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Heart and Third Eye Chakra Activation On Gaia

Each of us has a story, our story, the nuts and bolts, bricks and mortar of our being. Who we were, are and aspire to be. Gaia also has a story. Who she was, who she became and where she wants to go. Gaia is an organic being, her breath is the frequency of nature. Her heartbeat the rhythm of the seas. Her soul, ancient and wise, emanating love vibrations. Gaia is going bye bye to the matrix, the third dimension, the panoptican prison. As prophesied for eons Gaia is raising her frequencies in line with cosmic intervention. Gaia is transcending to fifth dimension zen. Her time and our time has come. Gaia’s chakras expand, releasing blocks, stuck, dense karma. Gaia shakes herself free from holographic control. Gaia is shifting her baseline frequency, transcending the heavy dark third dimension. Gaia is awakening as a quantum being. Gaia’s chakras are triggered, activated, brought online in a celestial maelstrom of rEvolution.

Just as our mindbodysoul system is being cosmically activated so is Gaia’s. Glastonbury, in the UK, is where Gaia’s heart chakra is and where her third eye chakra currently exists. As a nation we hold the heart and third eye chakras of Gaia. What does this mean for the UK, for Gaia?

Arguably the birth place of the current stock of elite, bloodlines of royalty and aristocracy interbred to retain power. The UK as a microcosm of global politics and economics is in chaos and turmoil. The chasm between have and have not widens every day. We are a tax haven home to oligarchs, elite global citizens and Arab princes. We house the European seat of royalty. The City of London along with its trinity partners Washington DC and the Vatican hold the power play reins of world political economics. A country in its own right, untouchable to foundation societal laws, the City of London is able to operate secretly for the global elite it services. We also have the Brexit debacle, the ultimate Tory tantrum. And the rest of Europe stares aghast at the immaturity and short sighted ideology of blue blood, money obsessed, power puppets deceiving a naive and uneasy electorate.

Torn apart at dinner tables across the country, British people are having a profound identity crisis. Are we service to self or service to others? Older generations promised security are now the sole support to younger generations unable to get a foot on the capitalist ladder. A tidal wave of distrust washes over the UK. We don’t trust our government, our police or each other. Divided and conquered by fascist tabloid rhetoric and hate filled imagery blasted into our psyche constantly. The cold corporisation of our schools turning children into Pink Floyd sausage meat. A country whose imperialist past is responsible for much of current global division. More lies are exposed. We are deep in the trenches of truth disclosure. Facing the sludge and slime of predatory paedophile rings operating at the highest levels in establishment seats of power. We witness the exposure of the Catholic church, the political elite, the entertainment programming industry and corporate kingpins. It’s not just the depravity we must process but the level of organisation evident, the secret societies, in-the-know-nods of the smugly entitled. We brace ourselves for more traumatic truths as whistle blowers stand up and share what they know.

As a nation we are traumatised, divided, lost in a sea of turmoil and chaos. Grenfell Tower should have shaken the elite into some form of shamed submission. It didn’t. This is a ruling establishment who are bred and moulded for power. They know nothing else but money, greed, status symbols, competition and debauchery. Our previous prime minister was outed as being a member of elite societies where ordinary people are openly referred to as ants, cockroaches, insects to be trodden on. Where sexual acts with a pig’s head are ritualistic normality. He survived those revelations in parliament. Our current PM weathers political storms of incompetence, narcissism and sinister machinations like teflon, everything bounces straight off her mechanical, fake smile. Still in power. What will it take to ignite compassion in the hearts of Britons? Unite us in love against a depraved elite or mobilise us to vote for social-ism over capital-ism? To move from service to self to service to others?

As a microcosm of global political economic power structure the UK is a good place to start. We have viable alternatives, Jeremy Corbyn and his team of heart led people, individuals uncomfortable with the current secret handshakes state. There is no doubt the UK is blasted with programming, conditioning mind control algorithms through culture, education, entertainment and religion. As is every other country to varying degrees. Does that offer enough of an excuse for those who consistently vote in a government who openly pledges to cut and sell the National Health Service? Who accuse the poor of deceit and treachery? Who regale the masses with grand, royal weddings to distract and entertain whilst all the while subliminally reasserting they are the ones who belong in power. From seaside towns to villages to new towns and sprawling cities the UK twists and turns itself inside and out trying to wrestle with these great fundamental questions of collectivity versus the individual.

We are the heart chakra of the world. Love, compassion, empathy, soul nourishment and collective consciousness emanates from our land. High frequency energy is pumped through Gaia’s veins, through a land dotted with ancient tombs, standing stones and spiritual pilgrimage. Our skies are laced with criss crossing chem trails. Our food laced with preservative, synthetic junk. Our subconscious minds programmed every day eat this, buy this, look like this, be this. It’s relentless. And offensive. And subversive. And it needs to stop. In the UK we are a born and bred nanny state, barely evolved from the feudal system. We hobble about like damaged toddlers, fearful, suspicious, and insecure. We are told from birth we need the state, the church, education to tell us who we are and what we should do with our lives. There is very little social mobility, room to manoeuvre, where you are born pretty much dictates your life choices. This is openly accepted by a population beaten down, beleaguered by wars, disease, poverty, oppressive social conformity and hardship.

Has Britain got Stockholm Syndrome? Kidnapped, we have come through hundreds of years of torture and trauma to relinquish our sovereignty to our captors. This is the UK today as it has been for hundreds of years. A glorified technological feudal system where people accept the decisions of the powerful with apathy, helplessness or applause. The carrot of capitalism, you too could have a big car, a foreign holiday, a trophy wife, if you WORK hard enough, is a tried and tested tool of control. And if you look at the polls more than half the country still adhere to this. So where does all this leave us? We are the beating heart of Gaia. We have the love to revolutionise our world breathing in our land. Where is our compassion, our empathy, our unity? We are a country at war with itself, a metaphor for the world. We are ruled with an iron fist cloaked in powdered wigs, gold and gilt.

We are also the current site of the third eye chakra. We, who hold dear ancient sites of light love wisdom. Of astronomical quantum knowledge. The home of academia, scholars, universities, where education and knowledge is held in high regard. This isn’t all the third eye activates. Pineal gland alignment in humans is connectivity to guides, higher self, ascended beings. It is a clear channel to higher vibratory fields of existence. It is the connection to a quantum world. Does the UK show evidence of third eye activation? We are home to many cosmic crop circles, maybe they are a sign our third eye chakra at Glastonbury has been activated? We are an ancient and mystical land, are we a wise people?

The British are bombarded by establishment rhetoric, mired in Masonic systems of control. Are we awakening as a nation or is conscious living simply a trend? Are we coming online with higher frequencies? Do we lead the way globally for enlightened unity consciousness? Maybe we should watch this space. Will Jeremy knock the lizards off their perch? Will the conservatives collapse in a heap of collective unity? Will we excavate the darkness to clear the way for light? Redesign our economic and political, corporate systems to reflect progressive politics? Will we unplug from a toxic system of abuses and mind control?

Glastonbury is a sacred space no doubt. When we zoom in and inspect it we see a tale of ancient tales, joy, free styling, free loving creative, high vibration celebration. Glastonbury festival celebrates our druid roots, our love of the land, of spirituality and creativity. And we see Jay Z and Beyonce, kingpin with his trophy, cash cow queen bey, owning the pyramid stage. Attempting to channel all the love generated in this magical space into darkness. Glastonbury festival is out to grass this year and maybe the UK is as well. Maybe we need to process all these revelations, the horrors of exposure and the implications of disclosure. Maybe we too need time out to recover our roots, our senses, our vibrancy.

The UK is an ancient land of magic and mystery long before the Romans came with their pyramidal politics, their Egyptian bloodline fixation. Maybe this is what is being ignited. An ancient warrior spirit of quantum dimensions. We are a people of nature, peace and collectivity ruled by a small group of inbred lizards who seek to maintain power through destruction. We are here and we are thinking. Trying to figure it all out. Who, what, why, where and how to change it without more war and destruction? Narcisstic nationalism versus global tribalism. Jedi knights like Corbyn and Bernie Sanders in the US stand for grass roots politics, truth, humility and compassion replacing greed, competition and conformity at the heart of our society. We have people willing to take on the establishment in their nests of gold and glitz. Who debate daily with the blue blood glitterati on our behalf. The least we can do is vote for them to enable them to keep fighting for us, for peace, for equality and abundance.

Do we take the debates to our dinner tables, our frontline tv couches? Do we try and bridge the polarity chasm in our homes, our families, our workplace? Or do we avoid energy vampires who mimic the elite, who agree with individualist politics and accept the need for Matron, in our current case Teresa May, to pull the boys into line and restore hierarchical power? It’s a sick and twisted power play for paedophile predators to literally feed off our life blood. The veils are lifting. Third eye activation on a global scale. Macro to micro, how will the British people respond?

The heart beats, the third eye opens. Who we are and who we will be may well come down to UK politics. If we overthrow the elite, we essentially cut off the head of the snake. We break apart the secluded City digging deep into its vaults to unearth and liberate all its wealth and dirty little secrets. We destroy human trafficking systems, deep state economics supplying a demand for depravity. We uproot the blue blood bloodlines and banish them from our fair and green land. We have the means to do it, the light warriors to lead the way, do we have the heart or the foresight to do it? No pressure Brits!!! We are travelling through time and space, part of a rare evolutionary leap into higher vibratory fields of light. This is Gaia’s story and ours, let’s believe in and manifest a happy beginning! Stay heart led and steeped in self care beautiful people šŸ¤—šŸ˜ŠšŸ™šŸ».


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