UK General Election the truth is out there

Here in London the tension is almost unbearable. Surrounded by tabloid trolls, propaganda, lies, hate and greed. Many have been canvassing tirelessly for #labour #obiwancorbyn #peace for weeks. How many times can you say the Tories are destroying our public services, selling to the highest bidder, in bed with terrorists, traitors and tyrants. Corbyn has redefined British potlitics. True socialism, fair distribution of wealth, eradication of a tiny mega wealthy elite sucking the rest of us, and Gaia, dry, is firmly back on the agenda. 

Lifelong Labour members rejoice whatever the outcome. The tide is turning. After decades of middle to right politics. Open mockery of the concept of sharing. Persistent, relentless dismissal of the idea of a society that takes care of itself and it’s environment responsibly. We have Rational Politics in the form of Jeremy Corbyn and his team of real, dedicated people looking to improve life for the many and raid the super rich to fund this. Jedi knights looking to logically construct a fair society where nets do catch us when we fall. A society that takes care of it’s own. A heart led world. 

Britain will be a very different place this time tomorrow. The truth is out there. The ultimate litmus test, a barometer of people. Are we more selfless than selfish? Maybe it will hang in the balance, a waiting room of time and space. A hung parliament giving us a chance to keep fighting for freedom, equality and a fair society. And if the tories win by a landslide, legitimately? Many of us have plan B stockpiled, opt out and go off grid. Lots of people have done it, why can’t we? With no healthcare, sausage meat factories for schools and our sick, disabled and elderly treated like lepers? Not much reason to stay. 

In 24 hours we will know. Timeline shift happened, exit closed. Imperialist Britain. Seed of the colonial, twisted world we exist in. A hotbed of intellectual debate and fervour. Politicised, fearful, hopeful… Corbyn and his crew have changed this world even for a few months, they have held up the light and shown us how we could live. How to construct and build a gentle, caring, loving society. I know who I’m voting for. I know I won’t be the only one. Meditate love frequency in and to the UK friends, we are in the depths of intensive timeline shift. We need all the good vibrations we can get! In love & light brothers and sisters _/\_ namaste.


4 thoughts on “UK General Election the truth is out there”

  1. Holding the love here in my little corner of Scotland. My own area has stayed with the past but they are very conservative here 😦
    But, have woken up to the early results which are so much better nationally than many were expecting. My daughter and her partner were among those who voted with their hearts, because they heard and felt the the truth – so proud of them and all of us who did 🙂

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