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A quantum leap of consciousness, waking up from the American Dream 

Chasing dreams constructed by the elite, carrots on a stick, keep us right where they want us, dissatisfied, despairing and depressed. What we have is never enough. We are programmed to look at the negative, to want more. A consumerist society only works if everyone is consuming. Economics squeezes us into tight spaces with very little leverage for true passions to be explored. Advertising and mainstream media persistently drip feed dissatisfaction. What we don’t have, that others do have. Who we should be, that others are. How we should live, to be happier than we are. More, more, more. Bigger, better, faster, shinier… things, people and lifestyles, like hamsters in a wheel we chase, chase, chase. When we run all the time, comparing ourselves to others, judging our lives by the standards of the matrix, we are locked into a cycle of negativity. Persistently sharing our dissatisfaction is flying the flag of fear, bitterness and unrequited desires, all the things the elite need us to feel. We become agents of the matrix bringing down the energy of those around us, draining positivity.  

Advertising openly and subliminally conditions us as consumers from birth to death. We are given clear parameters of what we should own, have, be, to be truly happy. Our mind, body, soul system is cracked open, pulled apart and separated. To satisfy the mind we are conditioned to compete, to be more successful than our contemporaries. ‘To fail is to be a failure’ is a key algorithm for our relentlessly manipulated egos. To satisfy the body we are programmed to conform to a certain look, caught in a war zone of deliberately conflicting messages. Eat McDonald’s it’s affordable and fun. Be thin. Contradiction right there. To satisfy the soul we are offered organised and cult religions hellbent on destroying any semblance of a soul we may once have had. Rules, regulations, repercussions and rewards all implicitly tied into our roles as conforming sheeple. At its worse this hologram of control is paedophilia dressed up in fancy robes. It is institutionalised snobbery, homophobia, fascism and fear. A pyramid of control built and maintained by a dangerous, and soon to be defunct, elite.

Soul is a bad word outside religion. It is hysteria, silly hippy dippy ideas of oneness and peace. It is for the fake, the charlatan, the con artist, the crazy and the corrupted. Soul, spirit, spirituality these words have been twisted by the cabal to resonate negatively with people. Divide and conquer has long been the cabal’s most successful strategy, this applies to our whole being as well…divide the mind, body and soul and you have broken people easy to mould and manipulate, oppress, conquer and control.

This is the real reason mindfulness is such a threat to the establishment. To be mindful is to be present and grateful. It is to look at our surroundings, our world, our people and our life and see positive. To be grateful for good health, a roof over our head, food on our table. It is to be aware of those with less. It is to be connected to the moment, energetically, physically and emotionally. To live in the present is to unplug from the American Dream algorithms, to see through the veil of Shell Beach conditioning and the false promises of false gods. It is to look inward for nourishment, self esteem, self respect, safety, peace and love. Innocent words yet possibly the most anarchistic language inside the matrix. Mass mindfulness, reconnecting our mind, body, soul system on a worldwide scale, would destroy the matrix. 

To be mindful is anarchy, to be grateful is a weapon of mass destruction in the matrix. The most subversive, dangerous, threatening energetic space to inhabit is love. Love evaporates the matrix around you, as love is compassion, selfcare, gratitude and being present. A society that rejects fear algorithms and embraces love frequency will be a fair, peaceful place, it cannot be anything else. It starts one person at a time. Envy, hate, anger, bitterness can be released, vanquished from our lives by stepping into love. By being grateful. Humility raises our frequencies, it teaches us self respect and compassion. The Great Shift to Unified Consciousness has begun. We are pushing through deep, sticky, karmic waters. To go within for answers, for satisfaction and for love is the quantum leap we are being offered on a planetary scale. Call it separation, call it the new earth, call it revolution or resurrection, it’s here, now. Be Warriors of Gaia, stay grounded in love light frequency beautiful people.

Mantra: I release stress, anxiety, insecurity and fear. 

I bathe in love light frequency. 

I am calm, I am peace, I am love. Namaste.


4 thoughts on “A quantum leap of consciousness, waking up from the American Dream ”

  1. And for goodness sakes turn off the boob tube hahaha!! This one act alone will change your whole outlook on the world. Time to start using our imaginations again and having fun being present in every moment. Being fully conscious of every single thing we consume or give our energy to. Only support what we want to see in society. Even the cabal needs the sheep to continue consuming. If we stop the mindless spending and looking for ways to distract our attention and start being present in the world, we will change it one heart at a time.
    Love the article!! Thank you for caring!! Warm Regards.

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