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Energy update Aries full moon 

Full moon’s heighten karmic cycles of release in these cosmic times of transformation. Aries full moon brings us truth in all its colours. Our perspective is our truth. How we approach our lives, this determines our truth. Aries is our strength, focus and fun triggers. Aries promotes presence, to be present in our own lives. This Aries full moon draws us to a middle space of heart led intention, to bridge the gap of division tearing us apart as a planetary species. We have heightened awareness of the polarity, the duality, the puppetry played out before our eyes, to distract and programme us with fear. That was 2015. This is 2017 and now we are being nudged towards communication. Reaching out from a place of pride and dignity, human to human. To encourage connection on a civilised level. 

The relentless barbarism of the political elite, the corporate kings and old school aristocracy reveals itself as primitive and strategic. As a people, collaboration and compromise, listening and reasoning are heralded as a good way forward, by this full moon. Look to compassion rather than conflict. How we approach our lives, this determines our truth. To believe we are slaves, fearful and not in control of our own destinies is to feed the illusion. Be the glitch in the matrix by activating your heart chakra, living in love frequency, destroying matrix fear algorithms with peaceful debate. 

We are evolving beyond our leaders, we are growing up and learning to think for ourselves. Aries bring fun, adventure, imagination and leadership to the world. They are the optimists, the people who get things done with creativity and pizzazz. Lock into the energy of this beautiful full moon. Bathe in her freedom frequencies. Soak up her lunar light of third eye sight. Welcome magic and mystery into your life. Switch perspective. Approach life as an adventure not as a chore. Have the inner strength and focused vision to change what doesn’t nourish you. The limits are conditioned by predatory machinery of elitist control. By changing our outlook, our mindset, our day to day lives can transform. Aries do not live in fear they are fearless. They are too excited about life to fear it for long. Channel Aries full moon’s inner confidence, imagination and positive spirit. In light and love beautiful people.

Mantra: I connect to the rays of this full moon in gratitude and with love in my heart.

I ask for inner strength to change what no longer serves me. 

I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste.


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