5 ways DNA upgrades change our bodies. 

Upgrades trigger activation of dormant DNA strands. As each wave of higher frequencies move through us, more strands are activated, reunifying and bringing our mind body soul system online. Lots has been written about how this affects our mind by expanding our consciousness, unplugging us from matrix algorithms of controlled thinking. Soul activation centres on karmic release and meditation, on getting to know ourselves as whole beings, not matrix avatars. This process of evolution also has a profound effect on our bodies. Recalibration triggers transformation of the organic humansuit we inhabit on planet earth. The trinity of equal, balanced and harmonious energetic flow between mind, body and soul is the holy grail of ascension to higher frequencies . 

The matrix has actively dissociated us from our bodies. We eat plastic food wrapped in plastic. This is the food weapon agenda. Supermarket, junk, fast food is processed, synthetic and crammed full of sugars and salt. This hostile chemical warfare through our food has caused cancers, diabetes, mental health problems and all kinds of other physical and mental illness. This is population control. It is also creating a vast amount of wealth for the CEOs of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. It’s a win win for the elite. To fight back, to exit the matrix of food warfare is to strip right back to basics. To learn to grow and cook our own food, to read the labels, seek out alternative cleaner options. In our western world of over consumption and intensive subconscious programming moderation is a good place to start.

As with everything in quantum spirituality once we begin the awakening process, like dominoes, one habit change triggers another. Our bodies adjust very quickly to cleaner lifestyles because this is what they have known and have evolved with. Recalibration of our physical body is fundamental change. Transitioning from carbon based to crystalline structure is a deeply intense, in-it-for-the-long-haul process. What does this transformation feel like, look like? How do we know if it’s happening to us? 

5 ways DNA upgrades change our bodies

1. We experience persistent aches and pains in limbs, muscles and bones. This can go on for a long time. We store negative energy in our bodies. We can store pain, fear, anger in our calves, our shoulders, our liver, our spine. As we release painful karma, the spiritual element of awakening, our physical bodies are triggered to release the physical embodiment of heavier vibrations. We can feel as if these aches and pains are going on forever. Regular exercise, stetching our bodies helps. As does sound healing, the resonance of specific frequencies from gongs, bowls chanting or drumming reaches in and draws out the bubbles and breaks open the spaces where denser vibrations are stored. Neural realignment, reiki, acupuncture, healing therapies and meditation all ease these symptoms of DNA upgrades.

2. As we push through this process we begin to notice an increase in our flexibility. Our hips open, becoming looser. Our shoulders straighten and align. Our spine softens and straightens becoming more fluid, strengthened by this flexibility. Our joints become bendier, we notice we can do things like touch our toes when we couldn’t do this before. This encourages us and triggers us to do more stretching, more meditation. To move our body in fluid, graceful movements. Tai chi and xi gong explore and teach chi flow. These slow movements tune our frequency. Our bodies lengthen, we become more fluid, graceful, stronger and flexible. This also helps us unplug from dense matrix algorithms of low self esteem, superficiality, fat and thin and cosmetic enhancement mind manipulation. We reconnect with our bodies. We begin to understand them better. We respect our bodies and change our habits to accomadtate this expansion of consciousness.

3. The ebb and flow of cosmic activation waves can cause dramatic changes in our energy levels. We can experience surges in creative energy, followed by lows where we can feel exhausted all the time. Power naps to restore balance and rest our systems are recommended. Going with the flow of energy levels in our body enables us to work with the recalibration process. 

4. Increased skin sensitivity to synthetic products. We are becoming lighter frequency beings our skin like our other organs is transforming. We can no longer tolerate or bounce off the toxins in cleaning hygiene and clothing products. We become super sensitive. This causes us to seek out cleaner eco products. The dominoes effect of using organic less toxic products more sparingly and cautiously is our skin is rejuvenated. It clears itself and begins to glow. Many people feel they are looking younger since waking up and changing their lifestyle choices.

5. As we seek more stillness in our lives we are able to hear our bodies. We reduce interference from programming, we feel reconnected. The taste of food becomes less important than the feel of food in our stomach and intestines. Similarly with drinks, we become more sensitive and more aware of how we are processing what we consume. This heightened awareness helps us fight toxic matrix addictions. We are motivated to treat our bodies respectfully. Mindful eating, being in the present, we become more aware of the quality of fuel we are ingesting. We listen to our bodies and are influenced less by advertising tricks played on our eyes and programmed taste buds. 

Matrix toxins are very seductive, they are also addictive. Cultural convention can pressure us to conform. As we detox our bodies we are forced to step more into our authentic selves, to say no to friends and family, colleagues who may think we are being fussy or weird. Throat chakra activation promotes our voice. The more we embrace upgrades, the more we stop caring about conforming. It’s all interconnected, one activation, one habit change triggers another part of the transition. Holistic and magical, we are trabsforming from wool to silk. We are reclaiming our evolution.

The flow of higher frequencies requires we release physical, low vibration blocks. As we detox, begin living cleaner lives, profound changes occur in the structure of our muscles, our bones, our blood, organs, hair and eyes. As energy flow becomes more fluid parts of our physical system previously switched off, blocked, clogged or damaged by toxins, clear and come online. Food also carries vibrations, frequencies in its cells. We integrate these frequencies when we consume. High frequency food has a profound effect on our mental health, our emotional wellbeing, as well as physical health. 

Language, what we say in our head or out loud, carries vibrations, negative or positive. These vibrations act like a gear stick in a car or the volume button on a remote control, tuning us into compatible universal frequencies. If our vibe is low, we are feeling negative emotions, our outer world will reflect this, this is the wavelength we will be on. Speaking kindly to and about our bodies releases waves of higher frequencies, promoting healing. When we have an injury or illness we try to stay connected, to keep that part of our body interconnected with the whole. Avoid dissociation, disconnecting. ‘My bad knee’ can become ‘my healing knee, my knee that is getting better’. Increasing our awareness of the language and tone we use, sets a wavelength of positive energy, promoting healing.  

Being human is a lifetime, one of many. The third dimension, which is where we and planet earth exist on the universal spectrum of dimensional frequency, has dense, heavy vibrations. Many souls have become lost in the matrix, coming back again and again. Like hamsters in a wheel we have been prevented from moving forward, from evolving,  Our planet has been kept in the lower ends of the universal frequency spectrum. This has been a violation of our free will by darker forces who view humanity and our planet as a resource to rape, pillage and plunder. This perpetual and relentless flow of greed, hatred, enslavement and demonic dark energy has prevented our organic evolution. We have been assaulted by images and rhetotic undermining our sense of self, our self esteem, our sovereignty. Corroding the fabric of our communities, tribal love twisted by competition, consumption and corruption.

This is changing. We are changing. Liberation of our planet, our trinity beings is being activated, as lighter frequencies flow across and through us. We are being switched on, rebooted, unplugged from the matrix. In order to fully integrate higher frequencies our bodies respond, integrating upgrades, transforming. A crystalline structure is a lighter composition for our bodies. This is not about weight although awakening does cause many people to lose matrix toxin weight. Less alcohol, less sugar, no junk food, no plastic rot, no chemical energy and fizzy drinks means we clear out our arteries, our organs, our bones, our muscles, our blood. 

To listen to our bodies and accommodate our own needs is an act of revolution, of rebellion against the elite. It is saying ‘no’ when convention or pressure dictates ‘yes’. It is recognising that some days will be on days, efficient, flexible, energetic and practical. Other days we seek rest and recuperation. This all or nothing polarised thinking is the machinery of matrix control. It is a panoptican prison, where rules and regulations are policed by our family, colleagues, neighbours and friends. To unplug it is to take back our sovereignty. It is to treat our mind body soul systems respectfully. With love. It is to experience alignment in the physical, flexibility and flow infusing us with lighter crystalline bodies able to integrate higher planes if existence. 

Quantum surfing is the name of the game. Get fit, get spiritualized, get on the board and ride cosmic waves of recalibration in love and light. We are changing, embrace it, integrate and evolve to higher planes of existence brothers and sisters. Namaste.


3 thoughts on “5 ways DNA upgrades change our bodies. ”

  1. I am a born psychic(double veil/caul). I have been reading since the age of 4 but professionally on a website for 20 years….I have been going in and out of dimensions effortlessly since age 15 but recently have started to have my hands vibrate but don’t know why. I know that I was awaken many years ago. Also, I have been given to look up grail codes everything that I know about being a Divine one came to me at and early age like chakras etc….I read people with my eyes quickly they are the mirror of our very souls…If anyone reads this message and can tell me why when I touch things my hands vibrate oh and I do play the violin…Namaste we are ONE!

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  2. Hello Rene, I was thinking about your thoughtful comment because there is something fascinating about the hands. I like you read people with my eyes but I think there is a huge component of energy that transmits through the hands not only for healing but the way we used to communicate and feel (not see) vibration. It was closer to the language of light when we used our entire body to communicate. When my DNA first activated my lightbody 7 years ago to do this soul contracted time matrix clearing and planetary grid work that is my specialty (unbeknownst to me lol). I woke up one morning knowing a sign language I had never known, hands flying all over the place in a beautiful rhythm telling a story far beyond language more energetic than vocal language. In my mind it was a lost knowledge from ancestral DNA of a time when stories were passed with no language barriers. And combined with dance and sounds of nature it was a flowing full body story because it was energetic and spoke to vibration that communicated with all of nature. Identity flowed through the hands as a greeting. We would see the monadic geometric pattern above the first two fingers. This was a lost part of our DNA akashic as I feel it is a multidimensional signature of identification with the palm exposed. One side takes in and one emits a vibrational signature. This sensitivity of beautiful communication and more importantly our ability to heal others by energy transfers through the energy in our hands was implanted with cruxifiction implants within the human cellular structure. The same with the feet in our ability to ground with the earth and more importantly feel her vibration in oneness with all of life. These were the crucifixion implants that are clearing from the angelic blueprints right now that are within the grid. I am having the same symptoms.
    There are immense nerve endings in the hands and feet. Right now our central nervous systems are becoming fined tuned instruments as the dead energy clears. These are things we knew in Atlantis and Lemuria. We are almost done clearing the planetary blueprints and these gifts (when we match the frequencies) are returning to our experience as our cellular structure is almost free and clear of all the infiltration. Once the blueprints are clear our bones and connective tissue will literally sing with the planet as her core crystal is almost clear. The earth vibrations will come up through the feet and flow through your hands. I can see this greatly enhancing your musical creativity as the strings will resonate and match the vibrations in your hands. Same with art and music as color and sound will match the energy coming from the hands of the creator. It is a beautiful time coming and your hands vibrating means your cellular structure is starting to resonate with the new energy flooding the grid. We used to work with crystals this way to get them to sing! Warm Regards 😘


    1. Hi, Cheri just getting your beautiful reply as you are so vwry right about what you wrote. I just had my recital and can’t get enough of my violin. Also, I am a divine fem so that explain so much more and having gone through a kudalini awakening as well it happened a long time ago. I since did my own akashic re ords and know so much about my purpose here as a being…Namaste

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