Full Moon Magic

Vibrations are rising hiiigghh friends.

Meditate, dance, cry, be. Release. Surrender. Become one with the universe. Trust her to show us our path.

Activate third eye. Open. Clear. Tune up. Commune with your angels. Hear your higher self.
Feel the embrace of soul tribe quantum love. Listen to your heart.
Hug your ego. Chant. Breathe. Be still. Be wild. Be joyful. Set your soul free. Let her soar skies of love light.

These are cosmic crazy times friends. Release the fear. Free our hearts. The arc of our soul, let ourselves go.

We are one. We share love. We receive love.
We are love. We are safe. We are wise.
We are wild and we are here.
Present. Connected. Grounded. Elevated. Expansive. Strengthened. Balanced.

We are warriors of Gaia and we are here to raise the vibrations on Gaia. We are here to transmute all the darkness into light. We will rise like phoenix from the holographic hellfire of the third dimension.

We are coming for you darkness. Make way. Get ready. The light is coming. All shadows will be illuminated, all dark corners excavated, all evildoing exposed. Out with the dark. In with the light. The time has come.

Step up indigos, light workers, warriors of Gaia, believers in a new world. The rainbow children are here. We have arrived. We hide no more. We conform no more. We shun our true selves no more. Hear us. Follow us. Let us heal you. Bathe in lighter vibrations where anxiety, stress and fear evaporate. Where our empty spaces fill with love. Where our souls are nourished. Our egos held safe and sound.

We have arrived and we will change our world, your world, this world. Approach us knowing we see. Knowing we are not in a trance. We are not dumbed down. We are awake. And we know. And we’re coming for the darkworkers. Predators. Vampires. Lizards. We know. We see. We are not scared. We embrace all in love vibration.

We are protected by those wiser beyond our imaginings. Those who many have believed to be gods. Their love surrounds us. It infuses us with a strength. A power, an energetic fireball of freedom, of love, of peace.
Know this, we are here.
We share love, we receive love, we are love.

I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid.
I surrender to universal love frequency.
I power up the shield of love around me.
I am protected. I am safe. I am love.
Take me beyond, I surrender to universal love. Namaste.


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