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11.11 Stargate activation

11.11 quantum calling 🙏 activation time. 11.11 Stargate opens and Gaia is awash with healing light waves of energy. Breathe into this clearing, allow high frequency rays to cleanse and balance our mind body and soul. Self care is the modus operandi of the 11.11 gateway. Take it eeeazzzy, stay hydrated and grounded. Cosmic surfing works best when we are mindful, tuned to the quantum language of the universe. Look out for synchronicities, interactions with animals and birds, number sequences. Connect to the magic in the universe. The patterns, the logic, the wonder and beauty of the human experience in all its raw honesty. 

Embedding activations to our chakra system requires energy, focused intention and self respect. Everything else falls into place from there. Third eye activation is triggered by 11.11. Vivid dreams, fluctuations in perception, dissociation and spaciness can make us feel untethered. Use this gateway to integrate higher vibrations, upgrades to our system. Find time for rest, play, meditation, yoga and holistic healing. Find time for yourself. We may feel we are being selfish or lazy, this is matrix programming. A society functions best when people are happy. Make yourself happy today. Feel good by focusing on the positives, by embracing gratitude.

11.11 portal sets timelines, offers opportunities for reflection and growth. Epiphanies, third eye channelling, intuition kicking in, all need space from the constant chattering static of the matrix. Switch it all off. Time out friends. Ripples in our time space continuum nudge us towards multi dimensional existence. We can experience higher dimensions whilst staying grounded and present in the third dimension. Navigating, tuning, exerting our free will and sovereignty we can attain a more peaceful, Gaia friendly society. This is possible. Anything is possible when we learn we are manifestors, creators, we can set our own frequency. Enjoy the 11.11 ride cosmic brothers and sisters 🙏 

Mantras: I welcome appropriate upgrades under the protection of my higher self.

I am grateful for **** with grace and humility.

I am one with the light. I am grounded. I am love. Namaste.


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