Prophesy, tragedy and cosmic crossroads of consciousness

As Therese May’s manifesto is shredded on social media, and the vicious mainstream media attack on Jeremy Corbyn continues, Britain is plunged once again into tragedy and fear. In the face of such atrocity, ordinary people overwhelmingly respond in love and support. The human spirit, at its best in adversity. We send healing love to all those affected by the attack in Manchester. We are in awe of your compassion and resilience. We extend this healing love to all those affected by violence on Gaia.

This cosmic transition is really starting to bite. Is this the Mayan prophesy of a crossroads, a timeline shift towards Enlightened Unity Consciousness? Our personal lives are challenged, fractured and fraught with open wounds, scars and conflict. Our communities ripped apart by violence, weapons and atrocity. Economic struggles, health worries, a work, work, work culture, religious expectation, cultural programming, fear mongering, political game playing all adds up to a potent brew of pressure, stress and anxiety. 

Many of us are not sleeping well, we are running on empty. Despite efforts for self care, we face day to day struggles that wear us down, corroding our confidence, our self belief, and our sanity. Horror, terror, violence and fear flood us, too much emotion to function. To be mindful when tragedy strikes is a tall order. To exist in love frequency when images of destruction and death overwhelm, is an enormous challenge. To remain calm when loved ones are hurt, bullied, attacked or beleaguered is a tough space to inhabit.

The paradox of release karma, maintain high vibrations, whilst still being in the matrix, can tie us up in knots. We may have stomach upsets as the maelstrom of emotional energies overload our system. Upgrades can cause shaking, heart palpitations, dimensional slippage, flu symptoms, eye problems, skin irritations, changes to our digestion and apetites. We may crave all the things we know are bad for us, drugs, alcohol, sugar and caffeine. To boost our energy levels, to disconnect us from reality, to take the edge off life as we know it. 

In these times of frontline trench warfare for our hearts, souls and minds, be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Mistakes get made, conflict occurs, grief can strike us down, fear can paralyze us. Our spiritual evolution, enlightenment as a people and planet is like birth. It’s going to hurt, tear, there will be bloodshed, pain and trauma. We are deep in this birthing process. 

Mayan Prophesy indicates we are reaching the tipping point, the point of critical mass. At this time, if you can, meditate love frequency, be heart led, truth slaying warriors. If you can’t, let it go, it’s ok. Feelings of despair, despondency and depression can overwhelm us, beam me up Scottie, game over, exit stage left. Fight that feeling, leave all the raising of vibrations to others. Concentrate on yourself, your own mental health and stability. Rest. Cry. Shout. Hug. Bathe. Be. Ask for help from others. Take time off work if you are unwell, cancel events you are dreading, change what you do with your free time. Prioritise mental and physical health over matrix pressures or expectations.

We are all in this together. Know you are not alone. Know we are here for a reason, to be love, and that starts with loving and caring for yourself. Set reasonable targets, take energy diagnostics when you remember, reset and realign if you are able. Reach out to soul tribe. Recharge in water and nature. Seek solace in fiction, creative outlets and being present in the moment. Stay hydrated. These are trying times friends, cut yourself some slack, give yourself some me time. Sending healing, love light, in gratitude for all that is beautiful in this world. 

Mantra: I will have a calm (gentle, efficient, nourishing, creative, safe) day.

I am grateful for all that is beautiful, kind and caring in our world. I release anxiety, pain and fear. I am one with universal love. Namaste.


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