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Message from the Arcturian Council 11° Portal Opens

Message from the Arcturian Council of Twelve.

This is a message for those who resonate with our truth. We are here in peace. We bring news of the sky war and the sea war. We speak of battles unseen by most of humanity, yet occurring as we speak in Earth’s skies and her oceans. Technology advanced beyond most people’s concept, we speak of a war for the souls of the people of Gaia. We understand that many difficult times lie ahead, challenges that will draw out the truth, humanities purpose in the cosmos. We want to give you hope, news of timelines of manifestation, of the Great Shift, a rare event.

We are recognising the heavy energy many of our lightworkers are mired in currently. There is a great deal of synthetic and static and corrosive energies. The elite, as you call them, the Annunaki, the reptilian overlords, are using sound wave technologies to bombard populated areas with intense low frequencies. This is triggering a depression in wavelengths, vibratory fields of light are struggling to penetrate the gloom. These sound waves are drawing your energy down, lowering your vibrations, slowing down chi flow. We see a trance state of fear rising. We see with colours, a haze of disconnection, of depression as we say. We are concerned that as the matrix hologram unravels and individuals are exposed, lies are revealed, there will be sensory overload. A crash of unity consciousness.

This is no time to dim your lights friends. Whilst many feel battered and are taking refuge away from people, transmuting in solitude, others are ploughing into the energetic fray. We are asking those warriors of light on Gaia who hear our words to anchor your light to Gaia’s grid. The games being played out in front of you to trick you and deceive you are malfunctioning. We understand the fear of waking up. And we understand the pressure to not wake up. We ask that you trust your instincts. Keep your light shining in the face of fear, derision or self sabotage. There is a sense of pressure building, the machine cranking up its dial to push the vibrations down. The battles are being fought in ways you cannot imagine. When fear steps in zoom into your centre. Remember this is all a dream and one day you will wake up.

M: who are you?

We are ascended beings who seeded many planets over many timezones in space. We are very old. We forget how to speak to the young. We forget how raw and vivid life is to be young. Humans and Gaia are both young from our perspective. You bring us great joy. We are not gods to some and we are gods to others. It is a matter of context and definition.

There have been liberties taken on this small planet in a far corner of the cosmos, liberties that were foreseen but underestimated. There is outcry over this. We are one council of several who have some sense of responsibility. We seek to spiritually guide humanity to higher planes of existence. As sovereign beings we can only walk the path ourselves we cannot make others do so. Like concerned parents we are coaxing you, we are aware of the dangers you face. But we also bring a greater sense of life, of many lifetimes, timelines, realities. There is adventure throughout the universe, a far greater picture than humans have been allowed to see for too long. We understand the repetitive programming of the matrix creates deeply felt confusion, making it hard to see truth in lies. We are sorry for this.

M: what are the technologies you speak of?

The technology being used in and around Earth is quantum. It operates on systems beyond human current comprehension. Interestingly it was invented by humans in future timelines. The cycle of creator destroyer is as old as time. Dimensions are set by frequencies and frequency is set by energy. Harnessing energy, using it is a way to steer the very fabric of our realities, we can fold time. The oceans are where a battle is being won for the final vanquishing of low vibratory fields of darkness on Gaia. The skies are being fought over as each side monitors the other. All try to hide from the prying lens of the smart phone.

Some of the battles have been fought in different timelines from the one you are experiencing now. For humanity the timelines are jumbling about, switching, glitching because there is such a great amount of quantum technology being used around you. As we watch it is as if everything moves at once in slow motion and at high speed. We cannot imagine how strange time must seem to awake people on Gaia. There seems to be no pattern to its fluctuations. We see many diffent layers of Gaia when we look at her. Operating on so many wavelengths at once has zapped her. We can see many different scenarios, timelines playing out, backwards, forwards and all around. We look for patterns and repetition. We look for proportionality. Manifestation.

M: what about the god thing?

Every soul counts. Every living thing has a spirit guide, a higher self, a soul, a way to expore the universes in all their complexity. We are not the architects, we are merely further along the path to enlightenment. We have met several races who operate at levels way beyond us. Who have forgotten much of what it is to be a mindbodyspirit being. Who have existed for many eons as beings transcendent of time and space. They may be the architects. We may all be thoughts in a great giant ETs head! We have noted souls have affiliations, connections, associations with the same part of the universe or the same souls or the same mission. We find this interesting. There may be organic reasons for this. Or it may be a greater plan is at work.

We urge all who resonate to let go of fear. We are your teachers, your ancestors and your guides. We care for you as our own. We ask warriors of Gaia to continue to meditate, to connect to the natural world of Gaia, raising her vibrations through love. This will stabilise Gaia in higher vibratory fields of light. The chaos that is everywhere will calm down. People will be able to reveal their true selves. There are hidden enemies within and they must be unmasked and vanquished. Humanity has a lot to do to contribute to her own ascension. We, as one of her many guardians, are here to support this.

Warriors of Gaia stay strong, stay in the light. Do not hide your light, when others tell you to dim your light shine it brighter. Shine like a super moon on a dark night. Replenish your energy stores with fifth dimension healing. Energy is where its at and we need to raise the energy as we enter the 11° portal marked by the full moon. We want people to evolve at their own pace as much as possible. But we also understand this is impossible in Gaia’s situation. So we urge you to stay close to that space of inner stillness, anchoring your light, connecting Gaia to cosmic love frequency.

We are one with all creation, masters of our destinies, sovereign beings of light. We are the Arcturian Council in love and in light.


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