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Gemini Supermoon Illuminates Duality.

December is the only supermoon of 2017 (we have two to look forward to in January 2018!). Magnifying the power of lunar waves, we bathe in high frequency light for several days before and after. The supermoon heralds great illumination on planet earth. Truth, disclosure and exposure. We are coming to the close of a tumultuous and trippy year, ultimately cleaning out the grime to make way for lighter ways of being. As with everything there is a spectrum of responses to supermoon or full moons. Some may feel hyper sensitive during full moons, tearful or elated. Others may not notice the rays at all. Many people experience heightened dreamstate, vivid and memorable dreams. Synchronicity, premonition and number sequences can increase as the clear rays cut through matrix static. We are more able to see through the hologram to the multi dimensional universe. 

December’s Gemini supermoon shines light on the duality of our world. The contradictions and conflict between light and dark. Gemini are often accused of having two distinct personalities that they flit between. Gemini can be the life and soul of the party, gregarious with bucket loads of charisma. They can be prone to lower vibrations, a darker side of fear and anxiety. Gemini experience this world from a dual perspective, they are alchemists able to make peace with both sides of their personality through mindfulness and meditation. This is the current mission of planet earth. To rise above good and bad, dark and light, to raise the vibrations beyond duality, to higher dimensions. We are a divided people in a divided world. Like Gemini we carry this division in our psyche. Unlike Gemini this division is designed, it is manufactured by the elite to maintain power through division and conflict. Outside forces manipulate our thoughts and our beliefs. 

We can rise above this by recognising matrix algorithms of fear and hate. We can consciously reprogramme ourselves using mantras and affirmations to celebrate diversity ‘I am one with humanity in our quest for equality. I believe in freedom for all people’. We can also retrain our minds to recognise negative emotive language, rhetoric designed to disrupt our natural affinity for our fellow citizens. Tabloids, mainstream news and culture spit out hate filled language everyday, triggers for fear, anger and chaos. They’re easy to spot and avoid once you raise your awareness. 

Internally we are being encouraged by this Gemini super moon to lay to rest our own conflicts between ego, heart and soul. To nurture our fragile egos with love and reassurance, to consciously open our heart and third eye chakras. Switching our mindset from fear to love takes focus and effort for we are constantly being conditioned by fear. We are warriors for this reason. Our environment is hostile to freedom of thought and action, equality and acceptance. Organised religion dictates rules barriers and strict boundaries of acceptable behaviour and thoughts. Unfortunately, as with global politics, the foundation pillars of 21st century organised religion are control, fear, repression and conflict. Politicians, religious leaders, CEOs when weakness is exposed the strategy is to blame or attack others outside of their religion, corporation or party. This distracts us with enemies, a smokescreen for their own dark agendas. Most people want to live peacefully, able to feed and keep their families safe. This organic desire works in harmony with Gaia, she provides all we need. Until the infiltrators, the greedy, the cabal get involved, thriving on fear, conflict and war. This manufactured duality of the 3rd dimension is not natural to humans or Gaia. Forcefully keeping the vibrations low, heavy and dense. The matrix dissolves in love frequency, it cannot operate efficiently if frequencies rise above the third dimension. 

Our internal conflicts mirror and manifest our outer reality. To seek inner stillness and peace is to actively change our experience of life. Gemini supermoon urges us to untangle our mindbodyspirit system from this duality, to rise above hate, fear, anger and conflict. We are warriors of Gaia our mission is peace on earth, our weapon is love, our tools mindfulness, meditation and mantras. The desired outcome is positive manifestation. 

What are your internal conflicts? Can you identify any as matrix algorithms? Can you deprogramme yourself? What blocks do you have to finding inner stillness? Can you release those blocks with talk or holistic healing therapies? How can you help yourself to be more in balance, less stressed or anxious? Can you make changes to your life or lifestyle that will clear the way for a calmer 2018? 

Self care as always is the number one strategy to unplug from the matrix and open the gates of the fifth dimension. Be kind to yourself, forgive mistakes, let go of difficult emotions, accept dark and light, weaknesses and strengths. None of us are perfect, if we were we would be floating in zen space with the Buddha’s and Jeshuas of the multi universe. We’re not. We are humble souls growing and learning how to walk and talk quantum. When we actively engage with upgrades to our energetic systems, we embrace enlightened unity conscious. This is a profound and global process of awakening. Exciting times lie ahead for all of us. 

Let gemini supermoon smooth out the wrinkles of negative thinking in our beings, clearing conflicts and confusion paving the way for a lighter, balanced existence. Breathe into the full moon rays, let them heal you. Prepare by clearing your space with sage, mantras or crystals. Sit quietly and let thoughts flow freely through your mind. Hug your ego when negative memories or experiences come up, let gratitude fill your soul. Set intentions for yourself and the world. I believe in a better world. I am a calm being of light and love. I set the world in motion with love, peace and joy. Putting crystals on a window sill or ledge will allow them to soak up cleansing rays, powering them up for future use. In love and light beautiful people, happy supermoon bathing 🙏.

awakening5dhealing, Planets and Portals Energy Updates

Cosmic light wave coming our way. 

A great tidal wave of higher frequencies is heading our way, bringing 2017 to a close with a cosmic crescendo of love vibration. Unearthing secrets and lies, exposing harsh truths in our lives and on the world stage. Reconnecting us to nature, to each other and to the cosmos. We have weathered stormy seas of transformation. Waves of upgrades activating karmic release through chakra clearing. Our conscious work has been to face dark nights of the soul, seeking authenticity through self awareness and self knowledge. To learn self care, to reconnect with our body and our soul. On a global scale we witness the beginning of full disclosure of the cabal’s depravity and greed, the matrix hologram and our intergalactic community. 2017 has been pretty full on!

This light filled cosmic tidal wave opens gateways to higher dimensional planes of existence, offering timeline shifts from fear to love. The 3rd December’s full moon rays will ignite us with a boost of high frequency energy helping us integrate upgrades. Bubbles of memories, rising to the surface for lancing, for release. Avoid repressing these memories, they are energetic knots in our system causing blockages and clogging our chi flow. To release them is to allow them, sit in them for awhile, feel the emotions, and then let them go. Let the universe break up the heavy energies. As we do this we feel lighter because we are lighter. Our vibration can rise as these denser nuggets of heavy emotional energy are released. Use chanting, meditation, holistic healing therapies and nature to aid the energetic release. Use talk therapy and soul tribe to verbally let go. Both together enable us to capitalise on these cosmic love frequencies, raising our vibration at an accelerated rate.

Planet earth timelines are up for grabs. To redirect mothership earth we raise ours and her frequencies. We jump on the surfboard and ride waves of solar light. We integrate and embed higher frequencies at a cellular level, stabilising our vibrations in higher wavelengths. This enables us to unplug from matrix control algorithms. To reassert our free will and divine sovereignty. We remember we are connected to all things. We realign our energies, consciously expanding our minds. As the solstice draws near seek acceptance, forgiveness and self love. Give wings to secret dreams, let them take flight as real, as meaningful and they will manifest. To change direction, to tip Gaia towards higher dimensional wavelengths of peace and love, we embody those energetic spaces. We become peace. We are calm. We embrace love. 

We are learning to surf higher wavelengths. We lighten our energetic system, encouraging free flow of chi throughout our mindbodysoul system, to access higher dimensional wavelengths. What does this look like or feel like? We are learning to speak the language of the multi verse, energy. Our guides and higher self are communicating with us all the time. The matrix hologram suppresses our ability to hear, see, feel their communication, their guidance, protection and love. We are conditioned to dismiss gut feelings, intuition in favour of our ego. The persistent voice that chatters all day long in our heads, wound up, manipulated and controlled by the matrix, our ego is their greatest weapon against us. Programmed by mainstream media, education and religion through twisted rhetoric, the ego is kept in a near constant state of panic. This induces fight or flight mode in our bodies and prevents us from relaxing, from feeling truly calm and at ease. The ego is like a child, our inner child, it requires love and boundaries in the form of reassurance from us, to quieten down and feel safe. We can do this through meditation and holistic healing as well as reprogramming our ego with daily mantras of love, safety and positivity.

The veils will thin during this cosmic time. Synchronicities, premonition, dimensional slippage, time anomalies and number sequences will increase. Our multi dimensional soul tribe and the universe communicate with us through nature, animals and birds. Energetically they speak to us all the time. We learn to turn down the volume of our ego, and turn up our heart, our core, our third eye and our energy field accessing all the information they give us. Learning about the meanings of number sequences, of animal totems, as well as learning more about the tides of the moon and cosmic events help us interpret these signs, symbols, gut feelings and messages. All is delivered in love frequency.

These last few weeks of 2017 offer integration, embedding and consolidation of upgrades available throughout the year. The American solar eclipse marked a gateway, a huge shift in humanities accelerated evolution. Our intergalactic allies have stepped up the battle for our freedom and sovereignty in late October, blasting high frequency light waves around Gaia. This is an ongoing process but it has gathered speed and momentum in 2017. The great shift gateway, a portal to higher dimensions, was opened for us, all we have to do is step through the gates of perception and embrace unified consciousness! Phew! Some of us have just woken up, others are beginning their transition looking at the furniture of their lives and rearranging to create more space, a simpler way of living. Many are actively engaging in this evolutionary process learning to surf cosmic waves, integrate upgrades and realign as energetic beings. 

We should be hyper aware of gut instincts and third eye premonition during this time. Our dreamstate, meditative space and communication with the universe becomes more vivid, informative and powerful, as we are immersed in higher frequencies. Dimensional slippage and time anomalies will help us understand a non linear existence, we will rely less on routine, pressure and matrix stress to organise our lives. Instead we will read our energy field, our environment and the people around us to inform us of what tasks should be completed and when. This is quantum, it is unplugging from the matrix and learning to be a connected mindbodysoul being.

Physical symptoms will persist, a commitment to self care can help alleviate physical symptoms of recalibration ( for more detailed information). Nausea, ear popping, extreme tiredness, spaciness, shaky limbs, vertigo, coughs and flu symptoms, allergies, headaches, achy limbs, blurry vision, disturbed sleep, fluctuating appetite, bouts of high energy, heat or tingling sensations at major chakras can all be experienced as our energetic systems are activated. Going offline, adopting flight mode during upgrades can benefit us as we free up energy to integrate and embed higher frequencies. This means napping to counteract disturbed nights, cutting back on workload and social engagements especially if you perceive them as draining. Conservation of energy is the name of the game to capitalise fully on cosmic tidal waves. 

The winter solstice is a time for reflection and manifestation. Begin the process now. Start taking stock of what or who works in your life, and what or who has a negative effect on you. See where the love, joy, peace and happiness is and do more of it! Rest, stay hydrated, be kind to yourself and others. It’s going to get pretty trippy friends, stay balanced and centred as our minds expand and our hearts open to love vibrations. We are all experiencing this. Everyone’s vibration will be pushed up in the next few weeks, causing global karmic purge. People will be emotional, tired, irritable and confused. Give each other space. Stay close with good people and avoid energy vampires. We will be running on empty as we recalibrate, remember this and cut yourself some slack. Meditate and breathe. We become enlightened, sovereign beings able to shift timelines from fear to love. Embrace higher frequencies of zen peace. Stay in love vibration cosmic surfers 🙏.


I embrace all appropriate upgrades available to me at this time, under the protection of my higher self.

I am safe, I am calm, I am peace, I am love. Namaste.

awakening5dhealing, Planets and Portals Energy Updates

Energy Update Feeling too 3d or too 5d? Don’t worry! 

We are caught in a maelstrom of clashing energetic frequencies, a great war for the evolution and freedom of humanity and planet earth, Gaia. Prophesied and predicted for many thousands of years, cosmic occurrences have conspired to activate multi dimensional, accelerated rEvolution. We are experiencing profound timeline shifts triggered by the 11.11 portal. Our allies work to guide us towards positive timelines whilst our enemies, the cabal elite and their intergalactic masters step up their attempts to lock down humanity in negative timelines. These adjustments can be felt by some, a rippling effect in the fabric of our reality, vertigo or nausea can be experienced. We can feel untethered and simultaneously connected to everything. This creates a floaty, fluctuating, woozy feeling. Timeline shifts are key in the manifestation of a new peaceful higher dimension. 

Warriors of Gaia we have much work to do yet many of us are feeling in limbo or overwhelmed. Whilst some with the calling to help humanity and Gaia have already actively engaged in this role, many more of us feel stuck, caught in the blinding headlights of cosmic evolution. Others are poised and ready, waiting for a green light, go. This waiting, this sense of anticipation carries with it anxiety, a spark of adrenalin crackling throughout our system. In the blink of an eye, in a wave of higher vibrational surf we can soar or crash on our cosmic surfboards. Studying, knowing and speaking the language of energy and how it manifests our realities is fundamental. 

We are learning to be hyper aware of our frequencies and the vibration of people and places in our lives. We are here to learn or relearn the meaning of quantum existence within the relative confines of a third dimension holographic world. We are learning we can manually reset, realign, tune up, heal and protect ourselves. We adapt our lifestyle, expand our consciousness, we become the change we want to see in the world. We survive karmic purges, global and personal. We grow in the light as energetic beings. We move into our heart, this changes every single interaction in our lives, it changes everything. We become mindful of how much effort and practise it takes to be mindful! 

In the bubbles of space our guides and higher self have created for us we surf this steep learning curve. We can integrate, empathise, transmute, recalibrate and transform. We are 5th, or higher, dimensional beings operating in a 3d reality. We are learning to balance higher dimensional wavelengths with third dimension living. This is a tall order and can leave us feeling exhausted. We are essentially trying to balance one foot in the 3d, the other in 5d, keeping ourselves upright, flexible and flowing. Synergy is the name of the game, seeking and achieving balance within a quantum world. 

Being present in our day to day interactions and routines keep us firmly rooted in the 3d. This can make volunteers feel too grounded, too 3d, too dense and heavy. We can find meditation difficult, demands on our time wearing, we can yearn for solitude and expansive consciousness. Even the good emotions, the wonder and complexity can overwhelm us, especially if we have been used to lighter ways of being, no body, zen energy, as opposed to a tricky body to look after and a vast spectrum of emotions that flicker like flames in a breeze. 

Home is the fifth dimension or higher for many people who identify as starseed, volunteers, earth or light warriors. Higher vibrations are comfortable, familiar, easy and beautiful. Human life on 21st century planet earth is challenging, complex, spiky, traumatic and unpredictable. We can yearn for higher vibrations, meditating as much as possible sometimes to the neglect of our day to day routines. As 5d beings experiencing a 3d existence the doorways to higher frequencies, nature, meditation, sound healing and holistic therapies call us constantly ‘come hang out here, float in bliss, zen, loveliness’. 

To be connected to a joyful, appreciative, grateful life, seeing the good, the positivity, the love and beauty in our human lives is key to pulling this balancing trick off. Anchoring our light to Gaia’s grid is our mission. To raise the vibrations one person at a time, creating positive ripples in this ocean of organic life, this is our calling. We may feel we are only achieving this when we are channelling those higher frequencies, illuminated, connected to a cosmic world of wonder. Yet there are times when being 3d, grounded as much as possible, not meditating, actively engaging and interacting with our world is precisely what Gaia and our allies need from us. Mindfully engaging with our human 3d life, experiencing each minute in love vibration, connected and grounded IS raising the vibrations of the planet. 

When there are cosmic battles taking place to reset the frequencies meditation can be difficult, we can feel frustrated, worried we’ve lost our meditation practise, become too 3d. Those times when we are floating in zen bliss ground us into higher frequencies. We integrate upgrades, adapting our lifestyle to enhance inner stillness, embracing the energies of love, peace, joy and protection. Our system stabilises in higher frequencies enabling us to roll out ripples of lighter vibrations all the time. Our grounded, present, joyful, calm, healing interactions embed positive energies into Gaia whether we are communing with universal love frequency or replying to emails or picking our kids up from school.

When cosmic seas gets heated and stormy and the matrix presses down on us, we feel slow, spacey, unable to meditate, don’t worry! As light warriors we are in the process of learning how to do both, soar in zen dimensions and be fully present in our 3d lives, to not fall off our cosmic surf boards. There will be times when Gaia needs us to be flying high, soaring waves of 5th, 6th, 7th and above dimensional frequencies, emanating these energies through our beings into the third dimension. We will be meditating all the time, communing with nature, revelling in love vibration. We will be required to blast 5d frequencies out far and wide. During those times the challenge is to stay grounded, to not lose our footing in our day to day lives. To stay connected to the people who love us, the work we do, the hobbies we have, the life we live here. 

Its swings and roundabouts friends. The variables are where we are on our personal evolutionary path and what is happening in the skies above us, the oceans and earth of this planet, the energetic needs of the mothership Gaia. What we are learning now, as we reflect on this mysterious, profound world of energy and the accelerated ascension of this planet, will be the roots of our future work on Gaia. Some woke up long ago and have been working for many years to raise the vibration through healing, teaching, guidance and protection. Others are waking up now to their mission, to their purpose. This is not a race or a competition, those are matrix algorithms of thought control. This is an organic process. A rare, complex and cosmic process, the accelerated evolution of a planet and her people. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others. Recharge your batteries regularly and plug into the joy of the human experience. See life as a challenge not a chore, a chance to make a difference, to create a better world with authentic, grounded love vibrations.

As the battle rages on more glitches in the matrix will be experienced, more dimensional slippage will occur. We are fighting for our free will, for a peaceful future on planet earth. As warriors of Gaia love is our weapon, love is our shield, love is our purpose. Self care is paramount whether we are tripping the light fandango in the 7th dimension, or smelling our child’s hair, fully paid up members of the present. Look after your body, keep your mind healthy and expansive and don’t worry if meditation is evading you, if inner stillness seems like a long ago dream, it will come back. The cosmic ebb and flow of this evolution means sometimes our light is anchored from the fifth and other times from the 3rd. Our challenge is to transmute, tune up, transition without crashing off our cosmic surfboard. 

Let the elite, the cabal, the infiltrators try and mess with the timelines, let ’em try and embed us in lower frequency filth, it won’t work. There are too many of us, too many awakening souls across the planet, too much advanced communication technology to take away now. We know what others are doing around the globe, we can share what we are doing. This is momentum. This is transformation. This is revolution. A revolution of frequencies, a new earth born from light, rescued from darkness. It’s time for us and our planet to take our rightful place within our cosmic intergalactic community. To stand up and be counted as sovereign beings of light in a quantum universe.

Keep sending love and healing to whistle blowers globally, their courage is deeply moving. Keep focusing intention on calm, loving interactions throughout the day. Stay protected with shield of love up at all times. And stay online beautiful people. You are not alone. There are many of us flying up and down the frequency spectrum trying to figure out how to stabilise each day. Grounded and expansive, heart open, third eye activated keeping chi energy free flowing through our trinity being. As manifestors we are here to create positive timelines. Don’t worry about being too 5d or too 3d. On the vast spectrum of dimensional frequencies, whichever vibrational space you are inhabiting at any given moment, keep your heart open, your third eye connected and your mind posittteeeve beautiful people. In light and love cosmic brothers and sisters 🙏

Mantras: I am one with universal love light energy.

I connect to universal love protected at all times by my higher self and my guides.

I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste.


awakening5dhealing, Planets and Portals Energy Updates

11.11 Stargate activation

11.11 quantum calling 🙏 activation time. 11.11 Stargate opens and Gaia is awash with healing light waves of energy. Breathe into this clearing, allow high frequency rays to cleanse and balance our mind body and soul. Self care is the modus operandi of the 11.11 gateway. Take it eeeazzzy, stay hydrated and grounded. Cosmic surfing works best when we are mindful, tuned to the quantum language of the universe. Look out for synchronicities, interactions with animals and birds, number sequences. Connect to the magic in the universe. The patterns, the logic, the wonder and beauty of the human experience in all its raw honesty. 

Embedding activations to our chakra system requires energy, focused intention and self respect. Everything else falls into place from there. Third eye activation is triggered by 11.11. Vivid dreams, fluctuations in perception, dissociation and spaciness can make us feel untethered. Use this gateway to integrate higher vibrations, upgrades to our system. Find time for rest, play, meditation, yoga and holistic healing. Find time for yourself. We may feel we are being selfish or lazy, this is matrix programming. A society functions best when people are happy. Make yourself happy today. Feel good by focusing on the positives, by embracing gratitude.

11.11 portal sets timelines, offers opportunities for reflection and growth. Epiphanies, third eye channelling, intuition kicking in, all need space from the constant chattering static of the matrix. Switch it all off. Time out friends. Ripples in our time space continuum nudge us towards multi dimensional existence. We can experience higher dimensions whilst staying grounded and present in the third dimension. Navigating, tuning, exerting our free will and sovereignty we can attain a more peaceful, Gaia friendly society. This is possible. Anything is possible when we learn we are manifestors, creators, we can set our own frequency. Enjoy the 11.11 ride cosmic brothers and sisters 🙏 

Mantras: I welcome appropriate upgrades under the protection of my higher self.

I am grateful for **** with grace and humility.

I am one with the light. I am grounded. I am love. Namaste.

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Portals Open, Timelines and the Mandela Effect

Portals are opening, portals of higher frequency energy. Those sensitive to cosmic fluctuations may be experiencing anxiety, shaking, difficulty concentrating. Spaciness, forgetfulness, tearful. Hunger or loss of appetite. Hyper awareness of energy fields of people around you. Lethargic. When portals open they cause intense disturbances in the atmosphere, this can be felt by some people. A feeling of being untethered, making limbs shaky, causing clumsiness and insecure footing, even walking down stairs can be challenging. Practise regular grounding mantras drawing universal light love through crown chakra, down out through your feet back into Gaia.

This portal is about timelines. A further shift in human consciousness is being heralded, the rug may be pulled from under our feet. Disclosure is intensifying. Disclosure of ufo and alien intergalactic communities. Disclosure of depravity and mass programming in entertainment, in politics, in athletics and fashion. There is a nervous energy bubbling to the surface. Interference is being experienced on a global scale. The elite are upping their attempts to thwart all kinds of exposure, to prevent truth emerging. Their energy is dangerous and desperate. Cosmic energy is pulling us to higher frequencies. If we fight this we can feel dissociated from our lives. Portals can make us feel on high alert, hyper vigilant with the environment around us. We sense something and are looking for it trying to ascertain, is it hostile, threatening or frightening. There is a building sense of hyper cosmic activity, something is happening.

Our reality is being twisted through artificial loops causing glitches that are increasingly noticeable. Labelled the Mandela effect we are becoming aware of engineering of our synthetic, fabricated world. This is the matrix. When something big is changed, smaller, less obvious changes occur. Technology has enabled us to uncover and track these glitches. From the big changes like our common memories of the death of well known people like Mandela to the smaller glitches like missing apostrophes in logos. Small changes indicate bigger manipulations of our global perceived realities. Celluloid, social media, hyper technology create a trail, a path of discovery, clues to truth and deception. In a quantum world nothing happens in isolation. 

We are being hacked, our perceived reality engineered to trip out our global consciousness. An attempt to rewind time by dismantling our memories of the recent past. We are being strategically deterred from the path of truth. There are preferred timelines of ignorance, quantum electronic pathways where humanity remains in darkness. The elite, our infiltrators, are seeking to take us backwards, to halt our awakening. Our intergalactic friends, old adversaries of this race of demonic forces, are taking this guarded, engineered manipulation of our perception of reality and fighting it. The war is stepping up a big notch for our minds, bodies and souls. 

Social media, the world wide web, offers us freedom of information, global communication and traceable evidence of who and what existence we have been present for. This evidence opens our locked down minds showing us lies have been told. Synthetic pathways within the matrix have drawn us deep down a rabbit hole of oppression and trauma. We are like hostages trying to break free, swimming to the surface for air, for oxygen, for honesty and truth. These are dangerous times. We are being gaslighted. Made to doubt our own perception of reality, this causes mass confusion, grief, fear and dread. We no longer feel secure as drones obeying the directives of the matrix. We are untethered. We break free from deception but we are not at the surface yet. We are caught between drowning and freedom. This is causing light headedness, dizziness, disturbed thought patterns, unpredictable behaviour, erratic see patterns. How do we navigate a world where the parameters are constantly shifting. Where the very fabric of our existence, our memories, our experiences are sabotaged to undermine our sense of self, our collective unity. 

A huge mothership, a city in the sky, our allies, hovers above the Atlantic ocean, cloaked from human eyes. This ship and our allies aboard it are mounting a fresh attack as hostilities heighten. Blasting waves of high frequency photon light out across the planet. The human elite are no longer in control. The war has stepped up. Our infiltrators are pressing the button for enhanced manipulation of our perceived synthetic reality. They seek to freeze us in time, to halt the expansion of human consciousness. The Atlantic is the scene of this great showdown. Like a tidal wave this great battle for human consciousness, human souls, human sanity is being activated. To run, to hide in fear is to feed their never ending lust for our energy. We get stuck on a low frequency unable to access fifth or higher dimensional realities. 

This great battle commences. We are part of it. Now is the time to activate your inner warrior, to ignite the fighter within you. Do not let fear take hold of your mind, lock down your heart or corrupt your soul. Release all negative entities from this world. Push back against their fear, their anger, their greed and their darkness with the glory of joy, of love, of enlightened human consciousness.

These are the end times and the beginning times. We are here to rescue humanity from the clutches of dark forces. Get out your light saber, dance ecstatically, meditate with conviction. Be specific, be focused, be driven, be secure, be clear in your inner strength. We are old souls embedded in feminine energy release this energy to the world. Set aside time for individual and group meditation. Practise rituals of protection, love and illumination. Repeat mantras throughout the day. Ground yourself deep into the heart of Gaia. She needs our strength. 

Game on beautiful people. We are entering the next phase. The synthetic matrix crumbles around us. The simulation placed in front of the eyes of the population holds them in a trance like state, protecting them from truths they are not ready to see yet. Those of us who answered the call, who volunteered to help this planet in crisis, in cosmic turmoil, our time is now. Timelines are up for grabs. This portal of truth, a tear in the lining of the matrix, stretching across the Atlantic, was prophesied and has come before. When Atlantis fell our planetary vulnerability was violated. This is our second chance for freedom. The mistakes before, the lack of support, the lack of guidance, the lack of higher dimensional presence has been corrected. We are surrounded by allies in the skies, in the oceans, on land and in our hearts. Gaia is ready to pull up her drawbridge, to close the door and banish the predators. She needs our help. 

Our intergalactic friends are calling time on the infiltrators. Expect intense disturbances around the Atlantic that will roll out around Gaia. As this portal stretches wider and deeper we push through the static of lies, we tear apart the veils of deception, we destroy the predators with grounded love frequency. Position yourself for battle. Wield your energetic light saber strong and focused. Unleash love upon our enemies, they will crumble, they will break apart, they will disintegrate for love is the force that will vanquish them. Love is the vibration of the fifth dimension and higher.

Time anomalies will accelerate. Dimensional fluctuations will happen before our eyes. The world is bending, twisting, fluctuating. Their time is up. Exit stage left. Time for bye bye. The war between dark and light will continue in the third dimension, for this is where the enemy thrive. But we will no longer be there. Use all your gifts for healing, for premonition, for manifestation and third eye sight. Be sensitive to humanities intense confusion. Be compassionate for humanities accelerated evolution. Do not let negative emotions overwhelm you. Trust that you will be protected. Use language as the tool to instigate protection and love power. Rest. Meditate love frequency warriors of Gaia, the time is now. Game on beautiful people.


I raise my frequency to connect to universal love light energy. 

I release all fear. 

I activate my free will. 

I share love I receive love I am love. Namaste.

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Energy Update Spike in higher frequencies 

We’ve got a spike in the frequencies friends. Stay centred, avoid conflict, sidestep tricky people, places or situations until this passes. Expect fear driven mainstream news to peak, those unawakened become more disturbed and disoriented by waves of higher vibrations washing over Gaia. Talking heads, high profile elite, celebrities will increasingly display malfunctions as lighter frequencies disrupt lower vibrational beings’ energy. Expect to see strange, bizarre events worldwide as well as closer to home. 

It’s all getting very trippy friends. We are being drawn to wavelengths of higher dimensions, to access these spaces we release karmic load from our mind body soul system. Many will fight this, they will feel unable or ill equipped to look inside, to meet their shadow self, to release their demons, their trauma and their hurts. To squash these emotional energies, particularly when cosmically they are being loosened like flour through a sieve for release, throws our energetic system further out of balance. Matrix addictions, quick fixes, means of obliterating painful memories will fight to take hold of many. 

This boiling pot of mixed up, heated emotional energy permeates the atmosphere. Empaths approach the outside world with caution. Light warriors self care is paramount. Transmuters stay calm and keep the energy free flowing to allow the clearing process. Patriarchal masculine energy, hard rocks of fear, ego, primitive urges, are bubbling to the surface for wholesale energetic clearing. Many will cling to the emotions stirred up by this whirlpool of higher frequencies. They will refuse to let go, instead choosing darker spaces of envy, greed and power. Others will feel frozen in the headlights. Be patient with people who seem to be thinking or moving slowly, many people are seriously spacing out. Clumsiness, lack of concentration, issues with grounding can be a problem during spikes of high frequency. Be extra vigilant when driving. Allow people space, show compassion, patience and be generous with your time. Light warriors expect people to approach you and open up to you, strangers and people you know. There is a light from the healer, the warriors of Gaia, the teachers and earth warriors that can be sensed by awakening people. Many will feel fearful of ridicule or worse by their own circle and will see you as a safe space to confide and release. 

Protection is paramount during spikes like this. Fourth dimensional turbulence can cause problems for people, entities or attachments are encouraged to move on as they can’t handle higher vibrations. This can cause people to behave at their worst exhibiting cruel, manipulative, jealous, selfish and violent behaviour. Shield up and back away from folk who look angry, whose energy is fizzing with confusion, fear and unpredictability. We can’t help everyone, best to focus on those who are open to guidance and healing. Be a sounding board for some, a healer for others. Regroup and reenergise throughout the day to keep your own energies flowing and open. 

The veils thin between worlds. We are waking up at an accelerated rate. Malfunctions in the matrix expose lies and deception. We are deep in the middle of disclosure. Disclosure of an intergalactic community present here on earth. This is a hard but necessary truth to be exposed and faced. 

The magic wand to immerse ourselves in 5th dimension zen love healing is meditation, the spells, mantras of light, love and oneness. Go inwards, don’t be afraid to face those darker corners of our souls, we are magical, beautiful, complex beings of light experiencing profound transformation. As a planet, as a people, the chains are being released. Research what resonates with you. Reach out to people you can trust to confide in, do this online if there is no-one you trust in your life. Same rule applies ‘Do I feel good about myself in this place, situation or with this person?’ If the answer is no, find a way to move away quietly and calmly. Drama is a great distraction for people at this time, to create outside drama with family, colleagues or strangers allows people to avoid looking inwards. To sit in silence, in stillness is to open the doors of perception and go inwards for wisdom, peace and self love. Use film, music, photos and mementoes as triggers to help exhale stuck, denser karma, emotionally loaded memories ripe for release. Know it will pass. Breathe deep. Meditate love frequency. In light and love beautiful people.

Mantra: I am one with universal love frequency. 

I ask my higher self for protection and guidance. 

In grace and with humility I thank my higher self and guides for their love. Namaste.

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Energy update Aries full moon 

Full moon’s heighten karmic cycles of release in these cosmic times of transformation. Aries full moon brings us truth in all its colours. Our perspective is our truth. How we approach our lives, this determines our truth. Aries is our strength, focus and fun triggers. Aries promotes presence, to be present in our own lives. This Aries full moon draws us to a middle space of heart led intention, to bridge the gap of division tearing us apart as a planetary species. We have heightened awareness of the polarity, the duality, the puppetry played out before our eyes, to distract and programme us with fear. That was 2015. This is 2017 and now we are being nudged towards communication. Reaching out from a place of pride and dignity, human to human. To encourage connection on a civilised level. 

The relentless barbarism of the political elite, the corporate kings and old school aristocracy reveals itself as primitive and strategic. As a people, collaboration and compromise, listening and reasoning are heralded as a good way forward, by this full moon. Look to compassion rather than conflict. How we approach our lives, this determines our truth. To believe we are slaves, fearful and not in control of our own destinies is to feed the illusion. Be the glitch in the matrix by activating your heart chakra, living in love frequency, destroying matrix fear algorithms with peaceful debate. 

We are evolving beyond our leaders, we are growing up and learning to think for ourselves. Aries bring fun, adventure, imagination and leadership to the world. They are the optimists, the people who get things done with creativity and pizzazz. Lock into the energy of this beautiful full moon. Bathe in her freedom frequencies. Soak up her lunar light of third eye sight. Welcome magic and mystery into your life. Switch perspective. Approach life as an adventure not as a chore. Have the inner strength and focused vision to change what doesn’t nourish you. The limits are conditioned by predatory machinery of elitist control. By changing our outlook, our mindset, our day to day lives can transform. Aries do not live in fear they are fearless. They are too excited about life to fear it for long. Channel Aries full moon’s inner confidence, imagination and positive spirit. In light and love beautiful people.

Mantra: I connect to the rays of this full moon in gratitude and with love in my heart.

I ask for inner strength to change what no longer serves me. 

I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste.

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Energy Update Breathe into Higher Frequencies 

The energies are really whacked out at the moment. The Great Shift we have all just passed through has left everything a little bit topsy turvy. It’s all getting glitchy people, really glitchy. There is a lot of static in the atmosphere, wired up energies causing people to feel like elastic being pulled tighter and tighter. For others this energetic static can cause fuzziness, hazy, cotton wool head where staying on top of daily routines can be challenging. Think mercury retrograde ten fold. Expect delays, obstacles, cancellations, mix ups and general weirdness with appointments, arrangements and plans. Issues with technology can be a problem, stay calm and push through glitches with patience, to fret and feel angry will feed the interference. Stay patient with love shield up. 

To expand our consciousness we let go of preconceived or preconditioned ideas of God, mortality, the cosmos and our inner soul being. This is a profoundly challenging transformation and one that can really take it’s toll on us. The world we live in is bending, it’s fluctuating, it’s rippling in front of our eyes. Dimensional slippage, being aware of alternate timelines either visually, telepathically or in lucid dream state, increases as we raise our internal cellular vibration. Time anomalies can occur. We become increasingly hyper aware of the energy in everyday situations and interactions. We can feel overwhelmed one day and raring to go the next. Many people are reporting flipping between needing to sleep all the time to barely sleeping at all. Others are experiencing vivid dreams, astral travel, epiphanies and deep karmic release. We each upgrade at our own pace. We only get what we can handle. We can say stop at anytime to catch our breath and regroup. 

The overhaul of our mind body spirit trinity being occurs at DNA level. Dormant strands embedded for future evolution are being activated by cosmic waves triggering gateways and portals releasing higher frequencies into our atmosphere. It all comes down to our breath. We breath in a very shallow way in the matrix. This keeps us vibrating at the lower end of the universal frequency spectrum. By lengthening and deepening our breath we are tuning up our cellular frequency. We are raising our vibration. This has a calming effect on our trinity system. Our heart rate slows down, our mind clears, our spirit wakes up. All in the breath. By breathing into our throat, chest and stomach we draw Gaia energy into our core, we release matrix static, stress and anxiety as we exhale. After practising and incorporating deep breathing into our daily lives we become able to draw this chi, this higher frequency energy, through breath, into our sacral and root chakras. This in turn activates release of denser karma and improves our ability to unplug from the matrix. 

To breathe is to live. To breathe in the matrix is to keep our energetic system switched off. To deepen and lengthen our breath is to dial up to 5th dimension and beyond. Like dominoes, learning to breathe quantum, is part of a chain reaction of expanded unified consciousness. Seek out sound healing, meditation groups, slower yoga practises like kundilini and assana to aid this process.

Stay vigilant beautiful people, the energies are unsettled and rocky, this can lead to confusion and upset particularly for those still sleeping. The awareness that something is going on but being unable to identify what it is or resonate with it can be very disorientating. This can lead to aggression, bewilderment and unpredictability in people. Be circumspect when out and about. Be aware of your surroundings and stay grounded. Matrix deprogramming, DNA upgrades and energetic rewiring… it’s bound to get a bit woo at times. Remember to breathe people and we will be fine! Safe surfing, in light and love.

Mantra: I am safe, I am safe, I am safe.
I am calm, I exhale anxiety, stress and fear. I inhale peace, I inhale joy, I inhale love.
I am one with universal love light energy. Namaste.

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Great Shift Gateway Meditation, Mindfulness and Manifestation

Dear friends I’ve been quiet recently because I’ve been ill. A stomach virus that has made me feel like I’m being changed from the inside out. I’ve also been sleeping lots. My vibration has felt low because of this. To recalibrate we change at a cellular level, this transformation can affect us profoundly in our minds, bodies and spiritually. The transformation can be felt physically, mentally and emotionally. Having a holistic approach to our lives, seeing everything as connected is the beginning of quantum existence.

When cosmic flow of higher frequencies is very powerful, as it is during this Great Shift Gateway, our guides and higher self ground us by keeping us embedded in lower frequencies. To ground us is to help us stay in this lifetime, this dimension, otherwise we may soar off into the cosmos and not have the skills to reintegrate back into this lifetime. This is a careful, if accelerated process. With each new set of upgrades, we move up the spectrum of universal frequencies. Shamans have been taught and shown how to manage the transition to higher dimensional wavelengths, how to get there and how to get back. 

During this illness I’ve found it difficult to meditate or do yoga, and have not been able to go out and realign in nature. When we begin meditating and we touch those Zen spots of bliss we can be overtaken by an overwhelming wish to be there all the time. This is good as it encourages us to change our lifestyles, to clear out energy vampires, stress and clutter from our lives. Meditation is a lifestyle not a hobby, it transforms us, bringing us back to our true selves. Similarly we find true inner peace in mindfulness. The combination of mindfulness and meditation is the holy grail of awakened existence. We use both to deprogramme from matrix algorithms of greed, hate and fear. The emotions of gratitude and humility reset our vibration, raising it to higher frequencies. There is a lot going on for us! 

Our bodies become less able to tolerate matrix toxins, portions get smaller, food becomes fuel, a source of energy rather than simply for pleasure, convenience or driven by addictive substances like sugar. By eating and drinking mindfully we savour each bite, we slow down, become more connected to the food beyond our taste buds, we feel it in our stomachs and are increasingly aware of how it affects us. This can also be said for how we nourish our minds. By filtering out news, religious dogma and mainstream media twisted by fear and seeking active ways to change and improve our world, we move away from fear towards love. By raising our awareness of the sources of literal and subliminal programming in popular culture, politics, education and religion we take the reigns back. We choose what goes into our minds rather than being the drones, the sheeple the matrix wants us to be. We stop being defined by fascist rhetoric and labelling or capitalist consumerism. We regain our sovereignty.

Spiritually we meditate to immerse ourselves in love frequency. This takes seed in our core, our solar plexus is activated and we find the inner calm we experience in meditation seeps into our lives. We are calmer in our day to day interactions, we find compassion where before there was bitterness or anger. We learn the language of energy, for protection, for clearer vision, using our instincts more than our eyes to inform our thought processes, emotional responses and behaviour. As our third eye is triggered and cleared we become more in tune with guidance from multi dimensional soul tribe, integrating this into how we live our lives.

None of this is an easy process. We are not passive mannequins, recalibration doesn’t just happen to us. We must respond to and make the necessary changes in our mind set and in how we arrange the furniture of our lives. To integrate upgrades is an active process. We open our minds as our upper chakras come online. We release old and new karmic weight through painful emotional rollercoasters that require courage, self care and belief in our place in the multiverse. This karmic release further activates our chakras, heart, solar plexus and root, encouraging flow of high frequency energy throughout our system. 

As we awaken to the deception, oppression and manipulation of the matrix we must free our egos from algorithms of self harm. We clear our sacral and root chakras of blockages, letting go of anxiety, toxic foods and drinks, to balance and strengthen our beleaguered sacral chakra. The programming of ‘short term fixes’ money, status symbols, addictions and distractions attacks our sacral chakra. Interconnected with the fear conditioned into our fragile egos at very young ages, our sacral and solar plexus chakras require a complete overhaul for maximum integration of upgrades. We cannot be passive in this process, we have to heighten our awareness of our mind body soul system and take care of it accordingly.

Mindfulness brings us into the present. Mindful eating means we are connected to the quality of fuel we are putting into our bodies. Mindfulness by definition relieves stress, we stop obsessing with the past or fretting about the future. We lock into the now, engage our physical and non physical senses, to appreciate the moment. We connect with our friend, partner, child instead of worrying about work emails, bills or what we haven’t done on our to do list. When we do approach those emails we are focused only on that job, we don’t feel guilty because we are not doing something else. Much of the matrixes control of us relies on keeping us in a semi permanent state of anxiety. This creates a static energy that buzzes and hums around and in our energy field, disrupting the natural flow. Eventually the static will cause blockages that can lead to illness.

Meditation raises our frequency and allows us to spiritually grow. It is the combination of mindfulness and meditation that keeps us balanced on our cosmic surfboard. We are multi dimensional beings with the innate power to manifest our own reality. By being mindful we are grounded in gratitude, in meditation we embrace love, this combination teaches us the skill sets to be co creators of our own reality. If like me you’ve felt very 3d recently, too grounded in reality, trust that this may have been necessary to allow full integration of recent cosmic upgrades activated by the 888 Great Shift Gateway. If you are meditating and loving it, soaring in the stars, relish those spaces, embed them into your psyche, into your existence. We are not passive players in this cosmic evolution, be an active participant in your transformation, engage with the changes in your mind body soul system. These truly are exiting times friends, be safe in the knowledge it’s happening to lots of us. We are feeling our way out of the darkness of the matrix, seeking inner light to manifest outer peace. In love and light beautiful people.

Mantra: I am one with universal love frequency.

I am part of a vast cyberscape of wonder and beauty. I am safe and I belong.

I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste.

awakening5dhealing, Planets and Portals Energy Updates

The Great Shift Gateway expect Turbulence

We have been plunged into deep, turbulent waters of cosmic transformation friends. The culmination of 888 Lions Gate and American Solar Eclipse Gateway on 23rd September will mark the most accelerated wave of higher frequencies we have experienced so far. We each respond to upgrades and transmutation of negative energies in our own unique ways. For those who have been consciously and actively welcoming and embracing upgrades this current tidal wave is taking us to heights previously unknown, and depths previously feared. We are realising that to surf higher wavelengths, to integrate upgrades and to embed higher frequencies in our own energy field, is to be aware at all times of this momentous process. Fluctuating between dimensions on the vast universal frequency spectrum of life can be intensely challenging. The impending closure of 888 timeline gateway on 23rd September is cranking up the pressure on a global and individual scale. As the matrix is further decommissioned the elite fight dangerous and dirty in their bid to maintain their control. 

Our systems are under constant pressure to ground us into lower or higher frequencies, this affects us in many ways. Disturbed sleep is very common as we flit between dimensions, we wake up to remind our spirit this is the dimension we have life form in. Nausea, stomach upsets and dizziness are experienced, like travel sickness, we are realigning and readjusting our cellular vibration whilst moving at an accelerated rate of evolutionary growth. This can make us feel shaky, sick and tired. The matrix programmes us relentlessly to consume, it poisons us with chemtrails and pollution, toxins that seep into our systems lowering our vibration. We are being pushed and pulled, our higher self urging us to meditate, connect to universal love and lighten our beings for ascension. The matrix dragging us back down. All the while cosmic waves of recalibration and upgrades flood our systems, individual and planetary. Geoengineering of the weather manipulates our mindset, confuses our natural Gaia rhythm and throws us off kilter. Day to day interactions can be fraught as the world unravels around us. People have lost their inner radar of certainty. The so called sheeple are aware of the label and resentful of it. Awakened people are bemused and traumatised by what they see with their now open eyes. Empathy and compassion can cripple us in a reality torn apart by depravity, greed deceit and mind control. We are in an almost impossible situation. 

In their own way our guides and higher self are always reaching out to us, reassuring us. We all have good days and bad days, sad days and happy days, scared days and uplifting days. To navigate this vast scale of emotional energetic responses in our system is challenging at the best of times. To do so under a barrage of twisted, upside down, world corporate politics, intensive global mind control programming, constant war, poverty and disasters can bring the highest vibratory people down. When we feel like giving up, when it all gets too much, when our bodies ache, our minds fragment, and our souls despair, take refuge in knowing you are not alone. For many of us the bad days are so challenging now as to rock our very sense of self worth and commitment to this lifetime. 

There will be better days. These symptoms of accelerated DNA upgrades are pushing many of us to new limits of tolerance. Seeking comfort in the present, in nature and loved ones will help. Reach out and let others know when the mud you’re pushing through begins to feel like quick sand. These are intensely tough times. Know this. Know we are warriors caught in a bitter war for our minds, our hearts and our souls. Look for healing groups to help you. Use the internet as a source of research and reassurance. Experiencing turbulence during this momentous transition from 3rd to 5th dimension of a whole planet, possibly solar system, is to be expected. Stay grounded and hydrated. Be kind to yourself. Release stress, anxiety and fear by embracing love, by being compassionate to yourself. In love and light beautiful people.

Mantra: I am one with universal love frequency.

I call my soul tribe to me.

I am a sovereign being, a co creator of this world. I am love. Namaste.