Energy Update Cosmic recalibration, you are not alone!

The consensus on the cosmic cyber street is this wave is a doozie. Intense shaking, sudden overwhelming need to sleep, low energy, aches and pains, blurry vision and disturbed sleep (waking up at 2.22, 3.33, 1.23) are common symptoms of DNA upgrades, recalibration, see ’10 Signs you are experiencing recalibration of your mind body soul system’ for more info. 

Deeply buried emotions bubbling to the surface, triggered for karmic release, can overwhelm us. Our relationships go through great changes as we raise our frequencies. Masks come off as our third eye is activated and we see people for who they truly are. This can be a very upsetting and challenging part of the awakening process. We can feel intensely frustrated by 3d conversations, increasingly preferring solitude. Before we were concerned with social lives, friendship groups, family expectation and cultural convention, matrix programming of what the ‘perfect life’ should look like. Awakening changes all of this, it expands our consciousness, mutes the ego and liberates us from the limited rules and regulations of this reality. We turn inward instead of obsessing about our outward lives. We stop caring about what others say about us, we grow beyond convention and see a bigger world. 

Integrating upgrades whilst trying to stay on top of our everyday lives, can cause us to feel irritable, tearful and off kilter. We can feel lonely and disconnected, let down by people we thought cared more about us, depressed by the state of the world and worn down by the daily demands of the matrix. As we struggle to integrate higher frequencies and raise our own vibration to accommodate further recalibration we reach out, looking for other awakening people. The internet is our friend when we wake up, it is where we find information and other people on this path to higher dimensions. 

Gregg Prescott’s In5d on fb, web and YouTube is a brilliant source of knowledge about this transformation on Gaia. Michelle Walling’s website and internet radio show offers tonnes of information on how to exit the matrix, what is happening now and what is coming next. Sacred Scribes is the best site on the web for the meanings of number sequences. Higher Self on YouTube is the go to place for all things metaphysical, multi dimensional and magical about the evolution of our planet and her people. Cosmicgypsy333 will answer all your questions on soul tribe. International Starseed Network has chat forums, discussion pages and more. 

Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy, QHHT, is the best healing tool to answer all questions about our origin, mission and personal journey. Alternative healing therapies like reiki and sound healing will clear static from our energy field and strengthen and balance our mind body soul system. Meet Ups online is also a great way to find people at a similar stage and place as us. There are loads of meditation, spiritual yoga and energy healing groups set up by lightworkers keen to offer safe spaces for sharing and healing.

The evolution of humanity, the activation of Enlightened Unified Consciousness is the recalibration of our mind body soul system. It is the Return of the Divine Feminine, the dismantling of the matrix programs of control. It is freedom, liberation and enlightenment. We are being offered the opportunity to access higher dimensions of existence. Positive emotions emit higher wavelengths, we begin to ascend the frequency spectrum of time and space in our universe. Gratitude, compassion, laughter, joy, peace, empathy and love are all high frequency energies, raising our cellular vibration. We can become quantum beings by embracing this transition.

Don’t feel alone. Reach out. Use cyber space as a library, a meeting place, somewhere you can take your matrix mask off and be yourself. Ask questions, engage with others, get regular energy updates, research the stuff that resonates with you. Energy, healing, intergalactic communities, the elite, how to unplug from the matrix, it’s all out there in cyber space. And for all the other growth and internal evolution stuff don’t be afraid of solitude, welcome it. Use me-time for self care, self knowledge and self love. 

We are all in this together, some are still very much asleep, others are denying or rejecting the red pill, but there are more and more people waking up, coming online (energetically and on the internet!). Come join the cosmic recalibration party, it’s all about peace and love maaaaan. Take a seat at the table, all are welcome. In love and light friends.

Mantra: I am safe, I am safe, I am safe.

I call my soul tribe to me, I am ready.

I embrace all available upgrades appropriate for me at this time, under the protection of my higher self. Namaste.


9 thoughts on “Energy Update Cosmic recalibration, you are not alone!”

  1. Oh Morag thank goodness I have found a way to reach out to you. Thank you so much for your articles – it put into words everything I have been thinking and feeling. I am a lost lightworker trying to find my people. I cannot work out how to message CosmicGypsy333 and can’t request membership on Starseed international without answering a question about what was sighted in Phoenix Arizona. I would so appreciate some assistance and guidance. It’s funny – 555 jumped out at me and it has been incredibly significant to my spiritual awakwnening. I have always seen repeating numbers since I was a young child and so much has happened lately. Anyway, a reply would be so warmly received. Any pointers in the right direction would be amazing. Sending you love and light with my sincerest gratitude for your work xo


    1. Hi Alexandra x I just read this. Thankyou for sharing. We are all lost until we find our centre, our true self. No-one else can find us but us. Visit my fb page if you would like more info about the healing and channelling work I do. We’re all in this together you are not alone xxx


    2. Hi Alexandra I’ve been away and just getting a chance to reply to your lovely message _/\_. Many of us are lost, many of us have no-one to talk to in our lives about all this stuff. It can make us feel very alone and even rejected. Please take this energy hug from me. You are not alone. Quantum healing hypnotherapy QHHT is a great way to find out more about our origin and mission. Reaching out as you have done online helps. Meditating to connect to guides and higher self brings our multi dimensional soul tribe closer to us and this really helps. I offer energy healing and guidance on Skype. If you would like some one to one support you can message me here or in Facebook awakening5dhealing. This blog may help as well
      I hope this helps you ferl better x sending you much love and light xxx


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