Earth warriors, energy and karmic evolution

Shadow work, chakra clearing, emotional exorcism create an energy deficit. Empaths, transmuters, lightworkers, energy healers are susceptible to energetic overload. Practising self care as an integral part of our existence is necessary if we are to regain our balance, our equilibrium, our inner calm. 

We also have energetic armour we built around us in our formative years to protect us. It may have been constructed in past lives or by others in the form of ancestral karma. This needs to be removed. Taking off our armour is karmic evolution. It is to lighten our energetic load, raise our cellular frequencies and create more fluidity in our energetic body. We release blockages, shift and increase energetic flow by building bridges where holes or division has occurred. 

When we are too much in our head, releasing painful memories or incessantly worrying, we block or divide the flow of energy round and through our chakras. We can lose our heart chakra to grief, pain, resentment and bitterness. We can disconnect from our own energy field unable or unwilling to respond to energies around us, too caught up in our own world. 

This creates a negative cycle, grooves in our mind like hard trodden pathways, we get stuck on repeat. To break this negative cycle we must haul our vibrations up. We connect to our present. We engage our senses we hear feel smell see again. We awaken to the world in from of us. We step out of ego driven exustence. 

Our mind is programmed to dominate our psyche to tell us it is the most important source of information. It is not. It is unreliable and highly suggestive. It is easily programmed to negative algorithms. This lowers our vibrations, it keeps us down, literally. We must consciously break the cycle, change our thought patterns, our approach to our very existence must shift at a fundamental level. 

The transcendence of Gaia to higher planes of existence is offering those travelling with her a unique opportunity for total karmic overhaul. It is the hurdles as opposed to the marathon. It is the fast track to existential, dna structural evolution. To ride these higher waves of lighter frequencies, to access quantum existence is to consciously choose to lighten your load. 

We are not alone in this long predicted monumental cosmic event. Our guides and higher self are a wavelength away from being heard by us. A deep breath. A slower moment. Of calm. Still. Peace. This space, this wavelength, is where we heal our hurts, this is where we praise our universe, where we see, feel and become love. 

To reset our cellular vibration, to realign our chakra system, to promote free and easy energetic flow, we seek to attain stillness. To stop our ego’s incessant negative chattering that erodes our sense of purpose, our self esteem, our soul. Feeding the matrix our serenity, our sanity and our zen. Quiet the ego to find your zen. 

Breathe into heart chakra, open third eye and conect to a better space in time, where the beautiful things in your life are connected to you innately. Where the darker shadows of our soul no longer scare us or dominate us or exert influence over us. Where we are our true selves. 

We are earth warriors, we answered a call to raise vibrations. We release karmic energy on an individual and global scale, ancestral and past life karma fast tracked to go. Go inward for balance, let your guides and higher self in they will help to steady you. 

These are cosmically crazy times friends. Change comes from chaos and we certainly have the chaos, let’s bring about the change. Awaken and choose to be more than we are. Quantum beings of light wrapped in human suits that must be respected and cared for. Connected to the planet and each other as sovereign beings. Find and be your true self. Avoid the pitfalls, stay afloat and learn to fly friends. In love and light.

Mantra: I share love, I receive love, I am love.

I am a being of light, of peace, of love.



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