Cosmic Energy Update Karmic Evolution 

The transcendence of Gaia to higher planes of existence offers her travellers a unique opportunity for total karmic overhaul. It is the fast track to existential, dna cellular evolution. To ride waves of lighter frequencies, to access quantum existence, is to consciously choose to embrace ourselves as mind body soul beings. 

Many of us have energetic armour, a protective shield or wall, we built around us in our formative years to protect us. It may have been constructed in past lives or by others in the form of ancestral karma. Taking off our armour is karmic evolution. It is to lighten our energetic load, raise our cellular frequencies and create more fluidity in our energetic body. We release blockages, shift and increase energetic flow. We begin to become our true selves.

When we are too much in our head, releasing painful memories, paralysed by fear or incessant worrying, we block, clog or cut off flow of energy round and through our chakras. We can disconnect from our own energy field unable or unwilling to respond to energies around us. Our spirit seeks release from pain, we can become dislocated, distanced from our day to day reality. Our mind in turmoil, our ego in overdrive and our vibration lowered.

This creates negative cycles, grooves in our mind like hard trodden pathways. We get stuck on repeat. To break this we must haul our vibrations up. We connect to our present. We engage our senses, we hear, feel, smell, see again. We awaken to the world in front of us. We acknowledge our pain but we draw a boundary, a self love line in the sand, that this pain will not define or destroy us. Making self care an integral part of our existence is necessary if we are to gain and maintain balance, equilibrium, inner calm. 

This transition of our systems from carbon based to crystalline is the hurdles of lifetimes compared to other lifetimes. Accelerated evolution. Our chance to exorcise eons of karma. This is a rare cosmic occurrence. Summon your inner warrior, fight your demons with acceptance, forgiveness and love. Connect to the present. Be in the moment not in your head. This is the frontline beautiful people, seek balance by making peace with yourself, your past and embracing your present and future. In love and light.


I am healing, I am protected, I am safe.

I am moving my spirit back into my body

I release all that no longer serves me to my highest purpose.

I am one with universal love frequency. Namaste


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