Mayan prophesy, dimensional slippage & triggering timelines.

These coming few days, weeks and months are going to challenge us at the deepest level of our being. The energies have been building towards a whopping tidal wave of higher frequencies over 24th May, predicted by The Mayans. 

Planet earth is experiencing profound changes. How these changes show themselves in our daily existence depends on our level of awareness. To be hyper aware of energy is to be constantly responding and transmuting negative energies. If this sounds like you, listening to your own system is paramount, take extra good care of your energetic field.

The sun, moon and nature are like chargers, they can power us up when we’re running low. If Sun bathing or moon gazing are tricky for you, visualise being bathed in warm, golden sunlight or cool, clear moonlight to help cleanse your energetic field. Selfcare of our trinity being helps us connect to higher frequencies. 

Upgrades take a lot out of us. Each new wave of higher frequencies brings upgrades, rebooting our mind body spirit system. Bringing our chakras online and offering harmony, balance and alignment. Like any kind of reboot our system may need to shut down for awhile, conserve energy, consolidate changes, erase outdaged algorithms and create new grooves online. 

How we view the world will determine how we experience it. Yet the world also happens to us, we reprogramme our responses to aid the upgrade in our energetic flow. As we integrate upgrades, lighten our karmic load and unplug from the matrix we can experience dimensional slippage, frequency fluctuations in our daily lives. This is us moving around the spectrum of frequencies, the fabric of time and space.

How to spot telltale signs that you are experiencing a different world from others, dimensional fluctuations. 

Do people talk of incidents occurring close to where you were but you experienced something different? 

Do people say they were somewhere you were but you didn’t see each other and you should have? 

Are you aware, at the edges of your mind, of ripples in time, of sliding doors moments? A sense of alternative timelines echoing in your subconscious?

Has your awareness of time done a backflip? Can a day feel like a month and a month feel like a day? 

Do you increasingly feel disconnected to your daily routines, sleepwalking through, vaguely aware at all times that something else is going on, a change you can’t see? A shadow, flickering on the periphery of your vision.

Do you sometimes feel other people do not see or hear you? People may even bump into you or almost collide with you? 

Are you experiencing vivid dreams, visions or a translucency in your field of vision? Orbs, shadows, lights of different colours? 

Have you experienced rushes of love, of higher vibration that have profoundly changed your perception of reality?

As our crown chakra is activated the veils between worlds thin, our heightened awareness picks up on this. 

If the world is separating what happens in the middle bit, the bit where the separation occurs? Is this the cosmic space we are navigating? This is not an exclusive club. This middle space on the ftrquency spectrum has no blocks no tests to pass to get to the next level no hurdles to jump. 

At anytime we can choose the red pill, a little bit at a time. We can welcome meditation into our lives. Seek quiet reflection. Learn about chakras and energy flow. There is no brick wall to climb, no battle to be fought, this is a gear change. Slowing down. Turning down matrix static tuning into our mind body and soul being. It can never be too late. There is no finish line, no end of game deadline. Only frequencies, a spectrum of existence. As sovereign beings we can turn our own dial to whichever frequency or wavelength we choose. 

Language like awakening, ascension, quantum and portals can trigger negative emotional responses programmed into us by the elite. Step away from the language if it makes you uncomfortable. Avoid labelling or boxing what you choose to do, see, feel and think. Trust yourself more not less. Who the architect is, why the galaxies and solar systems exist are the big questions. Leave them be if they don’t resonate. Start smaller and simpler. 

To describe people as red or blue pill is in itself a misnomer. The labelling sounds definitive, a done deal. This is not the case. We can adjust our daily lives just a little bit here and there to embrace different paths, different timelines. Love not fear. Compassion not hatred. Hope not despair. We are all human in this existence and none of us are perfect, none of us are impervious to matrix programming. How we manage this is an ongoing challenge. Stay alert to signs of dimensional slippage, welcome affirmation in our ability to manifest a brighter future on planet earth. In love and light beautiful people.

Mantra: I am a sovereign being, I have the freedom to choose who and what I allow into my mind, heart and soul. I share love I receive love I am love.


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