Solar plexus activation triggered by solar eclipse

The solar eclipse marks the crest of a tidal wave of higher frequencies. Our solar plexus is being activated. We are being offered the chance to step into our power as creative manifesters of our own reality. We are being upgraded, consciousness expansion on a global scale. Our solar plexus is the power house of our being. It holds strength, balance and positivity in its core. Activation, triggered by unique cosmic solar energy, of the art of manifestation. We can align and regain equilibrium in stormy seas of transition. We are the creators of our reality. 

Stay grounded and hydrated. Open your heart chakra to love frequency. Allow negativity, envy, insecurity and unhappiness to organically bubble to the surface. Feel those feelings, meditate for guidance, what influence these emotions have had on our state of mind, how and why they are ready for release. Be clear of their effect on us. Wash these lower vibrational energies out of your system, through your heart. See truth where before we were deceived. Accept sad or shocked or shameful emotions triggered by these revelations. Then let them go. To hold onto darkness is to give it space in our energetic being. Make peace with uncomfortable, hurtful revelations. Look to the positive things in our lives, the love filled moments, the magic and the beauty. Figure out awakened strategies for dealing with people who deceive or mean us harm. Approach all with a shield of love. Only those with love in their hearts will get through. Be kind even in turmoil. Be aware of the motivations of those around us. See truth wherever you look and be prepared to work at keeping your vibration high. 

These are momentous times of revelation, of illumination and of transformation. Embrace the clearing, strengthening and balancing energies of this incredible solar eclipse. It’s all about core balance, inner strength. Do not deny the darkness, accept it and protect yourself from it. The moon moves in front of the sun, it’s powerful rays soaking up dark energy, transmuting it with solar light. Be like the solar eclipse, transmute negativity through your heart and power up your solar plexus with the golden love light of the sun’s rays. We are learning to manifest, we are awakening to the power of our beings as co creators of our unified experience. Through focused intention, conscious release of fear and heart led living we can, and are, changing this world, one positive ripple of higher frequency energy at a time. Be kind to yourself friends, take steps to consciously keep your balance. Step into your power as co creator of our brave new world beautiful people, be centred, be calm, be love.

Mantra: I ask my higher self to power up the shield of love around me, protecting me from lower frequencies and vibrations.

I bathe in the cosmic rays of this solar eclipse. 

I welcome higher frequencies, upgrades to my mind body soul system. 

I am the creator of my own existence and I create in love. 

I release negative, low frequency emotions. 

I strengthen, balance and clear my solar plexus in the power of the solar eclipse. 

I believe in peace on earth. 

I share love, I receive love, I am love.



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