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Waking up to a quantum world who do we trust?

Awakening is more than seeing the truth in global politics. It is more than recognising the plight of millions. It is more than meditating every night with mantras of manifestation. Awakening is a mystical experience. It is a multi dimensional shift in our consciousness. It is our energetic systems waking up. We come online, tuning up to higher wavelengths. We access those higher frequencies on the dial of life. There is peace, harmony, abundance, mystery, magic and beauty in the higher dimensions. Just as there is beauty in the third dimension, yet here the duality and polarity of our world is the dominant force.  Higher frequencies exist in parallel worlds to ours, infinite universes and timelines. To be in the third dimension is to have no knowing or understanding of the infite possibilities of the universe. To awaken is to open our mind to these concepts. It is to connect with our body as an integral part of our being. It is to meet our higher self through an awakened soul. To have our chakra system activated. To become a unified trinity being mind, body and soul. 

By definition awakening IS unplugging from the matrix. We cannot awaken and not unplug. To see truth is to see lies and deception. To understand sovereignty is to recognise slavery. To learn the language of energy is to become a co creator, and shed our matrix avatar. One goes hand in hand with the other. 21st century spirituality is cosmic, it’s quantum, it’s definitely not fake. There is much disinformation and twisted rhetoric being attached to spirituality. The movement has become so widespread it is recognised as a threat. Paid trolls darken messages of oneness and peace. Just as anti establishment movements have been infiltrated in the past, the spiritual community is being infiltrated now. Fake sites, fake teachers, fake bloggers and fake gurus spring up itchy for cash, chaos and cult like hierarchy. This isn’t good but it does mean we are shaking up the establishment. 

With each new wave of higher frequencies we further raise the vibrations here on planet Earth. Awakening spreads like a virus in the matrix. It corrodes control algorithms, waking otherds with healing therapies, epiphanies, health, wellness and guidance. The heart led beauty of true light warriors and way-showers will always shine through. But the charlatans are clever, wily and slippery. We must always be street wise, always have our wits about us. These are times of war, for our hearts and minds and bodies, it is well to stay vigilant. Always listen to our energetic responses to people, places and situations. Our energy is a far more accurate measure of how we really feel about something than our other senses. Our other senses can be fooled by a handsome face, a silky smooth voice, charisma, confidence and craftiness. The matrix algorithms programme us to be vulnerable to slimy, snaky, lizardy behaviours. 

We are conditioned from birth to be pliable, to have little or no connection to our holistic energetic system. We are immediately in a vulnerable position, always caught a step behind the matrix. Going inwards for answers, for peace, for enlightenment is the key to awakening. It is to understand the quantum universe exists inside us. This is the awakening quantum lightbulb moment. The matrix wants us miserable, happy people don’t consume as much. Simple needs for a simple life. Joy, gratitude, compassion and humility. They are not expensive, they don’t make some old, cold CEO richer. The energetic vibration of these emotional frequencies make us richer in our soul, they build our sense of self from the inside out. 

This is the simple truth of awakening. It is to be grateful. It is to be compassionate. It is to strive to be authentic in all areas of our lives. In a world where everything is boxed, labelled, compartmentalised, this process alone is anarchy. It is revolutionary to be grateful. To not covet our neighbours’ possessions, lives or wives. To not peer at others and wish for some of what they have. To not watch adverts hardwiring us to emanate shiny people with shiny gadgets in shiny lifetsyles. It is to look at what we do have and be thankful. It is to not want more. Revolution here we come. 

The spiritual movement building over the last few years is Mayan Prophesies taking shape and transformation of our lives and our world is accelerating. New Age Spirituality, a derogatory term coined by the establishment to belittle spirituality in the late 20th century, is now out of date. The new spirituality is quantum, it is cosmic, it is ufos, meditation, geometry, ancient knowledge and starscape wisdom. It is something that is organic, new, intergalactic, multi dimensional and completely outside the cabal’s control. All they can do is employ their old tactics of infiltration, disinformation, trolling to divide and conquer. By using patronising, mocking rhetoric and outright lies to dismiss the truths being aired. This is the 21st century not the 20th century, we already surf multiple dimensions, our outer reality, cyber space and our inner emotional world. Many of us are now adding the fourth and fifth dimensions, and all the frequencies in between, to our repertoire of day to day existence on planet earth. We are becoming quantum surfers whether the matrix wants us to or not. 

By using our intuition when researching, reading and seeking information for guidance and healing we can surf safely. Listening to our energy, our bodies responses, heart rate, physical symptoms. Tuning into our emotional energy… do I feel happy, joyful, peaceful in this situation or do I feel envious or pressured or sad or anxious? Simplify our responses to the outer world by looking inward and asking one question ‘Am I in fear or love vibration here?’ The answer will guide us as to how to proceed. This is becoming quantum, it is not just experiencing other dimensional realities, it is the awakening of our whole system. We are beings of light having a human lifetime not the other way around. Be street wise friends, don’t let the nay sayers, the trolls and the negativity get you down. Go inwards, seek stillness and the doors of perception will swing open and you will become aware of a wondrous universe of synchronicity, protection, guidance, manifestation and love. This is the truth at the heart of spirituality in the 21st century. Trust your energy, trust your intuition, trust yourself. In love and light beautiful people.

Mantra: I am one with universal light love energy.

I am a quantum being of light, connected at all times ot love frequency.

I ask my higher self to power up the pyramid of light that surrounds me, protecting me from all lower frequencies and vibrations.

I put a shield of love light energy around me (my family etc) protecting me from any and all who may wish me harm.

I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste.


5 thoughts on “Waking up to a quantum world who do we trust?”

  1. Thank you. I sometimes, did, feel so alone in my awakening. Started politically, woke up to the fake teams, in the States Republican vs. Democrat, that lie, divide, control, then medically as I was forced to find natural healing, finally emotionally/spiritually.
    What a wild ride and Universal confirmations, like this, are a beautiful thing.
    Much love

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  2. I don’t even know where to begin, so many thoughts and not enough words lol I can’t even describe how much I enjoyed this article because I would end up telling you my whole life story! But thank you, your words were just what I have been needing, I suspect.

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