Pisces full moon and 888 Solar Eclipse Gateway

This Pisces full moon, caught up in a tidal wave of higher cosmic frequencies, has great significance. Pisces swim through dimensions with fluidity and grace. They are able to operate in stormy seas with an inner calm, a radar of truth that many others don’t have. Pisces have focus like no other. They are cerebral, seeking wisdom, asking the big questions, exploring many different disciplines to put a whole picture together in their ever inquisitive, imaginative, free spirited minds. Though they can appear quite conventional, scratch beneath the surface and you will find a myriad of colourful ideas, sparks of imagination, creativity, insight and wisdom bouncing off them, giving them high charisma when they choose to turn it on. 

Pisceans are adept at navigating different worlds be it the physical world, the world of their dreams or the cyber world. They can move freely between these different universes able to create and maintain illusions that suit their needs. Adept and flexible they approach challenges laterally, able to think outside the box, to see round the corners and over the hills. Pisces can illuminate shadows, they are able to reveal secrets, deceptions and take evasive action. Rarely disrupting their inner calm they seek to navigate stormy seas as they would calm lakes, with focused intention, imagination and ease. Be like the Piscean, connect to your inner calm, the peaceful, fluid space inside where we can rest our mind, body and soul. 

Pisces full moon will highlight ghosts in the machine, the shadows of deception that separate worlds, the veils thinning dramatically. As we see through deception and create our own more authentic flow, we too become more adept at navigating different perceived realities. How they fuse and merge into our perception of our whole reality. Finding authenticity is knowing ourselves, it is facing the dark night of the soul and making peace with our true natures. It is embodying this in a holistic manner, being truth in all our realities. Authenticity raises our frequency, we release stress and pressure, static energy clogging up our chakra system, blocking flow. By trying to fit in, compete or conform, to shave down our rough edges, we compromise our true selves. We become ghosts in our own machine.

This Pisces full moon offers us a rare opportunity, couched between the Leo solar eclipse and equinox, to align ourselves to higher frequencies, to connect with and become one with the flow of high vibration existence. Enabling us to navigate between many worlds, dimensions, energetic spaces in time. Empowering us to seek truth within and restore balance in our inner and outer worlds. This full moon’s powerful rays of cleansing, manifestation and closure can be harnessed in meditation, shamanic journeying, cord cutting, boundary setting rituals and manifestation. If there are individuals, situations or places that upset your natural equilibrium now is a good time to clear the spaces, release negative energy, echoes of trauma or conflict. To cut cords that drain or poison us. To shine a light on ghosts hiding in the shadows. To set clear energetic boundaries rooted in shield up love frequency and heart led intention. To manifest dreams, to water seeds planted during the fiery leo eclipse.

We are already cosmic surfers, riding waves in multi realities, merging and fusing these realities to create a whole perspective. Raising our frequencies, with Gaia, is the embrace of love and release of fear. Harness and utilise these full moon Piscean rays, learn to swim with the tide, to sway and move with the natural ebb and flow of cosmic surfing, of multi dimensional existence. We are bouncing up and down the frequency spectrum, learn to connect with the flow rather than push against it or block it. Bathe in full moon rays and let your mind expand, dream, imagine, create and sparkle. In love and light.

Mantra: I am one with universal love light energy.

I embrace and connect to the full moon rays of illumination, manifestation and truth.

I calm my inner core, connecting to universal flow of love light energy. Namaste.


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