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Message from Mary Magdalene #internationalwomensday

Goddess rage is being unleashed across the globe, women and all those in their feminine energy are waking and furious. Misogyny underpins the system of control we have existed in for thousands of years. A backlash against the innate goddess in every woman. Masculine energy threatened by the power, strength and unfathomable layers of mysticism and magic in women. Misogyny has also targeted men who exist in their feminine energy, creating a false ideal of men as tough, unemotional beings. Men have curves. Men are sensitive. Men can be hurt. Many men feel hemmed in by the strict rules of engagement forced upon them in the matrix.

This is not the whole story. The harsh and vile truths behind misogynistic programming has led to relentless violence perpetrated against women. In the UK two women a week are murdered in domestic violence situations. Powerless men are shown they can have power over women and children. Powerful men are shown trophy females will improve their social standing. The aggressive male is the dominant force empowering men who feel disempowered by social, cultural, religious or economic constraints. It feeds the underbelly of humanity drawing out the darkness, the demons, the destruction. This is constructed abuse of the feminine embedded into the machinery of the matrix.

The matrix is grinding on relentlessly, refusing to give us space to breathe. The plight of women and those in their feminine energy, on planet Earth, is deeply traumatising. Patriarchal systems embedded into our societies push women down into tiny, raw cages of oppression, violence, abuse and slavery. Women and children bought and sold, ritualized grooming and abuse. Wholesale objectification and submissive conditioning through mass media and advertising. Women battered by husbands hard wired to loathe women. From paedophile rings to supermodel sex parties, where the female is the product, the status symbol, all are victims of sick, twisted, dark patriarchy. Fear of women’s strength, beauty, wisdom and their goddess energy has driven the elite rulers to integrate intrinsic algorithms of control ensuring most women will police themselves from childhood. This is survival. We all share a dangerous world. We all share a beautiful world.

We see pockets of female empowerment in the Saharan tribes who have put men into the subordinate role. The career women of the West attempting to even the playing field. The warriors of the East standing up for basic human rights in dangerous territory. This abuse of the feminine has gone on for thousands of years. Many humans in their feminine energy have been trapped karmically by fear and torture, unable to evolve organically. Matrix algorithms of divide and conquer condition women to view each other as competition. The sisterhood has been in the firing line for thousands of years. Cosmic karmic purge triggers goddess rage for release. The prophesised Return of the Divine Feminine. What do all those in their feminine energy do with this awakened rage? How do we release it? Where do we put our fear for the vulnerable, our fury?

The return of the divine feminine is shaking up this world. Fear is a primitive emotion, it arises out of survival, of feeling threatened. This is 3rd dimension wavelength. Feminine energy is from love, it is compassion, nurturing, community and progression. Balance between the masculine and feminine, regardless of gender or sexuality, creates the greatest progress. For a whole planet to be immersed in the violence of this patriarchal elite is dangerous. The destruction of women, of those in their feminine energy, is embedded into ever major religion, every political governance, cultural and economic programming. It’s not an accident or a by product of the cabal’s greed, it is engineered.

To honour International Women’s Day I am sharing a channelling from Mary Magdalene received in meditation. This was not an ordinary meditation. This was angry, pained, inner screaming meditation. Anger fuelled by domestic violence statistics, female murder and rape at the hands of male domination. Anger ignited and burning over many years. The systematic persecution of women across the globe. So in a state of fury and frustration I meditated. I was asking for something to help me exist in a world where women are beaten, raped, trafficked, groomed and oppressed every minute of every day. Mary Magdalene answered me.

Mary shared with me her fury at how she has been portrayed on Gaia. For thousands of years her name has been used to represent treachery and betrayal in women’s hearts. A figure head for why men should not trust women. Never recognised as her husband’s wife, best friend, lover, companion and colleague in their spiritual healing. Painted as lesser than Jeshua (Jesus), not worthy of marriage, of family respectability, of a place at her husband’s last supper. Maligned by history, strategic narratives to belittle, demonise and erase her from our collective consciousness. None of this is true. Mary was her husband’s equal in every way.

Mary Magdalene zoomed me out into space. I saw planet earth, Gaia, a sparkling jewel in the cosmos. Mary Magdalene showed me how she gathers up every feminine soul leaving this lifetime at the hands of male abuse. I watched her figure simultaneously catching each and every victim as they died. Scooping damaged souls up as they left their bodies, she caressed them in her arms. She created ribbons of golden light as she zipping round Gaia, her movements swift and gentle. I asked through tears ‘how can you be there, all over the world, all at once to catch everyone?’. Mary Magdalene told me ‘I exist in the quantum universe, I can be everywhere at once’.

Mary Magdalene showed me her sanctuary of golden light where she takes all those battered, bruised, traumatised feminine souls for rest, nourishment, recuperation and love. They only return to the karmic cycle of life when they are ready. And this is what Mary Magdalene does. Despite the systematic decimation and subjugation of her life on Gaia, she transmutes her fury to love by rescuing all who have suffered at the hands of male domination. Mary envelops her wards in golden love light, she rescues hundreds, if not thousands a day, dying at the hands of misogyny. Mary visits and cares for many others, doing her best to protect those in danger. This is Mary Magdelene’s self chosen mission, her way of righting the many wrongs done to her and goddess energy on our world. She assured me she will not stop. Those who have suffered at the hands of violence and sexual predators are rescued in death, nurtured and cared for by Mary and her goddess angels. It was beautiful. It was deeply reassuring and it was magical.

Since this meditation, when I am exposed to the ugliness of masculine entitlement, superiority or sexism, homophobia, violence or hate I am taken back to this vision. I see Mary Magdalene in floaty golden light moving round the planet, using her quantum magic, rescuing and resuscitating all those beaten and abused to a bitter, violent end. Mary’s mission is to rescue and care for beleaguered, feminine souls. I no longer suffer from prolonged bouts of goddess rage. I’m still human and therefore get furious but it passes as I steep myself in Mary’s light, in her fiery warrior determination. In her dignity. In her cosmic, high frequency, ascended being goddess power. I’m sharing this today because I feel many others will resonate with my fury and frustration and the soothing balm of this meditation. There is light, there is hope and there is love out there in the cosmos for us. We are not alone, thank the goddess! In love and light beautiful people.


I thank Mary Magdalene for her love, her protection and her belief.

I honour the goddess within me.

I connect to universal light, anchoring this light to Gaia.

I am a warrior of Gaia, a goddess of light.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.

I send love protection and guidance to all those in their feminine energy damaged by masculine energetic dominance.

I am a sovereign being of love and light.



10 thoughts on “Message from Mary Magdalene #internationalwomensday”

  1. Hi Morag, beautiful, soothing & timely message as always. I watched a video today which has shaken me so badly & if I may I’d like to leave the link here & urge everyone to watch & share.
    There is a movie being released about Mary Magdalene next week & I have heard other teachers talking recently about the Mary Magdalene energy too. I know her presence will be felt more & more in the coming weeks & months. Happy Women’s day to you & all my sisters. Today is also my birthday! πŸ™πŸ’‹β€οΈπŸ’•πŸ˜˜

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  2. Morag – beautiful as always.

    I put my hand to my heart reading this. My heart ached for the feminine devine. Then a fire erupted deep in my heart. The feminine is rising – we will stand together. It is time for these walls to come down. Each warrior is letting their light shine. It is time to heal our wounds and break the karmic binds and rise above.


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  3. Whatever is required to bring back the sacred female energy to this planet, I will do it and am doing it, with all my heart and soul. Of course to clear the name of Lady Mary Magdalen is first on my list !!! Yes, the rage burns in me too. I wait for the day when I can shout out the truth and all will hear and realize and believe it.

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