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Arcturian Council Channelling

We are the Arcturians, we come to illuminate the path out of the third dimension. We are guides, way show-ers and light bearers. We come with love in our being for humanity and the goddess Gaia. For it is she who inhabits planet earth at this time. A goddess of wonder and beauty, abundance and fertility. Gaia is enraged. She is battling demons from within and without. She is intending to rise from the flames as a great organic being of light. We are in awe of the goddess. We bow once again to her vision.

We see waves of light emanating from deep within the planet. We and others are working to decommission the holographic matrix operating across the third dimension. This is familiar technology to us. There is a great war of dimensional modalities raging throughout this solar system. At its centre is Gaia. The sun is playing his part. His fiery masculine energy is reaching far to cleanse and breathe new life into darkness.

We can see people, as the energies fuse and snap and crackle and bend and waver, are being organically propelled to surrender to higher wavelengths. We can see that each individual human is confronting their true selves. Whether consciously or subconsciously. Whether they are able to face these demons and truths head on or whether they choose to deny, avoid, ignore or exit the playing field altogether, the truth in every heart is being unravelled. We can see the increased desperation of the illuminati, the puppets of the anunaki, to maintain control through chaos and fear and destruction. We can see all this and much more.

Dimensional fluctuations causing timeline loops, switches, jumps and glitches are increasing. High voltage bolts of light frequencies are penetrating the outer layers of the hologram. The chemicals being used are losing their potency amidst a barrage of solar lightwaves. The grid synthesis sensors maintaining low vibratory fields are bending and cracking under relentless pressure from light sources.

We are at war in the skies above you. Our ships are being uncloaked in battles of sonic technologies. We understand some are witnessing the sky war. An attempted lockdown of internet communication is underway. We urge you to not be fooled by fear. The world wide web is collective consciousness in digital form. It is an essential component of awakening to unity consciousness. Connection, communication, dialogue and sharing will help many rise above 3d wavelengths. There is freedom in self education through the world wide web. We again urge you to block moves by governments to limit use or access to this tool of evolution. Know that these are the acts of a dying dictatorship, the crew of a sinking ship, desperately holding onto the power they once had. The pomp, the ceremony, the puppetry pantomimes are part distraction, part disclosure. Hidden in plain sight. Yet as has been prophesied the snake will eat it’s tail

We are close to a great junction of timelines. June 24th has been identified as a primary point on the time space continuum. A juncture of many timelines, of proportionality. We can see a convergence of timelines where unity and peace become a viable option. The Great Shift is coming. The goddess Gaia is preparing to drop a gear and speed up. Acceleration of upgrades has already begun. As has increased solar and lunar activity. There are many here to guide and support their loved ones. We hear of angels circling the skies offering glimpses of their true selves, hope in the heavens above. We hear of dark deceptions being exposed within the matrix, the great awakening is well underway. We see lights coming on, illuminating more and more of the darkness. Let your heart lead the way out of fear.

We are the Arcturian Council and we have more love than could be known for the people of planet earth. The age old, ancient battle of light versus dark is being fought in an effort to free a planet and her people from lower dimensional realities. We are with you. Everything is happening for reason. Nothing is happening by chance. To those who resonate with our words know you are not alone. Each soul has guides and higher self protection and guidance. We and others are here, our mission to protect humanity and Gaia from more war and destruction. Truth bearers, way show-ers, light warriors, light bearers, hold your space. Stay grounded to Gaia’s grid, and connected to higher consciousness. We are the Arcturian Council of Twelve we have travelled many light years to be here. We are one with love, we are here in love, to welcome all to love. Peace.

awakening5dhealing, Channelled Transmissions

Message from the Arcturian Council Gaia Ascension Update

We come with news from beyond your dimensional realities. We are the Arcturian Council of Twelve. We are ambassadors of light. We are one with universal love. We are here to guide humanity through the ascension process. We are monitoring Gaia and her ascension. We can see she has reached a great juncture in her Shift to higher wavelengths of dimensional frequencies. We are here to bring news of a breakthrough in decommissioning of the technological warfare being used to control human kind. The holographic universe as perceived through mind control and synthetic structural layering. As Gaia gears up to transcend the fourth dimension she is destabilising the technologies required to maintain the holographic perception of reality. Technological advancements are also penetrating the holographic matrix. Truth is being exposed.

We see and understand that the Annunaki, who create the cabal, have been aware of this potential timeline and have prepared for it. We see they are flooding the collective consciousness with disinformation, scare stories, hate and deception. We see desperation in their movements but also a steely determination to maintain possession of humanity on Gaia. We see that they are meeting each new wave of higher vibratory fields with intense offensives of mind control, chemical weaponry and military warfare.

Crystalline structures have been activated and are pulsing out high frequencies from deep within your planet. The increasing flow of solar and celestial wavelengths sandwich the technologies of the Annunaki on Gaia. Tension of frequency fission, as each meets the other, is causing an energetic storm across highly populated areas. The human energy field is caught between the matrix and pulses of higher vibrations. June 2018 is when many timelines converge. Where highest paths of consciousness converge. We are seeing timeline loops spinning from this primary juncture. A Gaia trapped in the third dimensions. Gaia’s trapped in the fourth dimension. We can see a stronghold on the energetic fields of gaia.

The Annunaki have done this before. They have succeeded in holding other planets and their dwellers in suspended animation for eons. Harvesting them, using them to feed and magnify and multiply the darker energies prevalent in the multi verses. For the creators have always given birth to yin and to yang. To good and to evil. Each and every soul must make their choices, their sovereignty dictates choice. The battle between good and evil is ancient as time itself. No one, not even the Guardians of the Gates of Metatron, know how old time is. We hope to illuminate for you the magnificence and magnitude of the quantum multiverse world. We hope to share with you a sense of awe at the complexities of your world and ours. To raise to the fifth dimension and beyond is to step into one of the oldest realms in the cosmos. It is to see the battle for good and evil outside and within. It is to recognise the third and fourth dominions for what they are and to rise above the polarity.

The material plane exists in many quantum universes, just as there are many other quantum universes where there is no physicality at all. We the Arcturians are travellers, adventurers, teachers and students. We learn as we travel. We rarely go backwards. For humanity on Gaia we have, in effect, gone backwards. We have returned to a planet in the space time continuum from where we have been many many moons before. We heard rumours, we studied prophesies. We understood that even at the farthest reaches of the galaxies we have explored, there are tales of this galaxy, this solar system, this planet and its heroic inhabitants. Tales of many battles, a great energetic shift, a rare and momentous event. A planet chooses to ascend in totality to the higher vibratory fields of light.

We travelled many light years to be here at this time for humanity and for Gaia. As we travelled we heard more tales of the battle for light over dark on Gaia and in this solar system. We understand a planet has been lost, from whispers through the stars. Gaia’s sister planet, under siege from the same fourth dimension race of time travelling beings, was destroyed. There are buried artefacts across many planets, a path through galaxies and star systems, to guide those who were called to assist this Great Shift from dark to light. Pyramids mark the spot, mark each turn on the cosmic road we have traversed to be here, at this time of transcendence. We understand that Gaia has no wish to be destroyed, her consciousness has chosen a path few do when inhabiting a planet for a lifetime! She has chosen to shake off lower vibrations and transition to dimensions where peace, abundance, love, compassion and gratitude flourish. Where knowledge and creativity are celebrated and sought after.

We have been here observing, we have understood that the situation is profoundly convoluted yet at the same time glaringly simple. Each soul who inhabits a human on Gaia currently has a choice to make. The choice is to serve oneself or to serve the collective. The choice is to inhabit love frequencies or remain in fear, hate, greed and ignorance, lower vibratory fields of the third dimension. Yet the situation is more convoluted than this in that the fourth realm, the infiltrators, are controlling many people’s minds on the material plane. We can only ask ourselves what impact this has on the heart of the soul occupying the human life. We question the heart’s role in ascension and we can see that ascension is all about the heart chakra. Ascension resides in the heart chakra. If there is no love in the heart there is limited evolution of consciousness. There is a block. We also see that the situation is incredibly simple. Choose the red pill or the blue pill. As each person responds to the energetic warfare around them, they answer this question whether consciously or subconsciously. The heart cannot lie. nor can it be lied to. All else can be deceived.

Such a maelstrom of conflicting energies, static and friction, we were not fully prepared to witness. We had understood the Annunaki had claimed Gaia as their own. We understood this led to great destruction, chaos and horror. The fourth dimension is a realm of demons and darkness. We are in awe of all those awakening and holding their ground. We respect that many feel overwhelmed and wish to exit their lifetimes. We hope that those who have experienced the fifth dimension on the material plane can reach out to those still drowning in darkness and show them the way.

We understand that all rhetoric of truth has been twisted and sabotaged in warfare of words. We can see lights turning on in the darkness all over the globe. The awakening. We see fear turning to love. We see many individuals facing their fears, their blocks, their demons and releasing them. We see yet more opening their minds to quantum possibility. Love is the key. Love is the heart. Love is higher consciousness. This is a simple truth, a profound truth, a quest that can transcend lifetimes, solar systems and dimensions in each soul to be born into this grand experiment. Be proud to take part, to be a player on the field of transformation.

We are grateful beyond measure for the courage and heart led belief of all those holding the light and sharing the light. We are the Arcturian Council of Twelve and we are here to support, guide, protect and illuminate humanity. We are the Arcturians dispatched to travel many light years, many timelines, many dimensions to be here for humanity. We do battle in the skies and in the seas for Gaia’s freedom and humanities sovereignty. We reach out to those who resonate and those who don’t. Step into love. Release fear. All is not lost. It’s all still to play for. Gaia is ascending, she will keep all those on the material plane with love in their hearts with her. We see more destruction and death for those who don’t. We understand this is their sovereign choice at this Great Shift. We recognise each soul has their right to choose.

We share messages of hope, wisdom and quantum spirituality. Meditation raises the frequencies, as does all activities born from love. We offer those who hear us strength from our words. Wisdom from our message and belief in their own soul journey. There is no end, there is always tomorrow. The quantum multiverse is magical, mystical, glorious in its complexities. We have been in our existing lifetimes for thousands of years, we have retained our memories. We have seen and experienced how vast the world truly is. Yet here in this little corner of the universe we see the core of all creation being played out on a planetary and individual scale.

We have watched the Annunaki destroy destroy destroy. We have relinquished our commitment to peace to engage in frequency warfare for the purpose of unleashing humanities true warrior nature, her authentic path of evolution. We seek to liberate humanity so that each person is able to make their sovereign choice. We cannot eradicate the Annunaki or those who follow or emanate them. We accept their existence in the fourth realm. We seek to intervene in light of revelations of appalling sins against a planet and her people. We agree with Gaia, she should not be destroyed in any timeline as her sister was. And so we have come from afar, to join forces with other races invested in Gaia’s ascension and humanities liberation.

Know you the people of earth, lightworkers and starseed on the frontline, you are not alone. There are many cloaked allies battling to deprogramme and decommission the holographic system of control. There will be more chaos, more desperation, more stealthy destruction. Stay in love vibration. Fight for your peace of mind. Ignite the warrior inside, of love, of peace and compassion. Hold your space. We are coming for you. We have no intention of leaving until the Annunaki are pushed back enough to allow the Great Shift to occur as it is prophesied. The Annunaki, have chosen darkness, they seek to create the chaos some crave, the depravity some desire, the power some thrive on. Yin and yang. Each chooses their own path in this lifetime and in the all other lifetimes. We are the Arcturians. We exist in love. We bring love. We do all that we do in love vibration. We are grateful to all those fighting for peace on Gaia. For it is a war, battle after battle. Love is our weapon. To inhabit love is to destroy fear. It is to raise above all that is of low vibrations. We are liberated to respond to requests for protection, clearing and guidance. We resonate in peace. In gratitude and humility the Arcturian Council of Twelve.


The Arcturian Council Message for Awakened Souls

We are the Arcturian Council. We bring news of the Great Shift. We seek to reassure that no timeline is set in stone, no decision made without opportunity to transform. We have come to warn of potential great unrest. We seek to balance our warning with love. We do not want to exacerbate the situation on Gaia. We seek only to affect the outcome of Gaia’s ascension for the positive. We ask warriors of light to release all last traces of fear. There is need for calm. Great swathes of negative energy are clouding the light on Gaia. As more awaken, tearing down the walls of deceit, fear is locking down their energetic systems. We see in colours and we see this energy as grey, dark and heavy. We can see density in its fabric. If these low frequencies are allowed to settle into Gaia’s vibration they will block future tidal waves of photonic light. Higher vibratory fields of light triggered by cosmic intervention. We can already see this light wave coming, as some of those on Gaia also see.

The tipping point between awakening and higher consciousness is being reached by many. Light workers prepare for business. The training of the last few Earth years has been partly in preparation for 2018. This is a key time in Gaia’s quantum leap. The American Solar Eclipse, as you aptly call it, in 2017 threw light on the darkness in the global elite’s strong hold. There has been a great and steady roll out of truth following this spotlight. There has been much done to prepare you. We commend warriors of Gaia who have shone their own lights into darkness in the face of contempt from unawakened souls. We are in continual awe of the integrity, courage and soul strength individuals have shown in this profound fight for freedom.

We have deep concerns of a crash of the collective consciousness. Overload, drowning in fear. We guide all those working in the spiritual, political, freedom activist realms to stay calm. To avoid indirect or unconscious fear mongering. We understand in some way the depth of your rage, your hunger for change, your frustration with the sleeping many. Yet we ask that you think of lost souls as your friends, your comrades, your fellow travellers. We ask that compassion be shown through each action, word and look. We ask that you use the techniques we and others have taught you to properly release and transmute negativity. To release it from your own systems and to continue to release it on behalf of others.

We understand that accelerated technological communication on Earth has shrunk your perception of reality. This has great benefits in uniting humanity in one cause, that of freedom from enslavement. We also recognise the social networks encourage and even programme urgency into their algorithms. We ask that you apply similar restraint to communications online as you would in your daily lives. We ask that a calm approach to all the chaos that is unfolding be cultivated by those with a voice and people who hear. We ask that this resonance of calm be sent out across cyber networks, meditative energetic waves and in social interactions. We hope that we are not asking too much. We feel aware that we have a disconnection to the experience many of you are having. We ask that our words be taken always in love for they are meant always in love.

We are one with humanity in this great journey to enlightenment. We are guardians, protectors, guides, travellers, way show-ers, light bearers, ascended beings of light. We can see many timelines, many Gaia’s amid great interference in the frequencies. We have a perspective of distance, of energetic colour and vibrations. We can see that in some timelines this great grey static of fear builds, hardens, becomes brick walls of division and separation on Gaia. Where war fuels a dense system of patriarchal control. This attracts more of the same. We understand to many who have religious rhetoric hardwired into their mindset, we seem to be describing hell. The metaphorical does appear to become the literal when we watch timelines of the descent of man. These timelines are translucent, they flicker with uncertainty. In many more timelines we see a green and glowing Gaia. We see many decades of hard work. Of restoration. Redesigning your cities, your agriculture, your relationship with the oceans of Gaia.

Just as there are whistleblowers so to there are infiltrators. These elements are causing great disruption to the spiritual awakening process. By clouding natural ascension to love with anxiety, fear and stress. It is immensely difficult for humans on Gaia to understand quantum universal laws. The universe is communicating with each of us all the time. We only have to listen, to watch, to be aware. Nature communicates. Synchronicities and numerical sequences are guides communicating. There are many many beings assisting her ascension process. Language comes in many forms. Interactions with animals, birds and nature should be considered important. We are nudging our people along the highest paths of vibratory light. This maximises the light burning on Gaia. It is time to fully embrace your light. To step into your power as higher frequency beings on Gaia.

Many lightwarriors have transitioned to the fifth dimension and are now working from there in the third dimension. We commend each and everyone of you for your fearless release of karma, your continued energy clearing and your passion for peace. It is this passion that we ask you to meditate on. To manifest peace we must be peace. If you are angry, fearful, stressed you will create this as your immediate experience. Manifestation in the fifth dimension is vastly accelerated compared to the third dimension. In the controlled dense vibration of the third dimension manifestation becomes a very slow process. Beliefs and dreams are inner strength. When they are attacked, boxed in, limited, people give up hope. The use of pharmaceuticals has also contributed to the lowering of and stagnation of vibratory fields.

Humans are raw, their wounds are being uncovered, their eyes are being opened and they are finally awakening to the vast complexity of consciousness. The trance state most of humanity is locked in prevents expansion of consciousness. This has also affected the process of manifestation. In the fifth dimension or beyond the frequencies are light, clear of blocks, static, interference or density, there is speed in love manifestation. Warriors of Gaia, those who resonate with the role of volunteer, starseed, healer, activist, peace warrior, many of you are in the fifth dimension. What we are seeing is when you allow fear or anger or pain to overflow your heart the effects are far greater than from the third dimension. The outflow of negative, heavy, energy has more damaging effect than the ongoing low vibrations of much of the population. As light workers there is a responsibility to find some detachment, to understand there is a mission and to honour this mission from your soul.

We are sharing this message with you in good faith, as you would say. We do not want to alarm you as clearly that would be counterproductive. We are asking that you disengage emotionally through healing therapies and meditation. Share with each other, exchange, strengthen and balance each other. We are preparing you for great transformation of Gaia. We are with you every step of the way. We are your loyal and loving guides and protectors. We can see where many can’t. We can see magic in Gaia’s future. We can see abundance on Gaia. We can see balance and harmony restored. The beauty and creativity and complexity of humanity explored, expressed in all her glory. We can see swathes of emerald, indigo and golden light emanating form Gaia’s core. Soon there will be another great shift. More will transcend to fifth dimension.

Healers, activists, warriors of light and of Gaia we join you in love, we bless you with light, we bow to your inner strength. We are the Arcturian Council of Twelve, we come in many guises to your people, we are sometimes seen as gods or as aliens. We are neither and both. We are beings in a multi verse of vast and infinite possibility. We look forward to humanity connecting to universal love frequency. We welcome Gaia’s dwellers to the intergalactic community. We are grateful to all that has been done in this great shift to quantum collective unified consciousness. In gratitude and humility, the Arcturian Council.


Arcturian Council Message for Light Warriors

Dearest ones we communicate with those who resonate. We are the Arcturian Council, we are invested in Gaia and those who dwell on her. We bring news of the war for all souls on Gaia. We are bringers of love, light and higher consciousness.

We are revealing ourselves as others are. Our ships are decloaking. It is time for full disclosure. Some talk of fact and fiction. These views, and that of others, are from a singular timeline. We see all timelines. Resist being conditioned to fear by prophesies of doom. The end times are the beginning times. This is the end of one era and the beginning of a new era. We cannot foresee the future because Gaia and her people will choose their path or paths. Multiple divisions are still likely, with many Gaia’s on different wavelengths. This will create a lot of energetic disturbances in this part of the galaxy. We and others are concerned about long term fluctuations of Gaia. Stability leads to balance and equilibrium. We seek this for Gaia and humanity.

The sky war is creating profound disturbances in Gaia’s frequencies. Souls are being released from contracts. Work has been done. Catalysts set in motion. Gaia and her people are about to ride incoming photonic light waves, intended to embed higher frequencies in and around Gaia. The Anunaki are fighting this. Shields are up that must be dismantled. This is the process Gaia is immersed in. A war of frequency. Chaos reigns where peace shall flourish.

From this space in time we are preparing those who are awake to prepare those who are not. Compassion should be shown. Revelations will be made of advanced technologies, races and craft beyond many of Gaia’s inhabitants’ comprehension. Preparation is key. Breaking down the barriers to truth. We are here to recognise warriors of Gaia, truth seekers and truth bearers, for the work that has been done.

Pathways are convoluted yet at times crystalline. Primary moments in mankind’s evolution. 2018 vibrates high on our charts of quantum projection. Please do not panic. There are great disturbances all around you. We seek to ease your souls, there is much protection in place. We, the Arcturians, and our allies have taken our stance to prevent further destruction. We cannot directly affect those living on Gaia. This is the mission of light warriors. We see an energetic front line, a battle fighting the onslaught of negative, low vibrations. The human cabal are unleashing weapons to create fear, chaos and destruction. Take strength and belief from us dear ones. We are watching over you. We are your guardians and your protectors. Let light stream into your hearts. Know the universe is a far most vast and glorious place than you can imagine. One day humanity on Gaia will take her rightful place in the galaxy. This day is approaching.

Warriors of Gaia step up to your mission. No ripple of high vibration is too small, no pulse of heart chakra love too weak. Gaia embraces all positive frequencies, immersing herself and humanity in evolutionary recalibration. We seek to reassure and praise those who hold a steely belief in humanity. Your optimism is as golden light piercing the darkness. We are grateful and in awe of your tenacity, stamina and love. We are one with humanity and with Gaia in her ascension. In love and light, your guides and protectors, The Arcturians Council.

awakening5dhealing, Channelled Transmissions

Message from Mary Magdalene #internationalwomensday

Goddess rage is being unleashed across the globe, women and all those in their feminine energy are waking and furious. Misogyny underpins the system of control we have existed in for thousands of years. A backlash against the innate goddess in every woman. Masculine energy threatened by the power, strength and unfathomable layers of mysticism and magic in women. Misogyny has also targeted men who exist in their feminine energy, creating a false ideal of men as tough, unemotional beings. Men have curves. Men are sensitive. Men can be hurt. Many men feel hemmed in by the strict rules of engagement forced upon them in the matrix.

This is not the whole story. The harsh and vile truths behind misogynistic programming has led to relentless violence perpetrated against women. In the UK two women a week are murdered in domestic violence situations. Powerless men are shown they can have power over women and children. Powerful men are shown trophy females will improve their social standing. The aggressive male is the dominant force empowering men who feel disempowered by social, cultural, religious or economic constraints. It feeds the underbelly of humanity drawing out the darkness, the demons, the destruction. This is constructed abuse of the feminine embedded into the machinery of the matrix.

The matrix is grinding on relentlessly, refusing to give us space to breathe. The plight of women and those in their feminine energy, on planet Earth, is deeply traumatising. Patriarchal systems embedded into our societies push women down into tiny, raw cages of oppression, violence, abuse and slavery. Women and children bought and sold, ritualized grooming and abuse. Wholesale objectification and submissive conditioning through mass media and advertising. Women battered by husbands hard wired to loathe women. From paedophile rings to supermodel sex parties, where the female is the product, the status symbol, all are victims of sick, twisted, dark patriarchy. Fear of women’s strength, beauty, wisdom and their goddess energy has driven the elite rulers to integrate intrinsic algorithms of control ensuring most women will police themselves from childhood. This is survival. We all share a dangerous world. We all share a beautiful world.

We see pockets of female empowerment in the Saharan tribes who have put men into the subordinate role. The career women of the West attempting to even the playing field. The warriors of the East standing up for basic human rights in dangerous territory. This abuse of the feminine has gone on for thousands of years. Many humans in their feminine energy have been trapped karmically by fear and torture, unable to evolve organically. Matrix algorithms of divide and conquer condition women to view each other as competition. The sisterhood has been in the firing line for thousands of years. Cosmic karmic purge triggers goddess rage for release. The prophesised Return of the Divine Feminine. What do all those in their feminine energy do with this awakened rage? How do we release it? Where do we put our fear for the vulnerable, our fury?

The return of the divine feminine is shaking up this world. Fear is a primitive emotion, it arises out of survival, of feeling threatened. This is 3rd dimension wavelength. Feminine energy is from love, it is compassion, nurturing, community and progression. Balance between the masculine and feminine, regardless of gender or sexuality, creates the greatest progress. For a whole planet to be immersed in the violence of this patriarchal elite is dangerous. The destruction of women, of those in their feminine energy, is embedded into ever major religion, every political governance, cultural and economic programming. It’s not an accident or a by product of the cabal’s greed, it is engineered.

To honour International Women’s Day I am sharing a channelling from Mary Magdalene received in meditation. This was not an ordinary meditation. This was angry, pained, inner screaming meditation. Anger fuelled by domestic violence statistics, female murder and rape at the hands of male domination. Anger ignited and burning over many years. The systematic persecution of women across the globe. So in a state of fury and frustration I meditated. I was asking for something to help me exist in a world where women are beaten, raped, trafficked, groomed and oppressed every minute of every day. Mary Magdalene answered me.

Mary shared with me her fury at how she has been portrayed on Gaia. For thousands of years her name has been used to represent treachery and betrayal in women’s hearts. A figure head for why men should not trust women. Never recognised as her husband’s wife, best friend, lover, companion and colleague in their spiritual healing. Painted as lesser than Jeshua (Jesus), not worthy of marriage, of family respectability, of a place at her husband’s last supper. Maligned by history, strategic narratives to belittle, demonise and erase her from our collective consciousness. None of this is true. Mary was her husband’s equal in every way.

Mary Magdalene zoomed me out into space. I saw planet earth, Gaia, a sparkling jewel in the cosmos. Mary Magdalene showed me how she gathers up every feminine soul leaving this lifetime at the hands of male abuse. I watched her figure simultaneously catching each and every victim as they died. Scooping damaged souls up as they left their bodies, she caressed them in her arms. She created ribbons of golden light as she zipping round Gaia, her movements swift and gentle. I asked through tears ‘how can you be there, all over the world, all at once to catch everyone?’. Mary Magdalene told me ‘I exist in the quantum universe, I can be everywhere at once’.

Mary Magdalene showed me her sanctuary of golden light where she takes all those battered, bruised, traumatised feminine souls for rest, nourishment, recuperation and love. They only return to the karmic cycle of life when they are ready. And this is what Mary Magdalene does. Despite the systematic decimation and subjugation of her life on Gaia, she transmutes her fury to love by rescuing all who have suffered at the hands of male domination. Mary envelops her wards in golden love light, she rescues hundreds, if not thousands a day, dying at the hands of misogyny. Mary visits and cares for many others, doing her best to protect those in danger. This is Mary Magdelene’s self chosen mission, her way of righting the many wrongs done to her and goddess energy on our world. She assured me she will not stop. Those who have suffered at the hands of violence and sexual predators are rescued in death, nurtured and cared for by Mary and her goddess angels. It was beautiful. It was deeply reassuring and it was magical.

Since this meditation, when I am exposed to the ugliness of masculine entitlement, superiority or sexism, homophobia, violence or hate I am taken back to this vision. I see Mary Magdalene in floaty golden light moving round the planet, using her quantum magic, rescuing and resuscitating all those beaten and abused to a bitter, violent end. Mary’s mission is to rescue and care for beleaguered, feminine souls. I no longer suffer from prolonged bouts of goddess rage. I’m still human and therefore get furious but it passes as I steep myself in Mary’s light, in her fiery warrior determination. In her dignity. In her cosmic, high frequency, ascended being goddess power. I’m sharing this today because I feel many others will resonate with my fury and frustration and the soothing balm of this meditation. There is light, there is hope and there is love out there in the cosmos for us. We are not alone, thank the goddess! In love and light beautiful people.


I thank Mary Magdalene for her love, her protection and her belief.

I honour the goddess within me.

I connect to universal light, anchoring this light to Gaia.

I am a warrior of Gaia, a goddess of light.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.

I send love protection and guidance to all those in their feminine energy damaged by masculine energetic dominance.

I am a sovereign being of love and light.


awakening5dhealing, Channelled Transmissions

Message from the Arcturian Council 11° Portal Opens

Message from the Arcturian Council of Twelve.

This is a message for those who resonate with our truth. We are here in peace. We bring news of the sky war and the sea war. We speak of battles unseen by most of humanity, yet occurring as we speak in Earth’s skies and her oceans. Technology advanced beyond most people’s concept, we speak of a war for the souls of the people of Gaia. We understand that many difficult times lie ahead, challenges that will draw out the truth, humanities purpose in the cosmos. We want to give you hope, news of timelines of manifestation, of the Great Shift, a rare event.

We are recognising the heavy energy many of our lightworkers are mired in currently. There is a great deal of synthetic and static and corrosive energies. The elite, as you call them, the Annunaki, the reptilian overlords, are using sound wave technologies to bombard populated areas with intense low frequencies. This is triggering a depression in wavelengths, vibratory fields of light are struggling to penetrate the gloom. These sound waves are drawing your energy down, lowering your vibrations, slowing down chi flow. We see a trance state of fear rising. We see with colours, a haze of disconnection, of depression as we say. We are concerned that as the matrix hologram unravels and individuals are exposed, lies are revealed, there will be sensory overload. A crash of unity consciousness.

This is no time to dim your lights friends. Whilst many feel battered and are taking refuge away from people, transmuting in solitude, others are ploughing into the energetic fray. We are asking those warriors of light on Gaia who hear our words to anchor your light to Gaia’s grid. The games being played out in front of you to trick you and deceive you are malfunctioning. We understand the fear of waking up. And we understand the pressure to not wake up. We ask that you trust your instincts. Keep your light shining in the face of fear, derision or self sabotage. There is a sense of pressure building, the machine cranking up its dial to push the vibrations down. The battles are being fought in ways you cannot imagine. When fear steps in zoom into your centre. Remember this is all a dream and one day you will wake up.

M: who are you?

We are ascended beings who seeded many planets over many timezones in space. We are very old. We forget how to speak to the young. We forget how raw and vivid life is to be young. Humans and Gaia are both young from our perspective. You bring us great joy. We are not gods to some and we are gods to others. It is a matter of context and definition.

There have been liberties taken on this small planet in a far corner of the cosmos, liberties that were foreseen but underestimated. There is outcry over this. We are one council of several who have some sense of responsibility. We seek to spiritually guide humanity to higher planes of existence. As sovereign beings we can only walk the path ourselves we cannot make others do so. Like concerned parents we are coaxing you, we are aware of the dangers you face. But we also bring a greater sense of life, of many lifetimes, timelines, realities. There is adventure throughout the universe, a far greater picture than humans have been allowed to see for too long. We understand the repetitive programming of the matrix creates deeply felt confusion, making it hard to see truth in lies. We are sorry for this.

M: what are the technologies you speak of?

The technology being used in and around Earth is quantum. It operates on systems beyond human current comprehension. Interestingly it was invented by humans in future timelines. The cycle of creator destroyer is as old as time. Dimensions are set by frequencies and frequency is set by energy. Harnessing energy, using it is a way to steer the very fabric of our realities, we can fold time. The oceans are where a battle is being won for the final vanquishing of low vibratory fields of darkness on Gaia. The skies are being fought over as each side monitors the other. All try to hide from the prying lens of the smart phone.

Some of the battles have been fought in different timelines from the one you are experiencing now. For humanity the timelines are jumbling about, switching, glitching because there is such a great amount of quantum technology being used around you. As we watch it is as if everything moves at once in slow motion and at high speed. We cannot imagine how strange time must seem to awake people on Gaia. There seems to be no pattern to its fluctuations. We see many diffent layers of Gaia when we look at her. Operating on so many wavelengths at once has zapped her. We can see many different scenarios, timelines playing out, backwards, forwards and all around. We look for patterns and repetition. We look for proportionality. Manifestation.

M: what about the god thing?

Every soul counts. Every living thing has a spirit guide, a higher self, a soul, a way to expore the universes in all their complexity. We are not the architects, we are merely further along the path to enlightenment. We have met several races who operate at levels way beyond us. Who have forgotten much of what it is to be a mindbodyspirit being. Who have existed for many eons as beings transcendent of time and space. They may be the architects. We may all be thoughts in a great giant ETs head! We have noted souls have affiliations, connections, associations with the same part of the universe or the same souls or the same mission. We find this interesting. There may be organic reasons for this. Or it may be a greater plan is at work.

We urge all who resonate to let go of fear. We are your teachers, your ancestors and your guides. We care for you as our own. We ask warriors of Gaia to continue to meditate, to connect to the natural world of Gaia, raising her vibrations through love. This will stabilise Gaia in higher vibratory fields of light. The chaos that is everywhere will calm down. People will be able to reveal their true selves. There are hidden enemies within and they must be unmasked and vanquished. Humanity has a lot to do to contribute to her own ascension. We, as one of her many guardians, are here to support this.

Warriors of Gaia stay strong, stay in the light. Do not hide your light, when others tell you to dim your light shine it brighter. Shine like a super moon on a dark night. Replenish your energy stores with fifth dimension healing. Energy is where its at and we need to raise the energy as we enter the 11° portal marked by the full moon. We want people to evolve at their own pace as much as possible. But we also understand this is impossible in Gaia’s situation. So we urge you to stay close to that space of inner stillness, anchoring your light, connecting Gaia to cosmic love frequency.

We are one with all creation, masters of our destinies, sovereign beings of light. We are the Arcturian Council in love and in light.