Energy Update 23.9.17

Well hello September 23rd nice to finally meet you. The 888 Gateway closes and this accelerated tidal wave of cosmic frequencies passes. Phew! These last three months have offered zen bliss highs and dark night of the soul lows. We are learning to quantum surf, to stay balanced grounded and centred as the waves crash and flow all around us. Upgrades to our DNA affect our trinity mind, body, soul system. This is a holistic process of evolutionary transformation. Multiple timeline shifts are now available. The game is wide open. Matrix manufactured timelines, infinite reality timelines and cosmic shifts vie for prominence in our psyche. The cabal continue to bombard us with low frequency fear to keep us manifesting negatively. It is up to us to fight this, to be warriors of light, of Gaia, to remain in love, in gratitude and in compassion. To laugh, dance, sing and be joyful. To see and believe in a better world. To know that peace is possible. To manifest peace and abundance on Gaia.

We’ve made it through the toughest tidal wave of DNA upgrades so far. For those who passed on we thank them for their love and we wish them well on their journey. For those who are struggling to stay in light frequencies we ask their guides and higher self to offer them guidance and protection in turbulent times. To those who held space for us, who have loved us and shared with us through dark times, we thank you. We have more ahead, portals and gateways, tidal waves and cosmic ebb and flow. We have disclosure of intergalactic races present on Gaia. We have turmoil and trauma on global economic and political scale as the war for our hearts, minds and souls rages on. We step into love frequency. We activate our heart chakras. We draw all low vibration emotional energy into our heart chakra. We strengthen, balance and clear each chakra, realigning, in the light of universal love vibration. We reset our wavelength to love. We release fear, anxiety and stress. We manifest love in our lives and love on Gaia.

We are warriors of Gaia here to anchor our light to her grid, to raise the frequencies from ground zero, to trigger and challenge matrix algorithms. To break the codes, hack the system and corrode it from the inside out. We can do all of this by mindful heart led living. By sharing compassion and wisdom. By signing petitions and going on marches for freedom, for peace and for equality. We can stand up and be counted in a world that is changing by the second. We can reset our timelines to positive, to love wavelength. We can share love, we can receive love, we can be love. Happy Equinox friends, manifest wisely with peace in your heart.
Mantra I am one with universal love frequency.
I am a warrior of Gaia, I anchor my light to her grid.
I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste.


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