muddy and slippery. Or when the day happens to you, as you space walk through it. 

Our tether to the matrix is loosening as we raise our frequencies. We are rising up gradually, bit by bit, like balloons in a breeze. Higher frequencies nudge us, tap on our shoulder. We know the path, we can see the horizon, we can feel the fifth dimension. 

The matrix becomes greyer, darker, thicker and stickier. We can see its machinery grinding away. The cogs in the wheels turning, tightening. Corporate this, money that, profit here, destruction there. We can see it. 

Like a shadow the higher frequencies nudge and nod to us drawing us closer to peace, abundance and love. Healing, protection and lightness of being. Rebuilding the machinery of planet earth. Creating flow and balance internally and externally. Within and without. 

Redesigning harmony and fluidity into the fabric of our communities. Restoring peaceful trade and communication. Deleting money, middle men, mass production, mainstream media and matrix madness. 

Peer over the edges of the reality we are fed. The advertising, media political propaganda programming. Take off your avatar mask. Breathe. Decompartmentalise. Let go of barriers boundaries and blocks. Be authentic in each area of your life. Seek stillness amid the interference of 3rd dimension static. Find your true self.

We are here to create a new world. Healers, teachers, earth warriors, lightworkers manifest peace on Gaia. Raise the vibrations. Stay in the love frequency, ride the ebb and flow of cosmic evolution. See peace. Smile. We can raise the energy consciously. Breathe love. Be alert to new paths, new opportunities, new ways of being. In love & light x.

Mantra: I am one with the flow of universal love light energy. Namaste.


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