Timeline shifts, Solar Plexus activation and Enlightened Unity Consciouness 

Timelines are shifting like the Hogwarts staircases in Harry Potter. Our thoughts and actions, our vibration and energy flow determine which stairs we climb, which timeline we choose. Gaia is dropping a gear, revving up, and accelerating towards higher frequencies, dimensions and planes of existence. Planetary evolution, transition to Enlightened Unity Consciousness as prophesied by the Mayans. 

Our Solar plexus chakra is being triggered. Loss of apetite, stomach upsets, disturbed sleep, palpitations, fluttering, trembling and pulsation in the centre of our being. Release of fears stored in our gut, anxiety held in our solar plexus, self doubt being unearthed, brought to the surface. Shakiness, nausea, light headed woozy senstaions, sudden drops and surges in energy levels can be experienced. Increased flexibility round our middle, hips and shoulders as flow of higher frequencies increases through our mind body soul system. 

Cosmic activation of dormant DNA strands uses a lot of energy. During deep, celluar reprogramming other parts of our system may go offline for short periods to compensate, causing us to feel spacey or shaky. Negative feelings, weakness in our body, doubt in our mind, pain in our heart, can overwhelm us. This is balanced by bouts of core strength kicking in, igniting our inner warrior, stepping into our power.

Energy is the language of the universe. We speak it every day, every second of every day, we communicate with our environment all the time. We are unaware of this largely because we have been programmed to distrust gut feelings, hunches and instinct. Mindfulness, meditation and gratitude raise our vibrations, breaking down matrix conditioning and expanding our consciousness.

The matrix looks like a 3d playstation game. It has clearly defined streets, pathways, hills to climb, hamster wheels to run round, day and night. It wants us to see rules, blocks, bricks and mortar obstructing our way. In the multiverse there are no external boundaries, barriers, limitations or blockages. There is flow of energy creating a spectrum of frequencies, wavelengths of quantum existence. Meditation opens the door, nature opens the door, organic psychedelics open the door…the doors of perception. The expansion of consciousness, the awakening of the mind body soul system.

To survive the matrix many of us constructed suits of karmic armour around us. This was camouflage, stealth mode, conforming to the norm. This process starts at home for many and is consolidated in school, religion and work. Conform, conform, conform is the matrix message.

This survival strategy is becoming obsolete. In order to free up the energy flow to and from our solar plexus and all other chakras, we remove our armour, take down our defences, release our energetic sytems from the bondage of matrix control. Bit by bit we let go of fears, opening our system to universal flow of love light energy. 

Ascended masters teach us the more we trust the universal flow of love energy, the more our lives will improve. We relinquish ego led control, expectation and ambition and simply be who we are, mindful and present. When we raise our vibrations , we experience higher frequencies, we become quantum. We break free from narrow matrix wavelengths. 

As a global community we are experiencing this cosmic evolution, the Mayan Prophesy of Enlightened Unity Consciousness. Gaia is coming online, upgrading, to higher frequencies. We seek inner stillness, core calm, ego at rest, chakra alignment, integrating free flow through our energetic system. We have been clearing root and sacral chakra karma since 2011, heart and throat chakra since 2015/16. May 2017 is triggering the solar plexus.  

Shamans, indigenous peoples, poets, philosophers, beatniks and hippies have all shared the same message – go with the flow. The energy all around us and our own systems interact constantly, resetting and realigning our experience of reality within the matrix. To go with the flow is to come online from our core, integrating energetic fluidity in our mind body soul systems creating balance and harmony.

Enjoy this transition, welcome upgrades, seek inner calm, strength and flow. Recognise negative feelings as release of karma, be gentle with yourself. We are deep in a fundamental timeline shift, embrace Enlightened Unity Consciousness. Seek the path of your true self, your passions, your truth. In light and love beautiful people.

Mantra: I am one with universal flow of love light energy. I draw this healing light into my solar plexus, sure, clearing and balancing. In gratitude, with grace and humility. Namaste.


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