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Energy Update Spike in higher frequencies 

We’ve got a spike in the frequencies friends. Stay centred, avoid conflict, sidestep tricky people, places or situations until this passes. Expect fear driven mainstream news to peak, those unawakened become more disturbed and disoriented by waves of higher vibrations washing over Gaia. Talking heads, high profile elite, celebrities will increasingly display malfunctions as lighter frequencies disrupt lower vibrational beings’ energy. Expect to see strange, bizarre events worldwide as well as closer to home. 

It’s all getting very trippy friends. We are being drawn to wavelengths of higher dimensions, to access these spaces we release karmic load from our mind body soul system. Many will fight this, they will feel unable or ill equipped to look inside, to meet their shadow self, to release their demons, their trauma and their hurts. To squash these emotional energies, particularly when cosmically they are being loosened like flour through a sieve for release, throws our energetic system further out of balance. Matrix addictions, quick fixes, means of obliterating painful memories will fight to take hold of many. 

This boiling pot of mixed up, heated emotional energy permeates the atmosphere. Empaths approach the outside world with caution. Light warriors self care is paramount. Transmuters stay calm and keep the energy free flowing to allow the clearing process. Patriarchal masculine energy, hard rocks of fear, ego, primitive urges, are bubbling to the surface for wholesale energetic clearing. Many will cling to the emotions stirred up by this whirlpool of higher frequencies. They will refuse to let go, instead choosing darker spaces of envy, greed and power. Others will feel frozen in the headlights. Be patient with people who seem to be thinking or moving slowly, many people are seriously spacing out. Clumsiness, lack of concentration, issues with grounding can be a problem during spikes of high frequency. Be extra vigilant when driving. Allow people space, show compassion, patience and be generous with your time. Light warriors expect people to approach you and open up to you, strangers and people you know. There is a light from the healer, the warriors of Gaia, the teachers and earth warriors that can be sensed by awakening people. Many will feel fearful of ridicule or worse by their own circle and will see you as a safe space to confide and release. 

Protection is paramount during spikes like this. Fourth dimensional turbulence can cause problems for people, entities or attachments are encouraged to move on as they can’t handle higher vibrations. This can cause people to behave at their worst exhibiting cruel, manipulative, jealous, selfish and violent behaviour. Shield up and back away from folk who look angry, whose energy is fizzing with confusion, fear and unpredictability. We can’t help everyone, best to focus on those who are open to guidance and healing. Be a sounding board for some, a healer for others. Regroup and reenergise throughout the day to keep your own energies flowing and open. 

The veils thin between worlds. We are waking up at an accelerated rate. Malfunctions in the matrix expose lies and deception. We are deep in the middle of disclosure. Disclosure of an intergalactic community present here on earth. This is a hard but necessary truth to be exposed and faced. 

The magic wand to immerse ourselves in 5th dimension zen love healing is meditation, the spells, mantras of light, love and oneness. Go inwards, don’t be afraid to face those darker corners of our souls, we are magical, beautiful, complex beings of light experiencing profound transformation. As a planet, as a people, the chains are being released. Research what resonates with you. Reach out to people you can trust to confide in, do this online if there is no-one you trust in your life. Same rule applies ‘Do I feel good about myself in this place, situation or with this person?’ If the answer is no, find a way to move away quietly and calmly. Drama is a great distraction for people at this time, to create outside drama with family, colleagues or strangers allows people to avoid looking inwards. To sit in silence, in stillness is to open the doors of perception and go inwards for wisdom, peace and self love. Use film, music, photos and mementoes as triggers to help exhale stuck, denser karma, emotionally loaded memories ripe for release. Know it will pass. Breathe deep. Meditate love frequency. In light and love beautiful people.

Mantra: I am one with universal love frequency. 

I ask my higher self for protection and guidance. 

In grace and with humility I thank my higher self and guides for their love. Namaste.


4 thoughts on “Energy Update Spike in higher frequencies ”

  1. This was just what I needed. Thank you so much. I am always refreshed with knowledge after reading your articles.. almost like you awaken the healing, just as your blog title ! Bless you Bless you Bless you for taking time out of your day to write and share these beautiful articles of love and light. A word of encouragement that you may like to teach your readers for this current time is “Sabali”, it means to have patience, to remember to be patient with others and yourself, taking the quiet time to connect and listen to your inner voice so that you are your best self is living the concept of Sabali. There is a beautiful song of awakening called “Patience/Sabali” by NAS, I suggest everyone here read the lyrics and watch the video. Damien Marley is featured in it and he can be hard to understand, so that’s why I suggest reading the lyrics, they are VERY deep once you make light of what he’s pointing out. Thank you and Sabali dear warrior of light. May you be blessed from here to eternity 💕✨

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  2. As always, your posts are so perfectly timed. I was wondering wth was going on these last few days….things seem intense and crazy and I was like…someone has got to post something soon that will reference this chaos lol. Thank you my dear…I’m an avid reader of your work, and I’m grateful for your communications ❤

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