Mantras for protection, healing and manifestation


I breathe in love, I exhale fear. 

I am calm, I am peace, I am love.

I am having a calm/magical/safe/effective… day.

I will have a smooth and safe journey/day.

I am centred, I am connected, I am protected.

I power up my shield of love protecting me from all lower frequencies and vibrations.

I power up the shield of love round my loved ones protecting them from harm.

I connect to universal love light healing my mind, body and soul.

I ask my higher self to clear my subconscious of negativity.

I hug my ego in light and love.

I am safe, I am safe, I am safe.

I am the truth seeker, the light bearer, the way show-er. I anchor my light to Gaia. 

I raise my frequency to connect to universal love light energy. 

I am one with love, with light, with truth and with humanity. 

I call upon my guides, higher self and angels to protect me and my loved ones from all lower frequencies and vibrations. 

I call upon ascended beings for protection. 

I break apart matrix control algorithms by freeing my mind, liberating my soul and activating my heart. 

I connect to all those engaged in battle for light, for illumination and freedom with universal love light. 

I am one with universal love light as a warrior for truth. 

I seek to protect and free this world by raising the vibration one breath at a time.

I ignite and embrace my inner goddess. 

I am the return of the divine feminine. 

I brandish my light saber in the face of all evil, all darkness, all malignant life forms. Be gone. 

In light, in love, in unity, I step up as a warrior for peace. 

I release all fear. 

I activate my free will. 

I am a light bearer, a truth seeker, a warrior of peace. 

I have no fear only my love in my being. 

I anchor my light to Gaia.

I am grateful for *** in grace and with humility.

I share love, I receive love, I am love. 



3 thoughts on “Mantras for protection, healing and manifestation”

  1. I’m so very Grateful for these Beautiful Gifts!!! Namaste πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“If you can please send me more! I’m sharing your gifts with Facebook so Higher Vibrations can reach more and more!!!

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